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Falconcity of Wonders Hosts Students from Acclaimed Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico

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Falconcity of Wonders Hosts Students from Acclaimed Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico

4127Falconcity of Wonders, the mega project being developed on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road that will feature the world’s wonders in Dubai, hosted a group of 30 civil engineering students along with two professors from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.

The visit comes as part of Falconcity of Wonder’s efforts to support global universities in offering their students practical understanding of civil engineering in the creation of world-class smart developments. The student visit also reaffirmed Dubai and Falconcity of Wonders’ leading position in the real estate development sector.

His Excellency Salem Almoosa, Chairman and General Manager, Falconcity of Wonders, who delivered a presentation on the development of the mega project to the students, said: “Seamless and detailed civil engineering is at the core of bringing alive our ambitious project, Falconcity of Wonders. Therefore, we are committed to the development of civil engineering skills in the future generations. The visit reflects our vision to transfer our knowledge and best practices and allow young minds to benefit from our efforts. On the other hand, our stimulating discussions with the students also offer us a refreshing perspective on the future of the construction industry. We welcome the student and faculty of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education to Falconcity of Wonders and look forward to hosting them in the future.”

The presentation was followed by a tour of the development and included Phase 1, Phase 2 (Community Center), STP, Show villas. A quiz competition was also organised for the students, in which they took part wholeheartedly.

Prof. Ing Carlos Nungaray Perez, associate director of the Institute, said: “Our visit to Falconcity of Wonders has been an eye opener for our students. They have witnessed first-hand the building up of a state-of-the-art infrastructure and the vital role of civil engineering in supporting sustainable development while ensuring that residents have the highest convenience and luxury at hand.”

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“UAE Compassion” receives great response from Private school students in Dubai

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“UAE Compassion” receives great response from Private school students in Dubai

489The “UAE Compassion” initiative that has been launched by UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has received great response and support from students in private schools across Dubai. Dubai Cares has been working with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and private schools in Dubai over the course of the campaign to manage the collection of donated winter clothing, blankets and food items from the students and deliver them to Dubai Cares at its main collection point in Al Boom Tourist Village in Dubai.

Among schools that contacted Dubai Cares to arrange for the drop off of donations were Al Mawakeb School, Ambassador Kindergarten, Bradenton Preparatory Academy, BUDS School, Choueifat International School-Dubai, Dubai American Academy, Dubai International Academy, GEMS Wichester, Greenfield School, Gulf Model School, Kindergarten Starters, Mirdif Private School, Mizhar American Academy, NORD ANGLIA School, Taaleem schools, The Children’s Garden, Uptown School Mirdif, Westminster School and many others.

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KSA pins hopes on KAFSP students

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KSA pins hopes on KAFSP students

494Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities President Prince Sultan bin Salman recently addressed the leaders of the tourism program at Harvard University wherein he exuded hope that Saudi students studying there will soon join the work force back home and help in its revival.

Harvard University named Prince Sultan as the chief representative of the Arabian region and the Middle East on the founders’ board of tourism leaders program at Harvard. In a speech delivered on the occasion via video, the SCTA president mentioned the leading scientific position of the world famous university, an SCTA official said Thursday.

In his address to the audience, which included many Saudi students pursuing higher studies in various disciplines under the King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program (KAFSP), Prince Sultan said: “We are looking forward to these graduates joining the work force in their homeland in the near future in different sectors and participate in the Kingdom’s revival.”

Thanking the organizing committee of the program for selecting him in establishing such an important program and hoping that it achieves its planned goals, the SCTA chief stressed the importance of tourism, which began in Saudi Arabia almost 15 years ago. He said that the tourism sector in the Kingdom has been receiving unlimited state support for advancement and referred to the King Abdullah Project for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

He pointed out that the SCTA is seeking cooperation and partnership with universities and educational centers in the Kingdom and abroad to take advantage of their expertise and programs in the development of tourism and national heritage.

He maintained that the SCTA relies heavily on its partners in both the government and private sectors. “This includes improving infrastructure, economy of local communities, development of heritage sites and villages, urban heritage, Saudization and organizing and supporting festivals and tourism events,” he underlined. He also stressed the importance of medical tourism in the Kingdom saying that Saudi Arabia has many health institutions that have proved highly efficient.

“It is a reflection of the importance attached by the government to the health sector in the Kingdom,” he observed.

“Many Saudi physicians and doctors have proven their skill in performing various difficult surgeries including separation of Siamese twins, which takes the Kingdom to the ranks of developed nations,” the prince added.

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Mawhiba urges students to speed up registration in talent program

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Mawhiba urges students to speed up registration in talent program

451Mawhiba, the Saudi national program for the gifted, which seeks to identify young Saudi talent, said on Saturday that as many as 33,000 boys and girls have been registered in this year’s program, with many more expected to follow.

The ambitious project, which brings to the forefront gifted Saudi youth with a background in science and technology, is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education.

Mawhiba is urging prospective candidates in primary and secondary schools to speed up their registration and take advantage of the opportunities offered before the deadline expires on Jan, 30, 2015.

Outlining the nomination process, Mawhiba said students have three options: Schools and departments for the gifted nominate the student online; parents nominate the student, or self nomination.

Students have to undergo four stages following registration. Results will be announced in February and the top five students would be selected for the prize.

The project has seen remarkable developments since its inception with an increase of over 64 percent in the number of candidates, 74 percent increase in the number of participants and 111 percent in the number of students admitted compared to 2011.

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Connected Students Would Prefer to Give up Coffee and TV over their Smartphones, Aruba Networks’ Survey Shows

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Connected Students Would Prefer to Give up Coffee and TV over their Smartphones, Aruba Networks’ Survey Shows

4163Many students would prefer to give up coffee, TV and eating out before their precious smartphones, according to a report called ‘Building the #GenMobile Campus’, from Aruba Networks. Nearly a fifth of these students (19%) spend more than five hours online daily, preferring Wi-Fi connections (73%) over any other such as 3G or 4G.

The study, which questioned nearly 1500 students across the globe including UAE and Saudi Arabia, the two biggest IT markets in the Middle East, showed that nearly two thirds (65%) of today’s students own three or more connected devices; spend over five hours a day on their mobiles, often use more than five apps at any one time; and are regularly rejecting traditional lecture-hall based learning for digital working across campus - whenever it works for them. About half even said they preferred to work ‘outside of normal school hours’, stating they worked more efficiently.

Even the lecture hall is going digital with 44% using mobile devices to take notes in lectures, while seven in ten (71%) are using these devices to access college emails.

Aruba Networks says universities today are realizing the advantages of using mobile technologies, for both students and lecturers, understanding that they allow for a diversification and evolvement in - often historic - teaching methods, which in turn offers flexibility to accommodate different styles of student learning.

“In any university or college, being connected and mobile is now an essential part of life - both for work and play. It’s a central behaviour of the generation we’re calling #GenMobile,” says Ammar Enaya, General Manager of Aruba Networks Middle East.

“However, all this new tech does have a knock on effect on the IT department and it’s really time for universities to prepare themselves for the #GenMobile Campus. The reality is IT pros in universities are under more pressure than ever to determine the best way to manage the security and reliability of all these devices entering the network and ensure that the bandwidth they’re enabling is up to speed, all while keeping costs down.”

To help IT pros in the Education sector, Aruba has developed some advice to universities on how to deal with this new generation of digitally native, super-connected student.

Preparing for the #GenMobile Campus. A campus that delivers:

A network that says yes. Any device, any app, anytime, anywhere on campus. Students need the freedom to find their best working environment, and your network must be able to keep up.

Space for work and play. From streaming lectures online to multiplayer gaming – the online experience is important. Whether for work or social reasons, connection speeds should be good enough to accommodate the connected student, not hinder them.

Eyes and Ears. Students are the life force of any university or college. The campus should be built around them – and networks should follow. Observe and understand individual requirements, listen to feedback on how experiences could be improved, and accommodate them.

Unique experiences - tailored content and services based on who the student is, where they are and what applications they are using.

Introducing the Aruba Mobility Academy

To prepare students for the latest mobility requirements, Aruba has launched the world’s first mobility-specific higher education programme, providing future IT leaders with the tools to support #GenMobile.

The new Aruba Mobility Academy provides students with the fundamentals required to build, maintain and advance wireless LAN networks, in unique, for credit semester-long courses that can be directly integrated into higher education programmes.

In the Middle East, it is currently available at Princess Sumaya University in Jordan. Aruba is in collaboration discussions with several other prestigious regional universities. The programme covers:

How to setup and configure a wireless LAN

The basics of wireless LAN solutions, including 802.11 Wi-Fi standards, network mobility architecture, and wireless LAN configuration

Common Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) networking challenges.

For additional information on Aruba Mobility Academy, please email academy@arubanetworks.com

Research methodology

Survey results determined from a total of nearly 1,500 students of all ages, with research conducted in UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Nordics, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa and the USA

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HCT’s Female Engineering Students Helping to Meet National Industry Demands

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HCT’s Female Engineering Students Helping to Meet National Industry Demands

435The traditionally male oriented field of Engineering is taking on a new look at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), with the federal institution experiencing a six-fold increase in the number of female students enrolling in this male bastion.

The HCT’s Faculty of Engineering Technology & Science has almost 5,000 students studying engineering courses, making it the largest engineering teaching institution in the UAE. The attraction of strong, industry-relevant degree choices and good employment opportunities are two leading factors for these robust enrollment figures.

Not surprisingly, the attractions of this in-demand profession are extending to women, with female students making up over one-quarter of the HCT’s total number of engineering students. Enrollments by female students in HCT Engineering courses have increased by almost 510% from the 2008-09 academic year (206 students) to the current year (1254 students).

The HCT figures compare favourably with data from the USA. According to the US Society of Women Engineers, women and other minorities constituted approximately 16-17% of engineering graduate students from 1990-2003. Furthermore, in 2003 approximately 20% of new US engineers were women.

Across all its Engineering courses the HCT is experiencing a groundswell of interest from female students leaving high school. All of the HCT’s Women’s Colleges offer a range engineering courses, with disciplines such as Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical and Aviation Engineering proving to be particularly popular.

For a number of years there has been an increasing demand by HCT’s female students to study in the fields of science and technology. Some female students see engineering studies as an extension of their childhood interest in electronics, while others see the field as part of the UAE’s modern culture which enables Emirati women to take on such roles.

Dr Tayeb Kamali, the Vice Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology, had the opportunity to see the progress being made by female engineering students when he recently visited some of the engineering classrooms and laboratories at the HCT-Dubai Women’s College (DWC).

“Ensuring that our female graduates have the skills and knowledge in innovation, research, science and technology to effectively contribute to our nation is a vital aspect of the HCT’s strategic direction, and is in accordance with the UAE Vision 2021 document which says that ‘More Emiratis will enter higher education, where they will enrich their minds with the skills that their nation needs to fuel its knowledge economy’,” Dr Kamali said.

Dr Kamali, accompanied by Dr Saoud Al Mulla, the HCT-Dubai Colleges Director and Dr Richard Gibb, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Technology & Science, was highly impressed with the students’ knowledge and enthusiasm as he met with a group of 38 Electrical Engineering students (two sections) at the campus.

Dr Kamali reiterated the importance of having qualified female Emirati engineers working in the public and private sectors, to meet the local demand for these skilled professionals. He noted that with its range of engineering course available to male and female students, HCT was helping to meet the needs of industry in this sector.

“We are very proud of the talented Engineering students, both male and female, throughout our colleges. Engineering is always a popular and in-demand programme at the Higher Colleges, which reflects the demands of industry stakeholders, both public and private sector, who need these highly skilled professionals,” Dr Kamali said.

During his visit to DWC, Dr Kamali added that HCT would look into ways in which to attract more female students into engineering courses. “By making these investments in a range of Engineering courses, and training new generations of highly skilled engineers, the Higher Colleges of Technology is showing its dedication to the development of the Emirati workforce and displaying an awareness of the need to meet the growth in the engineering sectors across the UAE,” Dr Kamali said.

Dr Richard Gibb said two important reasons for the increase in female Engineering student numbers were the strong job prospects upon graduation and an ability to maintain or rekindle their childhood interests in science and technology.

“There are outstanding career opportunities for women in the engineering sector. The HCT has been very successful in supporting and attracting more women to take engineering degrees, with a six-fold increase in six years. This is good for the economy and society, and the county,” Dr Gibb said.

He added that launching engineering courses specifically at HCT’s Women’s Colleges helped to attract female students. In locations such as the Western Region cities of Madinat Zayed and Ruwais, as well as in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah the women are often regarded as pioneers for future generations of female engineering students.

As Engineering Technology has grown to be one of the HCT’s largest academic programmes, its campuses around the UAE have been undergoing a steady process of upgrading many laboratories and classrooms to meet the demands of more students. This means the students are learning industry relevant courses using the latest equipment and technologies.

The increasing number of HCT’s female engineering students is not just about having security of employment. The attractions for females to enter this field include the ability to gain knowledge and experience from international best practices, enter many national and international competitions, and the diversity of Engineering courses - from chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, and specialties such as aviation and mechatronics.

Since 2011, female HCT engineering students have competed in the annual UAE Innovation Challenge, a join initiative by the HCT and Northrop Grumman Corporation to design, build and fly unmanned aerial vehicles, as wholly female teams and as mixed teams. The winning teams from the 2013 and 2014 Challenges, who travelled to the USA as part of their prizes, were comprised of both male and female students.

Another motivating factor for women is that many HCT Engineering students are sponsored during their degrees by large corporations in the oil and gas and general engineering sectors, such as the Western Region Development Council, ADNOC, ADCO and others. “We don’t need to worry about a job when we finish our degree, we can now concentrate on getting full marks in our studies,” one female student from HCT’s Western Region campuses said.

The HCT’s Faculty of Engineering Technology & Science has received further good news. In August 2014, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), the recognized US accreditor of college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology, accredited a number of HCT’s engineering programmes for a further six years. This means a wide range of engineering courses have been accredited to 2020.

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Nikon School captures attention of students at GITEX Shopper 2014

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Nikon School captures attention of students at GITEX Shopper 2014

427The Nikon School initiative from Nikon Middle East at the recently concluded GITEX Shopper 2014 has been a hit among the youth, with students from over 15 schools, including Cambridge International School Dubai, attending sessions to learn more about DSLR photography.

Nikon School is a global initiative by Nikon consisting of educational photography classes that aims to enhance the creative and technical skills of photographers, educating them on how to make the most of DSLR cameras. The courses cater to participants of all levels, from beginners to professionals, with all classes taught by Nikon-certified instructors. The ultimate goal of Nikon School is to develop people’s interest and skills in DSLR photography, making it an ideal workshop for students to participate in and learn about the cameras and their features.

“We’re extremely happy and honored with the interest that we have received from schools and students about attending Nikon School sessions,” said Narendra Menon, Regional Head Sales and Marketing, Nikon Middle East & Africa. “At Nikon, we are keen to develop a love for photography in the region, and we believe the best way of doing that is to nurture talent among the youth. Initiatives such as the Nikon School at GITEX Shopper provide the perfect foundation, as the classes offer students tips on the best way to handle a DSLR camera.”

Nikon is looking to build on this momentum by continuing to collaborate with schools in the region, as part of its ongoing commitment to the community.

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Teachers’ strike divideds Jordan’s educators as students seen as main victims

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Teachers’ strike divideds Jordan’s educators as students seen as main victims

4124Criticism of the nationwide strike of the Jordan Teachers Association (JTA) comes from among educators themselves this time as some have pledged not to participate in the “politicised” work stoppage.

Interviewed by The Jordan Times on Monday, several teachers from various districts said the strike, which began on Sunday, “came to serve a political agenda”, noting that they will be there to give lessons to students when classes start next Sunday.

“It has become clear that the strike is meant for political purposes,” charged Mohammad Yousef, an English language teacher, adding: “We have legitimate demands but they should not be pressed for this way.”

Citing the timing of the strike, Yousef said the “Muslim Brotherhood-dominated JTA is using students as a bargaining chip to press the state for concessions to serve political purposes”.

The JTA could have resorted to dialogue if improving teachers’ conditions were their major concern, he said, adding: “We have suspicions over the JTA’s intentions: Why the escalation and why now?” Yousef, from Irbid’s third educational directorate, said.

“This is what I believe and what many of my colleagues believe. We are determined to give lessons to students when they come to schools next week,” he said.

Ahmad Zu’bi, from Irbid’s Bani Kinanah District, said what is being witnessed now in schools is not a strike. “The situation will be clear when students show up next week.”

Although many teachers are taking part in the strike, Zu’bi said there is a considerable number of other teachers who oppose the move, seeing it as “politicised” and a threat to national security.

“Personally, I am torn between two dilemmas: abiding by the association’s order to observe the strike and caring for students’ interests. It is hard to tell which to follow but when the moment of truth comes, I think I would go for students’ interests,” he said.

A teacher from Amman who preferred to remain unnamed expressed hope that the JTA would reach an agreement with authorities before the start of the academic year.

He also said that there are as many teachers opposing the strike as there are supporters. “It has to be made clear that it is a strike of the JTA but not of all teachers.”

Linda Salem, from the education department of Bani Kinanah, said she refuses to take part in the work stoppage because as a mother she wants her children to start the school season as usual.

“I have three kids in school and I don’t want to see them left on the street,” she added, indicating that the majority of her colleagues prefer to stay away from politics and just teach their students.

Muath Mohammad Al Nadi, a teacher from Irbid, accused the JTA council of pursuing political agendas he does not want to be part of.

“The council is dominated by Islamists and I’m not a supporter of their policies,” Nadi said, pointing out that his eldest son will be in the first grade this semester.

“I’m speaking as a teacher and as a parent who wants to see students start a normal school life,” he added.

Members of the JTA on Sunday started an open-ended strike amidst parliamentary efforts to resolve the issue one week before students return to school.

The association issued a statement on Sunday reporting that the majority of teachers around Jordan have joined the strike.

The JTA wants the government to amend the civil service by-law, improve teachers’ health insurance, draft laws to protect them, offer them more financial benefits, endorse the private schools by-law, and refer the educationsocial security fund case to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

On more than one occasion, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour criticised the JTA for planning the strike, accusing them of playing politics and taking students as hostages to their demands.

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20 scholarships for outstanding high school students

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20 scholarships for outstanding high school students

453Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) has revealed that H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and President of HBMSU, will be awarding 20 scholarships for outstanding senior high school students. The scholarships will enable the students to continue their march towards scientific and academic excellence by joining one of the Bachelor Programs available at HBMSU. In addition, the scholarships will also meet the aspirations of the students of the Arab World, as these programs comply with the highest standards of creativity, innovation and international best practices that keep pace with Smart transformation.

The H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarships program has a particular importance as a gateway that gives outstanding learners the opportunity to benefit from the quality academic programs available at HBMSU. The university is unique in being the first in the Arab World that has adopted the Smart learning approach based on a combination of the latest technologies and the best innovative educational methods.

H.E. Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Dubai Police and General Security, Chairman of HBMSU Board of Governors, said: “We are delighted to sponsor 20 students who have excelled academically. This grant is aimed at stimulating scientific and academic excellence, along with the development of young talents that are capable of leading the growth in the future. The sponsorship program reflects HBMSU’s absolute commitment by embodying its mission centered on achieving a new breakthrough in education and preparing a socially and academically qualified generation that is able to compete globally and continue to lay the foundations of the comprehensive renaissance in the UAE.”

“We continue our move at a steady pace towards strengthening our leading role in enriching the knowledge and achieving a new breakthrough in education, guided by the directives of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed. He has provided untiring support that has been the mainstay in elevating the status of HBMSU as a center of intellectual, cultural enlightenment and scientific and academic excellence in the Arab World. Driven by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed’s vision and confidence, we are intensifying our efforts to improve academic programs based on international best practices and innovative teaching methods that keep pace with accelerated technological progress. This will contribute effectively in the UAE’s drive towards smart transformation, which is taking proactive steps to reach the ranks of the top five governments in the world by 2021,” added Khalfan.

The applications for H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarships program is currently open and the awardees/grantees will be primarily selected based on their high school grades and their compliance with admission requirements of their selected HBMSU program.

HBMSU is composed of various academic departments that include the e-School of Business and Quality Management, e-School of Health and Environmental Studies and School of e-Education. These colleges provide a comprehensive range of academic programs for undergraduate studies and graduate learners.

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University of Dubai rewards its new students with attractive offers and full scholarships

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University of Dubai rewards its new students with attractive offers and full scholarships

4117University of Dubai, one of the leading higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates, announced its decision to grant lucrative offers, including full scholarships and discounts for its new students.

The decision came following the university’s ground-breaking event for its new campus in academic city and the graduation of a new batch of students in the month of May 2014.

Among the lucrative offers, the University is giving 20% off tuition fees for the first 100 new eligible students who register for its bachelor’s degree program before June 30, 2014. Same discount will apply to the first 25 eligible students enrolling for its masters programs in Law (LLM), Business Administration (MBA) and Information Technology (MS) before June 30, 2014.

The university also announced the commencement of registration for PhD in Business Administration. Seats are limited to first 15 eligible students (with no discounts) and the closing date for registration is June 30, 2014.

In an initiative designed to accommodate the largest possible number of Bachelor degree (BS) students to study Information Technology, University of Dubai has decided to provide full scholarships for eligible Emirati students offered by The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Fund.

University of Dubai became the first private university in Dubai to get the AACSB international accreditation in 2009 for its business programs and maintaining it in 2014 for a further period of 5 years till 2019. It is also one of the first private universities in the UAE to hold the ABET-CAC accreditation for its Computing and Information Systems (BS) program and maintaining it in 2014 for a further period of 6 years till 2020.

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