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Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes First Saudi Higher Education Institute to Join SAP Dual Study Program

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Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes First Saudi Higher Education Institute to Join SAP Dual Study Program

4177The Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes is the Kingdom’s first higher education institute to join SAP’s Dual Study Education Program, the organizations announced today.

SAP’s Dual Study Program, run by the SAP Training and Development Institute, provides students with an interwoven curriculum and work experience that prepares them for life after graduation.

The two-year-long program has three key blocks: technical and soft skill SAP courses; certifications in technical, functional, or business tracks; and on-the-job internship placement for three-to-six months that connects students with SAP’s customers and ecosystem partners. Following successful completion of the SAP Dual Study Program, students graduate as SAP Associate Consultants.

The partnership was marked by a signing ceremony with delegations from the Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes and SAP, led by Dr. Ahmed Dabroom, Director General, Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes; and Ahmed Al Faifi, Managing Director, SAP Saudi Arabia.

The Royal Commission at Yanbu was established in the 1980s to provide preparation to Saudi students for middle- and higher-level career positions in industry, commerce, and government occupations, by providing appropriate knowledge and skills in all programs offered.

The higher education institute includes Yanbu Industrial College, Yanbu University College, and the Yanbu Technical Institute.

“Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes are now transitioning into an ‘entrepreneurial’ higher education institution, redefining our traditional role in the community as a knowledge creator through basic and applied research, a technology and knowledge transfer agent, and a catalyst for social development and economic growth,” said Dr. Ahmed Dabroom, Director General, Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes.

“With this vision, the Royal Commission Yanbu would like to collaborate with SAP as an alliance, a future partner, and a friend for the nation’s youth here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to better contribute to the life-long learning skills of talent and beyond,” added Dr. Dabroom.

As the Kingdom’s economy continues to grow and diversify, a young and increasingly well-educated Saudi labor force provides a tremendous opportunity to boost growth and living standards, according to a report from the International Monetary Fund.

“Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes is a pioneering force in the Kingdom’s higher education sector, and by joining our Dual Study Program, we are committed to working together to provide the Kingdom’s students with the education and skills needed to successfully enter the public and private sectors, and drive the global competitiveness for the Kingdom’s economy,” said Ahmed Al Faifi, Managing Director, SAP Saudi Arabia.

SAP’s Dual Study Program technical courses cover the topics of how to integrate business processes, and certifications in analytics, material management, financials, and controlling. Students also learn soft skills such as presentation and communication, project management, negotiation and conflict management, and design thinking.

In the coming months, SAP will continue to develop and enhance partnerships to build skills for young talent and fresh graduates in the Kingdom and the wider MENA region.

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Al Khaleej Training and Education Joins Forces with SAP to Empower Unemployed

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Al Khaleej Training and Education Joins Forces with SAP to Empower Unemployed

436SAP today announced that Al Khaleej Training and Education has become the first official partner of an innovative program to support unemployed talent.

The 2nd Chance Education Program aims to identify and reskill individuals across the region, before helping them find new job opportunities. In particular, program participants have the opportunity to gain an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SAP consultant certification relevant to a host of industries.

“Saudi Arabia is full of talented individuals that are out of work for a variety of reasons,” said Dr. Hatem A. Aldayaan, Senior Vice President, Al Khaleej Training and Education.

“It is absolutely vital that we do not let this resource go to waste, and the 2nd Chance Education Program is a powerful medium to ensure that does not happen. SAP is a world-class company with a set of solutions and services that are increasingly in-demand. By combining this expertise with our own long-standing training track-record, we can equip significant numbers with the skills and determination needed to succeed in the job market. This is not only good for the prospects of individuals, but also the prosperity of entire industries across the Kingdom.”

With over 4,000 employees, Al Khaleej Training and Education is one of the region’s leading training and development entities. The company deals with 2,500 companies and over 50.000 individual clients on an annual basis.

Based on a highly successful initiative in Germany, SAP’s 2nd Chance Education Program is delivered by partners in line with local employment legislation.

“The 2nd Chance Education Program is a proven system to help talented individuals realize their true potential,” said Marita Mitschein, SAP Training & Development Institute Managing Director and Growth Plan Lead for SAP Middle East & North Africa.

“With its leadership, resources and record of achievement, Al Khaleej Training and Education is an ideal partner to help deliver immediate results. We are delighted to begin what promises to be a hugely successful union.”

SAP’s 2nd Chance Education Program is one of many SAP training and development initiatives rapidly increasing in both scope and influence. Others include the three-month SAP Young Professional program for young graduates, and the University Alliances Program, which now encompasses 3,000 students across 67 universities in the region.

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STC Signs Pact With SAP to Optimize Network Management and Operations

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STC Signs Pact With SAP to Optimize Network Management and Operations

4206SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced that it has signed an agreement with STC, the largest telecommunication services provider in the Middle East and North Africa, to implement SAP® solutions for network life-cycle management (NLM) to improve network operations. This will enable the company to markedly improve customer service as a result of increased end-to-end visibility for capital projects and assets, as well as enhanced project oversight and collaboration. SAP solutions will also maintain the high quality of STC’s IT infrastructure.

“With SAP solutions, we can create close links between the logistical and financial sides of our network operations, integrating the entire spectrum of planning and realizing tasks — from demand and supply planning to investment and project management, inventory management and asset accounting,” said Dr. Khalid bin Hussain Al-Bayari, senior vice president for Technology and Operations, STC. “Enabling effective collaboration within and beyond the company will help optimize the way we manage the network infrastructure, streamlining and innovating for better-run, more cost-effective operations and investments.”

SAP solutions will offer STC visibility into equipment and assets, including multifaceted historical details at every step of the life cycle. The solutions are particularly influential in both reducing and optimizing costs related to build and repair, as well as helping increase the productivity of field workers.

“The Saudi telecommunications sector is vibrant and fast-moving, and quality of data underpins the innovations and decisions that can make a genuine competitive difference,” said Ahmed Al-Faifi, managing director, SAP Saudi Arabia. “STC has big plans in this respect, and by offering improved visibility into its assets, SAP solutions will enable the company to adapt and succeed in a hugely effective manner.”

For more information, including additional news from SAP at Mobile World Congress, visit the SAP Newsroom

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SAP Announces Strong Quarter with Double-Digit Growth – Leading the Transition to Cloud and In-Memory

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SAP Announces Strong Quarter with Double-Digit Growth – Leading the Transition to Cloud and In-Memory

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced its financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2013.

4159 Third Quarter 2013 Non-IFRS Software and Cloud Subscription Revenue Increased 13% at Constant Currencies (6% at Actual Currencies to €1.17 Billion)

Third Quarter 2013 Non-IFRS Software and Software-Related Service Revenue Increased 12% at Constant Currencies (5% at Actual Currencies to €3.36 Billion)

Triple-Digit Year-Over-Year Growth in Cloud Subscription and Support Revenue – Annual Cloud Revenue Run Rate Now Exceeds €1 Billion

Accelerating SAP’s In-Memory Leadership – 90% Year-Over-Year Growth at Constant Currencies in HANA Software Revenue (79% at Actual Currencies)

Third Quarter 2013 Non-IFRS Operating Profit Reached €1.30 Billion, a 15% Increase at Constant Currencies (5% at Actual Currencies)

Strong Growth in Third Quarter 2013 Earnings Per Share

Full Year Outlook Reiterated


“SAP is clearly leading the transition to cloud and in-memory. SAP HANA is the market’s most advanced in-memory database and we are well on our way to reach €1 billion in HANA software revenue since market launch. The strong customer adoption of SAP Business Suite on HANA demonstrates our leadership in innovating the future platform for business,” said Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEOs of SAP. “We now are the second largest enterprise cloud company with an annual cloud revenue run rate exceeding €1 billion. We continue to gain market share and grow significantly faster than our primary competitor in all regions.”

“SAP had a very strong performance in the third quarter, considering the mixed macroeconomic environment and the strong currency headwinds. Our ongoing focus on operating discipline while successfully scaling our cloud business is paying off. We continued our double-digit growth momentum and increased our Non-IFRS operating margin by 180 basis points at constant currencies,” said Werner Brandt, CFO of SAP.

Third quarter non-IFRS software and cloud subscriptions revenue increased 13% at constant currencies year-over-year (6% at actual currencies to €1.17 billion). SAP’s third quarter non-IFRS cloud subscription and support revenue is growing faster than most cloud competitors. SAP closed another significant contract in the cloud: EMC, a US-headquartered Fortune 500 company, selected SAP’s Cloud solutions including Employee Central to attract and better retain and reward employees, and achieve better visibility and collaboration with its suppliers. The annual cloud revenue run rate now exceeds €1 billion1). With approximately 33 million cloud users, SAP has the largest subscriber base in the cloud market. Non-IFRS deferred cloud subscription and support revenue2) was €382 million as of September 30, 2013, a year-over-year increase of 79%. The Ariba business is showing accelerated synergies with new and upsell application billings growing high double digits. The trailing twelve month Ariba network spend volume3) was approximately $500 billion. Today Ariba is the world’s largest Web-based business trading community with 1.2 million connected companies.

SAP HANA, the platform for real-time business applications, continues to be a major growth engine, with accelerating software revenue growth of 90% year-over-year at constant currencies (79% at actual currencies to €149 million) and over 2,100 customers. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA is the best-in-class platform for high-performance applications and in fact SAP has now over 450 customers. Customers are showing strong interest in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Overall, SAP’s double-digit growth momentum continued in the third quarter with Non-IFRS software and software-related service revenue increasing 12% at constant currencies (5% at actual currencies) to €3.36 billion.

Efficiency in SAP’s business has further improved with Non-IFRS operating profit reaching €1.30 billion in the third quarter, a 15% increase at constant currencies (5% at actual currencies), resulting in a 180 basis points expansion of the non-IFRS operating margin at constant currencies despite a negative effect from acquisitions of 50 basis points.

Third Quarter 2013 Regional Results

The Americas region delivered a strong third quarter in non-IFRS software and cloud subscription revenue4) with 17% growth year-over-year at constant currencies, driven by an excellent software revenue performance in Latin America and strong non-IFRS cloud subscription and support revenue growth in North America. The EMEA region saw strong growth with non-IFRS software and cloud subscription revenue increasing 14% year-over-year at constant currencies, amidst a mixed market environment. Software revenue in EMEA grew double-digit at constant currencies driven by strong double-digit growth in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the U.K. Non-IFRS software and cloud subscription revenue in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region marked a return to growth with solid single-digit growth at constant currencies, driven by a strong performance in China.

Nine Months 2013 Regional Results

The Americas region delivered a very strong first nine months performance in non-IFRS software and cloud subscription revenue with 23% year-over-year growth at constant currencies. The EMEA region saw strong growth with non-IFRS software and cloud subscription revenue increasing 10% at constant currencies for the first nine months of 2013, which is an impressive result in light of continued market uncertainty. Non-IFRS software and cloud subscriptions revenue in the APJ region declined slightly by 2% at constant currencies in the first nine months of 2013.

1) The annual revenue run rate is the third quarter 2013 cloud division revenue of €252 million multiplied by 4.

2) Beginning in Q1 2013, SAP discloses non-IFRS deferred cloud subscription and support revenue, which is a subset of the total, non-IFRS deferred revenue number reported on the balance sheet.

3) Network spend volume is the total value of purchase orders transacted on the Ariba Network in the trailing 12 months.

4) Non-IFRS software and cloud subscription revenue in the regional paragraphs follow SAP’s management view, which is calculated as the combination of software revenue based on location of negotiation and cloud subscription and support revenue based on customer location; growth rates at constant currencies. See SAP’s third quarter and nine month interim report for details.

More details here: http://www.sap.com/corporate-en/news.epx />

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DEWA and SAP to strengthen collaboration

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DEWA and SAP to strengthen collaboration

455Dubai – 05 October 2013: Dubai Cable Company (Ducab), one of the largest manufacturers of power cables and copper products in the Middle East, held a week long and exhaustive technical training for the first batch of 22, ADDC Technicians and Engineers in the factory premises in Abu Dhabi and Jebel. The training session was followed by a ceremony to award the Certificate of Proficiency to the candidates to acknowledge their great success in learning the basics of Cable Systems, including demonstration of cable jointing and terminations during installation and maintenance. that their strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) has been over the last year.

The ceremony was attended by senior management figures from both companies including Ducab’s Managing Director, Andrew Shaw, ADDC’s Business Support Director, Fahad Al-Shamsi and Supply Division Manager, Mohamed Abdul Qader. In addition, numerous media outlets also sent representatives to witness the event, which featured awards and certification being handed out to a variety of engineers and trainees from ADDC, who have  achieved the requisite knowledge and practical training related to Cable Systems and accessories.

ADDC relies heavily on its high performance and wide spread cable systems networks to provide 24×7 power flow across Abu Dhabi region. Ducab as a preferred supplier has collaborated with ADWEA/ADDC on numerous infrastructure projects across the Abu Dhabi Emirate by designing & delivering world-class Power Utility cables up to 33kV, soon after   privatisation in 1998. Long terms assets such as Cable systems are the backbone of a Utility Service provider like ADDC and Ducab is assisting ADDC by training their young engineering recruits to build their knowledge, whilst upgrading their skills and experience. This will serve ADDC’s vision and primary objectives for developing their operational team through bench marking, timely power supply and startup of new projects across the region.

The award ceremony acknowledged the first batch of engineers that have successfully passed through the technical training on power cables and accessories. In total, 65 electrical engineers and 48 technicians employed by ADDC would be participating in this course by Nov, 2013. The course has been particularly aimed at developing Emirati engineers within ADDC. The course was jointly designed by Ducab and ADDC, with the emphasis of the training strongly placed on design, quality testing and the jointing and termination of power cables.

The Managing Director of Ducab, Andrew Shaw, had the following to say: “Everyone at Ducab is delighted with this collaborative training course between Ducab and ADDC, which will contribute greatly to the knowledge base among young employees of both companies. Ducab acknowledges that the partnership with ADDC has been hugely successful over the last few years, and anticipates its continuing accomplishments in the future.”

Shaw continued: “Ducab is particularly pleased that National employees being trained by this programme and contributing to the important governmental goal of Emiratisation. It is also expected that the training will make young Emiratis involved in the training more skilled, and thus more employable, contributing to the government’s much valued Absher initiative, which aims for Emirati’s to success in the local job market.”

Fahad Al-Shamsi, Business Support Director at ADDC, who attended the ceremony, was also keen to note the success of their collaboration with Ducab: “ADDC is extremely happy with the assistance of Ducab in training its employees in the important area of power cabling and related accessories. Benefits to ADDC include manpower development, better supervision, quicker solution, lower downtime that will enable us to provide a better level of customer service to our consumers.”

Al-Shamsi further stated that ADDC would like to take this opportunity to note how successful the long-term collaboration between Ducab and ADDC has been in terms of assisting with getting world-class product to market.

He added: “Everyone at ADDC is proud that the achievements of the company and its partnership with Ducab are contributing to the wise leadership’s goals of Emiratisation and the Absher initiative.”

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SAP announces IPX peering agreement with Etisalat UAE to deliver LTE roaming traffic

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SAP announces IPX peering agreement with Etisalat UAE to deliver LTE roaming traffic

4109SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) has announced an IPX peering agreement with Etisalat UAE, the largest telecom operator in the Middle East and Africa, to deliver LTE roaming traffic to all mobile operators.

This agreement further strengthens the commitment of SAP Mobile Services, a division of SAP, to quickly and efficiently expand the LTE roaming community and create a seamless global roaming experience for mobile subscribers.

This strategic LTE roaming and diameter peering agreement will help Etisalat operator companies to interconnect with SAP Mobile Services’ strong IPX customer community and launch LTE roaming quickly.

This agreement will also help SAP Mobile Services establish strong and steady growth in the Middle East and build on existing LTE roaming peering between the two companies.

“We are committed to expanding the global peering community. Launching the LTE roaming peering hub enables SAP Mobile Services to rapidly and efficiently launch peering with other operator communities across the world and deliver increased business value to Mobile Operators,” said Matthew Tonkin, vice president, Sales, IPX, SAP Mobile Services.

“The next 12 months will see an acceleration of LTE network deployments, with operators looking for immediate and comprehensive international coverage. Collaboration with Etisalat, currently the only Middle Eastern IPX, provider helps SAP reach the largest operator community in the region and globally,” he added.

“We are delighted to be working with SAP Mobile Services to mutually enhance our customers’ mobile roaming experience,” said Ali Amiri, executive vice president, Carrier and Wholesale Services Etisalat UAE. “The agreement will also help SAP Mobile Services to establish a strong and steady growth in the Middle East and take LTE roaming services to a new level, building on the existing LTE roaming peering between the two companies. Etisalat SmartHub IPX is a strategic addition to the Etisalat SmartHub portfolio, which will enhance our role as a global communication hub. SAP will be an important part of this journey. Operators joining the Smarthub IPX will have access to the SAP community and vice versa, providing a single point of interconnect,” he added.

Etisalat is the largest telecommunications operator in the Middle East and North Africa region catering to consumers, businesses, international telecommunication companies, ISPs, content providers and mobile operators. Servicing over 143 million customers in 15 countries in Middle East, Asia and Africa, Etisalat has achieved more than 20% growth in subscriber base in 2012 across its land line, mobile, and Internet services.

SAP Mobile Services is a global leader in mobile interconnection and mobile consumer engagement services. It provides mobile operators with unparalleled capabilities in global messaging interconnect, data roaming and an array of IPX-based services and enables enterprises to engage with their consumers through innovative mobile marketing and communication solutions. SAP Mobile Services helps businesses process 1.8 billion messages per day, reaching more than 990 operators and 6.1 billion subscribers across 210 countries.

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SAP announces financial results for Q4 2012

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SAP announces financial results for Q4 2012

433AG announced its preliminary financial results for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2012.

Business Highlights In The Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2012

SAP delivered record revenues in 2012. Non-IFRS total revenue grew 14% year-on-year and exceeded €16bn. Non-IFRS software and software-related service revenue grew 17% year-on-year to €13.2bn. Non-IFRS software and cloud subscriptions revenue grew 21% year-on-year to €5bn.

SAP delivered strong overall growth in the fourth quarter. The company achieved strong software revenue performance in the APJ region. The EMEA region delivered impressive results in light of the continued uncertain market environment and the Americas region had a solid software revenue performance considering a tough year-over-year comparison. SAP delivered exceptional growth in its key innovation areas SAP HANA, Mobile and Cloud: SAP HANA had an outstanding quarter reaching nearly €200m in software revenue in the fourth quarter and achieving almost €400m for the full year. SAP’s mobile business contributed more than €220m to software revenue achieving its full year revenue target.

SAP’s strong cloud momentum continued in the fourth quarter: Derived from the total revenue of SAP’s two cloud segments (Cloud Applications and Ariba) the annual cloud revenue run rate is approaching €850m. For the SAP cloud applications segment alone 12 month new and upsell subscription billings increased nineteenfold in the fourth quarter. Even when including SuccessFactors in SAP’s 2011 numbers the growth is triple digit at 102%3. For SuccessFactors on a stand-alone basis, 12 month new and upsell subscription billings grew 95%.

“In 2012, SAP empowered best-run businesses to meet real-time consumer demands. We invested in our flagship innovation SAP HANA and strengthened the industry’s best portfolio in the cloud. We delivered industry-specific solutions, accessible anywhere on the mobile device,” said SAP Co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe. “Our momentum has never been stronger. We are very well positioned to achieve our 2015 goals.”

“We achieved €5bn in full year non-IFRS software and cloud subscription revenue, an increase of 21%. We saw very strong revenue contribution from our key innovations SAP HANA and Cloud. We are confident we will continue our double-digit growth momentum in 2013 and further improve our profitability,” said SAP CFO Werner Brandt.

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RAK Ceramics to ramp up process efficiency with SAP

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RAK Ceramics to ramp up process efficiency with SAP

2275RAK Ceramics, the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles, is set to markedly improve process efficiency and drive sustainable business growth with the support of cutting-edge SAP software solutions.

The two-phase project will see SAP implement a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools across the Ras Al Khaimah-based company’s 12 United Arab Emirate Factories, before rolling it out to five international locations.

The high-profile collaboration follows a recent meeting between His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, and Bill McDermott, SAP Co-CEO and Executive Board Member, where the discussion centered on how SAP could help drive the emirate’s long-term growth and prosperity.

“Teaming up with SAP feeds into our unceasing mission of continually surpassing the expectations of our customers, dealers and partners,” said Khaled Abdulla Yousef, Board Member, RAK Ceramics.

“In an era of global competitiveness and borderless economies, the only organizations that will thrive are those that remain truly receptive to innovation in its many and varied forms. Embracing cutting-edge IT solutions from SAP is a major step in making RAK Ceramics run better, improving end-to-end process integration and harmonization, and driving sustainable business growth.”

The deal will see RAK Ceramics migrate away from an Oracle-based platform in order to bolster its ability to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs for production, procurement and acquisition, improve working capital management and enhance asset utilization.

“RAK Ceramics is the number one company of its kind in the world and a glittering jewel in the Middle Eastern manufacturing sector,” said Qais Gharaibeh, UAE Managing Director, SAP MENA.

“The company’s inspiring pursuit of excellence and innovation makes it a vital player in the UAE’s economic landscape and SAP is proud to help maximise value and improve its efficiency wherever possible.”

Dinesh Mohan, General Manager-SAP Projects, RAK Ceramics, added:”SAP will give RAK Ceramics the big picture it needs to improve transparency, efficiency, productivity and business integration as we strive to consolidate our leadership position and redefine both the scope of our company and the possibilities of our industry. The management team, led by the Deputy CEO, Mr. Abdullah Massad, has been actively pursuing the introduction of a world-class ERP solution for some time. Under the guidance of Mr. Khaled Abdulla Yousef, we have evaluated and received the board’s approval. We are excited and ready to start the project.”

Established in 1991 by H.H. Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah and CEO Dr. Khater Massaad, RAK Ceramics is a USD 1 billion global conglomerate that supplies to over 160 countries across five continents. His Highness Sheikh Mohamad Bin Saud Al Qasimi, Crown Prince of Ras Al Khaimah heads the company as Chairman.

The company employs more than 8,500 employees in UAE and over 15,000 employees through its various manufacturing facilities and distributions worldwide. Currently, state-of-the-art Ras Al Khaimah plants produce 227,000 sq.m of tiles and 8,500 pieces of bathware per day. Global production exceeds 360,000 sq.m of tiles and 12,000 pieces of bathware per day.

RAK Ceramics stands out for its ability to innovate. It is the first company in the world to launch Luminous, Golden and Silver Glazed tiles, as well as RAK Antimicrobial, a super specialty tile for the hospital industry.

Global acclaim has also been forthcoming for the company’s focus on eco-friendly products and its role as a founding member of Emirates Green Building Council, which supports the development of sustainable buildings in the UAE. RAK Ceramics was awarded SUPERBRAND status in 2011 for third consecutive year in a row by the Council of Superbrands, the world’s largest independent brand arbiter.

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Sybase and SAP to showcase joint Real-Time Enterprise capability at GITEX Technology Week 2011

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Sybase and SAP to showcase joint Real-Time Enterprise capability at GITEX Technology Week 2011

Special focus on insights into real-time data management, analysis and mobility

2244Dubai, United Arab Emirates – September 20, 2011 – Sybase, an SAP® company and industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, has announced its participation at GITEX Technology Week 2011, October 9-13, in Dubai. Besides showcasing their leading technologies, the company also plans on addressing a high profile CIO and CTO briefing along with SAP that will focus on their superior Real-Time Enterprise. Conducted by Irfan Khan, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Sybase, it will also have other leading speakers who will be present especially for the largest ICT gathering in the Middle East.

“At par with international trends, the Middle East is also experiencing a stupendous increase in business data that is vital to the development and growth of several industries, including Banking, Finance, Telecom, Healthcare & Oil and Gas. Sybase will capitalize on the targeted visitors at GITEX and will highlight our fast paced innovations in data warehousing, analytics and mobility markets.” said, Irfan Khan.

The Sybase team of experts that will be at GITEX will demonstrate the “Real” Real-Time Enterprise by Sybase and SAP. This includes Real-Time Disaster Recovery that consists of data integration techniques that enable businesses to have the right information at the right time and place. They will also present Real-Time Analytics and Reporting that helps in analyzing data in real-time which can provide a leading edge to businesses by identifying opportunities. And, Real-Time Mobility which helps in information made available exactly when and where it is needed and offers optimal support to time critical decisions.

The objective of the scheduled CIO and CTO briefing on October 11, is to focus on the innovation and game changing properties of the SAP/Sybase data management direction. It is built on the foundations of in-memory centric computing and distributed scale-out grid technologies delivering unparalleled performance. Irfan Khan will explain why a technology refresh is required and how it can be delivered into a non-disruptive manner to enable today’s business applications to deal with challenges of massive data and real-time data management requirements.

Tony Achkar, Senior General Manager, Sybase Products Middle East, said, “GITEX will always be an important element of our activities. We plan to update our customers and channel partners about the strategic path that Sybase and SAP will take since the acquisition, and highlight our combined specialities. We also see it as the perfect opportunity to network with industry peers and leaders to discuss latest technology trends and the overall ICT environment at the global and regional levels.”

Sybase will be located at the Majlis Lounge, GITEX Technology Week, World Trade Centre, October 9 - 13

Contact Sybase Products Middle East:

Phone: +971 4 3914391

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