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4194RENAULT, the No. 1 European brand in the Kingdom, has announced the extension of its current offer until the end of this month. This offer will enable the prospective customers to purchase RENAULT 4WD’s (Koleos & Duster) and Sedan’s (Safrane & Fluence) for a O% finance rate for the first two years (for individuals) or cash back of SR 10,000 or free service up to 5 years / 100,000 km.

This offer is in line with the huge success and growing demand for REAULT automobiles in the Saudi market in particular and the Gulf region in general. The company has managed to gain the confidence of customers in the Kingdom by providing them with a variety of vehicles with the latest features and superb contemporary designs. This is along with the various other advantages and services the company is providing to its customers.

RENAULT cars are known for balancing between attractive prices, high quality, and competitive features in addition to safety, durability and reliability. Its vehicles are tested at RENAULT Research Center in United Arab Emirates to fit in with the climate of the Gulf region and to offer distinguished performance. That is why it gained the trust of customers and has become the most sought-after brand in the Saudi market.

It is worth mentioning that RENAULT is a very successful European brand with more than 114 years of expertise, distinction and innovation in the automotive industry. In 1999, RENAULT purchased a 44.3% share in Nissan Motors of Japan and hence created a formidable alliance with the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. RENAULT is a brand to reckon with when it comes to safety. It is the only company in the world where 12 of its vehicles have been given a 5 Star rating in the safety tests performed by the European Safety Authority [EuroNCAP]. It has also participated effectively in Formula 1 races and acquired several titles. This is a proof of quality, reliability and strength of RENAULT engines.

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Barwa Bank Ramadan Football Tournament Raises Funds for Charity

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Barwa Bank Ramadan Football Tournament Raises Funds for Charity

4141Barwa Bank, Qatar’s fastest growing Shari’ah compliant banking service provider, handed over earlier this week QAR 96,000 in donations to charities in Qatar as part of the Bank’s Fourth Ramadan Football Tournament.

Speaking on the occasion, Barwa Bank Acting Group CEO Mr. Khalid Yousef Abdulla Al-Subeai who presented the cheques said:

“Barwa Bank is keen on supporting the athletic and social activities in Qatar. Our annual Ramadan Indoor Football Tournament raises the motto of playing for a good cause, to ensure the bank’s effective participation in fighting poverty.”

The handover ceremony took place on Tuesday the 15 of July, and the donated funds were equally distributed between Qatar Charity and Sheikh Eid Charity Foundation.

Barwa Bank had announced earlier that it will donate three times the amount of registrations fees of the participating teams in the tournament, to charities inside Qatar in order to provide help for people in need.

The funds were handed over to representatives of Qatar Charity, Mr. Nasser Al-Yafei, Executive Director of the Collection and Branches, and Mr. Khalid Ahmad Fakhro, Public Relation Manager, as well as Mr. Yousef Al-Jassem, Head of the Local Marketing Department from the Eid Charity foundation.

Mr. Mohammed Matar, Head of Retail Credit and Representative of the Sports Committee at Barwa Bank, also spoke on the occasion, saying, “The tournament was a great success marked by intense competition among the participating teams.”

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Hygienic Dental Care in Ramadan

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Hygienic Dental Care in Ramadan

4140Fears regarding ways of maintaining good oral hygiene and dental care during the fasting month of Ramadan increases due to the long duration of fasting during the day, which usually reaches up to 15 hours and affects the health of the mouth and teeth. Methods of oral and dental care do not differ much from other months; however, there are important issues that should be taken into account during the holy month to comply with the rules of fasting in Ramadan and to keep pace with the changes the body undergoes during the period of fasting.

In an interview with Dr. Rania Al-Haridi, dentist and scientific program manager of AEEDC Conference & Exhibition, she spoke to us about the best ways to take care of your oral health and teeth in Ramadan and the need to visit a dentist in this holy month like the other months of the year. Dr. Al-Haridi said: “First of all, I would like to congratulate all Muslims for the commencement of Ramadan, may God shower us with his blessings in this holy month. During the month of Ramadan, one should consider the fact that the body stays refrained from food and water for a long period of time, which causes lower saliva secretion in the mouth. Saliva plays an important role in cleansing the teeth and getting rid of bacteria. Lack of saliva in the mouth, accompanied with bacteria formation due to it; allow the formation of a white layer above the tongue that shields anaerobic bacteria underneath, creating an unpleasant odor. Therefore, a visit to the dentist is obligatory during the month of Ramadan when needed, just like any other month of the year.”

Dr. Rania went on saying: “Nevertheless, we find that most of the people avoid visiting dental clinics during their fasting hours, as statistics had showed number of patients visiting dental clinics after Iftar is much higher than those visiting during the day and this is due to the fear of breaking their fast inadvertently during the treatment.”

In this context, Dr. Al-Haridi commented: “Visiting the dentist during the fasting hours doesn’t necessarily break your fast if precautions are taken and no liquid is swallowed. Nowadays, precautions can be taken by highly improved medical suction devices which work on getting rid of any liquids, saliva, or blood during the treatment.”

Dr. Al-Haridi completed by saying: “With regard to the process of tooth extraction, suction plays an important role in the disposal of fluids, but in certain cases, complications might arise leading to severe bleeding; therefore, it will be preferable for these cases to postpone the treatment till after Iftar.”

“On the other hand, regarding anesthetic needles used during treatment sessions, patients should note that these kind of needle injections would not break the fast as it is given in the muscle and

not in the blood vessels and thus are not considered nutritious and won’t enter the blood circulation. Patients shouldn’t also swallow any components of dental fillings, since many of them contain aromatic materials and ones with distinctive taste like the ‘cloves’.

When asked about cosmetic treatments Dr. Al-Haridi replied: “Cosmetic treatments such as installing faceted ceramic, tooth whitening, and preventive treatments like cleaning are all preferably postponed to after Iftar because these kind of treatments are totally dependent on water and aren’t usually very urgent.”

On the other hand, Muslim clerics at General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments (GAIAE) in the United Arab Emirates commented about the same topic saying that visiting the dentist during the fasting hours is acceptable, as long as no fluids are swallowed; however, if the dental treatment is not really urgent then the visit is preferable to be postponed till after Iftar.

In conclusion, Dr. Rania shared with us a list of her own tips for a brighter smile in the holy month of Ramadan.

Tips for oral healthcare during the month of Ramadan:

Brush your teeth twice a day, after Iftar and Suhoor. You can brush your teeth during the day without any toothpaste, provided you don’t swallow anything.

Use meswak, which is known for its several benefits such as the fluoride and several herbal components that kill the bad bacteria.

Use the mouthwash for a good breath twice a day, preferably after Iftar.

Clean your tongue by its special brush twice daily.

Drink plenty of fluids before Suhoor to preserve the moisture of the mouth preventing unpleasant odor.

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Ford Rolls Out Attractive Ramadan Offers in Saudi Arabia

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Ford Rolls Out Attractive Ramadan Offers in Saudi Arabia

4126Ford customers are in for affordable treats as Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies, Co. (AJVA), the sole dealer Ford and Lincoln in Saudi Arabia, announced its hot offers during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Select Ford staples are now available for attractive prices even more sweetened with choices on manufacturer’s warranties as well as dealer’s warranty.

Starting standard prices for select models are at SAR 58,900 for Ford Focus, Ford Fusion from SAR76,900, Ford Expedition from SAR114,900, Ford Taurus from SAR94,900, SAR99,000 for Ford Flex; SAR79,900 for Ford Escape;

In addition to the reduced prices, AJVA is also giving customers a chance to enter a raffle draw to win a Ford Fusion during the holy month of Ramadan.

“As a tradition of AJVA every Ramadan, we provide our customers complete package offer on our latest models and assure them of outstanding value for money, peace of mind, world-class safety, quality and innovations – just what anyone gets when they invest in a Ford or Lincoln vehicle,” said Sabah Abdullah Al Kraidees, General manager, Sales and Marketing, AJVA.

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Wild Wadi offers free entry in exchange for charitable clothing donations this Ramadan

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Wild Wadi offers free entry in exchange for charitable clothing donations this Ramadan

448Wild Wadi Waterpark is offering free entry every Monday throughout Ramadan, in return for charitable clothing donations to support Beit Al Kheir Society, a non-profit organisation that provides assistance to the underprivileged families in the UAE.

Throughout the Holy Month, every Monday from 7 July 2014, between the hours of 3pm-7pm, guests can enjoy the outdoor waterpark free of charge, in exchange for three pieces of clothing which will be donated to the needy. Special containers will be placed at the registration area where any piece of clothing, in good condition can be donated.

Chris Perry, General Manager, Wild Wadi, said: “We have always believed in Beit Al Kheir’s humanitarian efforts and the Holy Month of Ramadan brings out generosity in each and every one of us, so we thought it was the perfect time to launch this initiative. The success of the campaign will rely on the support of the public and we are hoping to have an overwhelming result, which will bring families closer by spending Monday afternoons with us and consequently support the less fortunate in our community.”

Wild Wadi has been a keen supporter of sustainability initiatives and has previously supported the World Wild Life-Emirates Wildlife Society and raised funds for humanitarian causes through the annual ‘Swim Around the Burj’ charity event.

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Turkish Airlines launches AED 1,140 return flight from Abu Dhabi for Ramadan in Istanbul

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Turkish Airlines launches AED 1,140 return flight from Abu Dhabi for Ramadan in Istanbul

447Turkish Airlines, Europe’s best airline*, has launched round trip fares of AED 1,140, inclusive of all taxes and service charges, from Abu Dhabi to visit Istanbul during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Travellers from Abu Dhabi can book the Ramadan promotional round trip fare to Istanbul until 23rd July 2014. Tickets are valid for a minimum 2 day stay and for up to a maximum of 15 days, for travel to and from Istanbul by 23rd July 2014.

Turkish Airlines offers nine weekly flights from Abu Dhabi to Istanbul connecting travellers to 259 worldwide destinations across 107 countries. Bookings and flight schedules for Istanbul and beyond can be made through www.turkishairlines.com or any Turkish Airlines sales office.

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KIA rolls out its Ramadan giveaway promotion

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KIA rolls out its Ramadan giveaway promotion

432Al Majid Motors Co. the sole distributor of KIA Motors in the UAE, has rolled out its UAE Ramadan promotion for 2014. The award-winning automobile manufacturer is offering a variety of gifts and giveaways on every model in its 2015 special season offer.

“For this year’s holy month, we will be giving away numerous free electronic items, service packs and 12-months insurance policies for customers who buy a 2015 model year Kia vehicle. We are also offering a discount of AED 20,000 on a number of our 2014 models if customers would prefer to avail a superb financial saving,” said Mohammed Khader, President of Al Majid Motors Co, KIA. “This is one of the best times to drive away one of our excellent Kia compacts, sedans or SUVs. I would recommend customers, who are planning to buy a new vehicle or considering upgrading their current car or purchasing a second car for the family, to pop down to their nearest Kia showroom and book a test drive to find out exactly the great deal they are receiving for their money,” he added.

The gifts on offer from Kia for the month-long duration of their promotion include a 40” LED Samsung television plus one year insurance for any customer who purchases a Picanto, Rio, Cerato or Soul model. A 10.1 Samsung Tab 3 with Wi-Fi plus one year’s insurance for those selecting an Optima. Customers purchasing Sportage or Carnes will be offered 10.1 Sumsang Tab 3 with Wi-Fi. Customers who buy a Cadenza, Sorento or Mohave can choose between either a smart phone, 2-year service pack or one year’s insurance, while those driving away in a Quoris will benefit from a free smart phone as well as one year’s insurance.

The Kia showroom operation hours during the month of Ramadan are 9am to 2pm, and 8:30pm to 12 midnight.  All major showrooms are open on Fridays during evening hours starting 8:30 to 12 midnight.

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ENOC marks Ramadan with socially responsible initiatives that make a difference

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ENOC marks Ramadan with socially responsible initiatives that make a difference

430Underlining its commitment to the community, Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is rolling out a series of charitable initiatives that make a positive difference to the lives of people during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Saeed Khoory, Chief Executive Officer of ENOC, said: “The season of prayerful contemplation and togetherness, the Holy Month of Ramadan brings us all closer. This is the period when we must highlight our social responsibility by reaching out to all segments of the society to promote social integration.

“Our activities further contribute to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to further establish Dubai as a city that cares.”

He added: “ENOC and its subsidiaries will take part in an assortment of activities, which are specifically aimed to make a positive difference in our community. The noble deeds that we undertake during the Holy Month will continue to set the pace of our actions during the coming months.”

One of the headlining activities of ENOC during the Holy Month is its ‘Human Fuel’ campaign to encourage customers to donate funds to support the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Dubai Charity Association to address global hunger. Donation boxes will be placed at all service stations enabling motorists to make their contributions. Even a contribution of one dirham can make a huge difference to the lives of the hungry, as the amount can feed a child for an entire day. Those who are interested can also visit a dedicated and secure website at https://wfp.org/enoc to make their donation. The donations will go towards special programmes such as school meals to provide food where it is most needed. A television commercial has been launched to create awareness on the campaign.

The employees of ENOC and its subsidiary companies are actively partnering in the Holy Ramadan activities, especially under the volunteering initiative of ENOC TrabouT. Having already marked the Hag El Lailah celebration for children before the advent of Ramadan, ENOC’s employees are volunteering through visits to senior centres to bring cheer to the elderly.

They are also taking part in the distribution of dates and water to motorists at all service stations, a charity initiative organised in association with Alokozay. The packs will contain dates, water and prayer beads to be distributed for free to motorists at all ENOC/EPPCO service stations 30 minutes before Iftar. ENOC Retail is also distributing 23 donation boxes and charity tables across various service stations to raise funds for Dubai Charity Association.

Now a regular feature of ENOC’s Ramadan activities, the organisation will host the Ramadan Lecture series, in English and Arabic. The Ramadan Lectures by renowned scholars will cover the beliefs, customs and practices related to the Holy Month.

ENOC and its subsidiary companies are also taking part in a number of initiatives to support charitable activities by several leading organisations. To support the Rashid Centre for Disabled, ENOC is raising Zakat Fund. Branded envelopes have been distributed to the employees, who can also make their contributions at a donation box placed at the ENOC Complex in Dubai. In a key charity initiative, ENOC will support the Iftar meal distribution by HH Princess Haya bint Al Hussain Centre on three days at four service stations.

ENOC is supporting Al Ihsan Charity Association on its ‘A Safe Ramadan’ campaign under the theme, ‘A Ramadan without accidents.’ ENOC Volunteers will distribute Iftar packs to drivers who are at red lights, encouraging them to drive safely and not overspeed.

In partnership with Dar Al Ber Society, EMGAS will distribute free LPG refill vouchers to 300 underprivileged families in Dubai, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. The vouchers entitle the needy families to a free refill of a 22kg LPG cylinder. It will be supported by the ‘Safe Cylinder… Safe Family’ campaign to promote the secure handling and use of gas cylinders. The safety leaflets will be distributed to homes in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain, as well as to motorists at all service stations. EMGAS is also rolling out a TV commercial on Sama Dubai that includes safety tips on safe handling.

The winner of Dubai Chamber’s CSR Label Award, ENOC is committed to supporting the society through a number of initiatives.

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Coca-Cola Launches #OpenUp Ramadan Campaign

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Coca-Cola Launches #OpenUp Ramadan Campaign

4250Coca-Cola Middle East’s new Ramadan campaign #OpenUp, pays tribute to the holy month by seeking to spread happiness and encourage people to open up to each other, rekindle lost connections, and mend unresolved tensions.

According to research in Psychological Science, the highest ranked empirical journal in psychology, the single-most important variable of “very happy” people was good social relationships with other people. In a regional survey conducted recently, about 90% of respondents claimed that they have lost touch with people they’ve considered important in their lives. A whopping 43% cited unresolved tensions as the main contributor to the lost connections. Interestingly enough, 73% indicated that they do intend on reaching out to the people they have lost touch with in the future, claiming that lack of time, geographical constraints, and unresolved tensions are hindering them from doing so. More than half of the respondents expressed remorse over having not addressed the unresolved tensions that led to the downfall of their personal relationships and claim that rekindling the lost relationships would surely add value and meaning to their lives.

This season, Coca-Cola hopes to be the catalyst that sparks unexpected connections and facilitates new relationships while reinforcing old ones. Antoine Tayyar, Director of Communications and Public Affairs comments, “Ramadan is a month of reflection, kindness, inclusion and sharing. The Open Up campaign inspires people to open up to different points of view and acknowledge that whilst differences will always exist, the bonds we share are stronger than any obstacle. The appreciation of the power of the human connection has been embraced by Coca-Cola since its inception and is engraved in its mission to spread happiness.”

The #OpenUp platform is reinforced via two television commercials that highlight two different scenarios where tensions are narrated and resolved. The first story line addresses a generation gap augmented through technology and social media. [video] The second story line revolves around a father and son and how acceptance brings them closer to each other [to be released before Ramadan].

This Ramadan, Coca-Cola encourages one to #OpenUp to loved ones and to observe how these unexpected moments have the power to enrich ones everyday life.

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PAN Emirates introduces Ramadan home decor collection 2014

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PAN Emirates introduces Ramadan home decor collection 2014

4225- The new collection suits flawlessly for the holy month of Ramadan

PAN Emirates, one of UAE’s premium brand in home furnishing, introduces a special home décor collection, to add a festive touch to the homes, this Ramadan

Well known for its premiere and novel furniture offerings, Pan Emirates has embarked upon a new collection which replicatesjoy and prosperity of the season.

Ms. Hala Haddad – Concept & Manager at PAN Emirates said, “The holy month of Ramadan is all about introspection. Keeping up with theme of the season, Pan Emirates is extremely pleased to introduce the indoor home collectibles adding more sparkle and shine throuhgout the holy month.

Authentic glass decor

Glass touched home décor is perfect to light up the house making it additionally beautiful.

This new range of products adds stylish detail and texture to candlelight displays giving an attractive vintage feel to the home ambience.

Golden Glass set

These warm, golden glasses feature all over it, random creative patterns that play up the set’s artisan look and feel, making it the right choice for formal occasions or everyday use. The variety of designs and sizes enhance the unique characteristics of each glass.

White Vase

This beautiful large-scale vase features a contemporary organic shape and high gloss lacquer finish. Perfect to add a pop of color to any room

Ideal for decorative use with faux or dried flowers.

Silver Tea Pot

This silver-plated tea pot is perfectly elegant to serve tea in style. Its traditional elegance proves to show dignity and grace.

This piece is engraved with a classic design making it an exceptional tea pot

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