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AOC introduces Anti-Blue Light and flicker-free displays to promote eye health

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AOC introduces Anti-Blue Light and flicker-free displays to promote eye health

477In its new display collection, AOC has found a way to reduce risks that go hand in hand with excessive time in front of screens. Therefore, the new 22″ (55.9 cm) and 24″ (61 cm) displays come with innovative technologies: Anti-Blue Light and Flicker FREE. Combatting health concerns such as retinal stress and macular degeneration, AOC’s Anti-Blue Light technology reduces harmful blue light by over 90 % without affecting colour fidelity. Furthermore, the Flicker FREE technology prevents users from eye fatigue, which can appear without the viewer even noticing.

Reducing blue light, keeping true colours

According to a substantial body of evidence, excessive exposure to the blue light of display devices causes retinal stress, which is directly related to the forming of age-related macular degeneration, or ARMD. The symptoms of this disease are deterioration or complete loss of the central vision. Past efforts towards diminishing displays’ harmful blue light were predominantly limited to software-based approaches and blocking out the blue light through filter mechanisms such as special spectacles or cover glass in front of screens. As a result, however, users had to accept negative effects on the colour fidelity. AOC’s new Anti-Blue Light models E2276VWM6 and E2476VWM6 are based on a special LED technology, which shifts the wavelength peak from harmful 450 nm to a safer 460 nm, which reduces harmful blue light by over 90 %, whilst ensuring that just the right amount of blue light is emitted for accurate colour reproduction.

Better health and well-being with Flicker FREE

User health is a challenge that display manufacturer AOC takes seriously. Therefore, alongside their innovative Anti-Blue Light technology, AOC’s new models E2276VWM6 and E2476VWM6 also come with a feature that ensures a zero flickering viewing experience. Flickering is a flashing effect that takes place when the LED backlight controller of a monitor adjusts the brightness levels during display refreshing. This can affect the eyes and cause eye fatigue without the viewer even noticing. Therefore, the Flicker FREE feature helps to reduce the various eye health concerns that can be caused by flickering.

Creating the perfect desktop experience

Besides the health-promoting benefits, the E2276VWM6 and E2476VWM6 come with a wide array of other helpful features. Accordingly, the especially light-weight models deliver 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution as well as vibrant, bright colours. For Android enthusiasts, they also boast an HDMI connector which offers MHL 2.0 (Mobile High-Definition Link) functionality. This means that smartphone and tablet screens can be mirrored directly onto the big 22″ or 24″ monitor screen. What is truly special about MHL 2.0 is that with only one cable, peripherals can be recharged while playing audio, video, and/or surfing on the internet at the same time. Also, both models come with extremely short pixel response times of 1 ms and 2 ms, making them perfect for working on, watching fast-paced action video clips or enjoying games.

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Monster introduces New Tools in Saudi Arabia to Find Better Jobs and Talent Online

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Monster introduces New Tools in Saudi Arabia to Find Better Jobs and Talent Online

436MonsterGulf.com, one of the leading online and career recruitment solutions provider, today introduced a new suite of features in Saudi Arabia that are set to revolutionise the country’s online employment landscape. Monster’s new intelligent Mobile App and Professional Networking features, created exclusively for stronger job and talent search, empowers job seekers and recruiters to identify the best opportunities and connect on the go.

The Professional Networking for jobs features introduce the ability to engage with peers, recruiters and companies. Job seekers can import external contacts, keep in touch with relevant career insights, follow and receive updates from recruiters and companies, maintain scores for job-related activities, grow Monster connections and increase visibility in the talent marketplace.

Recruiters can tap into Monster’s Professional Networking features to identify the best talent for their roles. They can set up Recruiter Profiles to share and post jobs, add company updates, view follower networks and connect with candidates. Through the interface, recruiters have access to a dashboard with activity summaries and recruitment insights.

“You are not always looking for a job but there is a big possibility that you may miss an opportunity you always desired while you were not looking,” says Modi.

“Smart job recommendations from the Monster Mobile App and Professional Networking features will alert, connect and update you, essentially working on your behalf while you are occupied with your life. From web to mobile, Monster.com provides companies, recruiters and seekers in Saudi Arabia with customised solutions using the world’s most advanced technology to find better access and better connections for better jobs – anywhere and anytime. We also understand the challenges employers face, and Monster Analytics will provide them intelligence to make more informed decisions.”

Monster’s new features were created to address gaps within the recruitment industry. In the company’s year-long research and development process after launching mPower Search, Monster conducted a need-gap analysis and found that job seekers needed a new way to better find jobs and stay connected to the job market, whilst employers needed to better connect with the right talent at the best time. Passive jobseekers missed out on suitable job opportunities whilst they were busy with their day-to-day lives. Monster also identified that there was a need to provide a professional network platform offering better connections because job seekers typically reach out to peers, seniors, recruiters or organisations to find jobs.

To help recruiters and organisations make informed decisions for better human capital management, the company has also designed Monster Analytics – a dynamic tool that grants organisations access to data on the experience levels, domains and companies that talent transitions to and from. Employers can seek talent more effectively with these insights and develop a firmer understanding of the region’s recruitment landscape.

In addition to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, the Monster Mobile App and Professional Networking features are being rolled out across India and also Southeast Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

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Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 4: series’ iconic innovation reaches Saudi Arabia

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Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 4: series’ iconic innovation reaches Saudi Arabia

45Saudi Arabia plans to forge world-class institutions with the aim of training Saudi youth to develop and maintain museums, said Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA).

Prince Sultan’s statement came after he signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in museum matters with Thomas P. Campbell, director of Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York — the largest art museum in the Western Hemisphere.

The prince said that the MoU also covered organizing touring exhibitions and joint exhibitions, the borrowing of exhibits to be showcased in the Metropolitan Museum and the Kingdom’s museums.

The prince was authorized by the Council of Ministers to sign the MoU.

High-ranking officials including Abdullah Al-Moallami, permanent Saudi representative at the UN, Joseph Westfall, US Ambassador to the Kingdom, Khaled Al-Sharif, Saudi Consul in New York, and Ali Al-Ghebban, SCTA vice-president, attended the event.

“We strive continuously to develop the King Abdullah Project for Urban Heritage, which considers the development of national museums a significant part of the Kingdom’s heritage development program,” the prince said in a statement after signing the MoU.

“The development of museums is important in relation to keeping pace with the aspirations of the state, the citizens who look forward to a major shift in the entire national heritage and attention to all its aspects, its preservation and the awareness of its significance as a part of the Kingdom’s cultural heritage,” he said.

The project is in line with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah’s vision and who has kindly agreed to give his name to the undertaking, said Prince Sultan.

The prince said the King Abdullah Project for Urban Heritage aims to undertake the construction of new museums in the Kingdom including large specialized museums, in addition to developing the existing museums and heritage locations.

He said several agreements have been signed with world class establishments such as the Louvre and British Museums and more will be signed with other museums with the aim of training Saudi youth to develop and maintain museums.

Thomas Campbell said his museum took extreme care to maintain strong ties with the countries and cultures that have made valuable contributions to human culture and civilizations including the Arabian Peninsula which served as a passage for the movement of cultures and is a source of civilizations.

“The MoU with the Kingdom is significant as it will lay down the basics of learning, training and exchange of expertise,” Campbell said.

“During the next five years, specialists from the Kingdom will arrive in the Metropolitan Museum to work with us in training, understanding and learning the best practices in the science of museums. Our officials, in turn will travel to the Kingdom to explore archaeological and aesthetic work locations to collaborate in exhibitions and other matters of common interest,” he said.

The prince also visited the headquarters of the Geographical Society (National Geographic) in Washington on Wednesday.

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Panasonic introduces advanced Video Intercom and Home Monitoring Systems for complete safety

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Panasonic introduces advanced Video Intercom and Home Monitoring Systems for complete safety

489Safeguarding properties with reliable security devices is of the utmost importance to all and for those looking for the best technologically advanced and secure system, Panasonic Marketing Middle East Africa (PMMAF) has introduced new state-of-the-art Video Intercom and Home Monitoring Systems that offer the latest in wireless communication technology. Visitors to Panasonic stand at GITEX Technology Week can experience the performance, remote monitoring ability and benefits of the new products and the upcoming 2015 product line up for Home Monitoring Systems.

The new VL series of Video Intercom solutions include three different intercom systems – VL-SWD501, VL-SW251 and the VL-SF70, providing users with different convenient ways to watch over the safety of their homes and control access to the main gate from anywhere in the house.

The new Home Monitoring system has four packages: DIY Surveillance Camera Kit (KX-HN6002) and Monitoring and Control Kit (KX-HN6003) that allows customers to monitor indoors and outdoors from their smartphone whether they are at home or on the road; the Home Safety Starter Kit (KX-HN6000) which provides three way alert notifications via smart phone, home phone and to an outside landline; and the Baby Monitoring Kit (KX-HN6001) with a sensor on the indoor camera that will detect if the baby is crying and alert the parent by smartphone application. The system runs completely on Wi-Fi can be set up easily using a smartphone.

Takayuki Uchinuno, General Manager, System Networks and Communication, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa commented: “With our new range of Video Intercom and Home Monitoring Systems, we aim to provide the best level of security for our customers, whether it is to control access to visitors or monitor indoors and outdoors, from home or remotely.”

The main attraction among the three different intercom systems is the VLSWD501- the stylish premium wireless model that includes a door station, a main monitor and wireless sub-monitors connectable up to 6 units. The main monitor is a 5-inch wide touch screen that clearly shows the face of every visitor at the door through the Main Door Station. Even if it is difficult to identify the person, this easy-to-use device zooms in through a mere touch of the screen. The VL-SWD501 also supports SD card recordings to store up to 3000 videos (30 seconds each) of visitors. The option of an added Wireless Sensor Camera, a Lobby Sensor and multiple devices clearly makes the VL-SWD501 a complete home safety system.

The Standard Wireless Model- VL-SW251 also includes the same three devices as the VLSWD501, connectable up to 4 units. As Panasonic strives to deliver products that ensure convenience, this Wireless Sub-monitor allows the user to check on visitors through the display and respond promptly from anywhere in the house without worrying about the hassle of cables. Furthermore, the Door Station is equipped with a night vision-LED light which enhances the color display of visitors within 50 cm during the dark. The main camera can also capture about eight consecutive still images of visitors.

A more basic option of the three intercom systems is the Wired Model VL-SF70, which comprises a door station and a main monitor which features a 7-inch wide LCD enabling clear and large images to identify the visitor. The door station also stores up to 50 images of visitors when the user is away from home ensuring high-security in their absence. Although this model does not include wireless handsets, Panasonic provides an alternative by making sure a maximum of three main monitors could be connected to this device in order to guarantee easy-accessibility from any room that the device is connected in.

“The Video Intercom System does not restrict the point of contact of the host and visitor to a single device or place but rather give them the option to answer their doors from wherever necessary without interrupting their routine. The added benefits like LED lights and image capturing are just a few of the numerous essential features of the VL series,” added Uchinuno.

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Samsung introduces new B2B Range at GITEX 2014 Exhibition

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Samsung introduces new B2B Range at GITEX 2014 Exhibition

446Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, will showcase its new business offerings at GITEX Technology Week 2014 which runs from October 12th to October 16th. Among the newest additions to Samsung’s enterprise portfolio is the Samsung Real Size Digital Signage solution for retail, and the DashboardOne control platform for airports, a platform designed to make operations smoother across printers and digital signage.

“Consumers within the enterprise are clamoring for devices that will help them work smarter and boost their productivity, and Samsung has been meeting that demand by pairing devices that are easy-to-use with solutions that are tailor-made for specific industries,” said Mr. Khaled Kamel, Director, Enterprise Business, Samsung Gulf Electronics. “Visitors to this year’s GITEX will get a first-hand look at how we draw from our expertise in consumer technology to help companies of all kinds thrive.”

Developed with the sleekest technology, the Real Size Digital Signage sets the shop experience apart with unprecedented visuals. While the ultra-rich resolution allows shop owners to display their full inventories in high definition, the 75” and 95” body gives them the screen they need to highlight products in awe-inspiring size. With the large screen and a touch overlay option, it enables retail operators to deliver the ultimate interactive and immersive shopping experience that ensures customers are more engaged and spend more time in the store. The Real Size Digital Signage solution is also built for ease, with a slim depth that saves space, simple installation built right-in, and foolproof management software.

The DashboardOne offers an innovative approach to airport management. With this solution, users can centrally monitor all printers and digital signage across an airport and immediately step in when a problem arises. Its accessibility on desktops as well as mobile platforms ensures that the Network Operations Center and Site Engineers have access to the same information. At its core, DashboardOne blends necessity with convenience by allowing users to monitor all terminals in real-time, even when they are up and moving, which enriches operational management. The Dashboard One is also designed to cut the turnaround time of repairs and fault diagnosis, ensuring that users spend less time dealing with crises and upsets. The DashboardOne is available on all smart devices.

At this year’s stand, Samsung will display its customized technology and approaches to education, hospitality, healthcare, lighting and mobility, in addition to retail and transportation.

GITEX Technology Week 2014 will take place at Dubai World Trade Center.

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4126NCB Capital, one of the largest Brokerage Service providers in the Kingdom, GCC’s leading wealth manager and the Kingdom’s largest asset manager, has introduced the new AlAhli Tadawul service with a total new interface. The launch of this service is in response to the evolving needs of its brokerage customers in today’s fast moving markets.

Commenting, Mohammed Al-Nory, Head of Securities at NCB Capital, said: “One of the key success factors in the trading world is having a powerful, user-friendly online trading platform with a wealth of information to enable customers make quick and appropriate decisions. Not just that but also supports trading through a new investment account instead of the current account with NCB.”

“With this in mind, we have designed and enhanced the new electronic trading platform in accordance with international standards to fully support users; the new platform will provide the necessary tools to guide them towards making smarter decisions.”

The easy to control feature is one of many enhancements that customers will experience as they log in to the new system. Users can personalize and customize their page according to their prefrence. The order pad, account summary, watch list and market depth screens can all be combined in one page and re-arranged in a way that suits each individual user needs.

AlAhli Tadawul also features a right click mouse button that grants quick and easy access to the most frequently used tools.

Knowing when to seize opportunities is another key to successful trading and AlAhli Tadawul’s smart alerts feature provides traders with the latest market updates. For example, by setting an alert to know when the stock reaches a specific price, the program will send an alert through an email or SMS according to choice.

Conditional orders save brokerage customers the trouble of following up the market hour by hour. Instead, users can place a buy or sell order in advance with a specific stock price and the system will automatically apply the order if the conditions are met; for instance selling or buying if the stock index rises to a certain price can be preset in the conditional orders.

The order pad feature enables users to arrange a group of orders in advance and apply them whenever they want. Another interesting feature of the system enables traders to sell all the different stocks in their portfolio with just one click.

In addition, NCB Capital enables traders to base their decisions on knowledge by accessing the smart market analytical tool, which is provided by specialized international experts who survey the market periodically, locating the investment opportunities based on technical analysis in a very simple way: such as graphs and automatic scan for the formed chart pattern, identifying entry and exit points, loss control points, support and resistance points, and much more.

AlAhli Tadawul users can also check NCB Capital’s award-winning research in fundamental analysis of the stock market

“The upgraded AlAhli Tadawul establishes a new era in brokerage by providing brokerage customers with a world-class electronic trading platform to support them in making a smarter decision.” Concluded Mr. Al-Nory.

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Starbucks Introduces the Long Awaited Pumpkin Spice Latte Across the MENA Region

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Starbucks Introduces the Long Awaited Pumpkin Spice Latte Across the MENA Region

4125Starbucks, is introducing the long awaited Pumpkin Spice Latte to its customers across the Middle East and North Africa region. The exquisite Pumpkin Spice Latte features the signature Espresso with steamed milk, blended with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, topped with deliciously sweetened whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is the perfect beverage for those looking for something new and exciting to try, as the sensational blend is guaranteed to spice up your day.

Commenting on the launch of this beverage, Regional Communications and CSR Manager for Starbucks MENA, Rana Shaheen, said: “We are very excited to introduce the Pumpkin Spice Latte to our customers across the region for the first time. Every beverage presented by Starbucks is meticulously created to deliver an all new and captivating experience, especially because our beverages are not just another product, but a lifestyle.”

This warm treat will certainly captivate the senses of Starbucks’ customers with its seasonal spices that draw in an early sense of the autumn season.

The leading coffee house takes pride in its coffee and service standards, and is delighted to continuously share beverages with exceptional blends that can only be found at Starbucks.

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Ruckus Introduces SWIPE—the Smart Wireless Installation and Provisioning Engine for Smart WLANs

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Ruckus Introduces SWIPE—the Smart Wireless Installation and Provisioning Engine for Smart WLANs

470Ruckus Wireless, Inc. announced a new, free Smart Wi-Fi mobile application, the Ruckus Smart Wireless Installation and Provisioning Engine (SWIPE™), to help field technicians and IT personnel quickly and efficiently install and configure Ruckus ZoneFlex™ access points (APs) in distributed deployments using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, smartphones, and tablets.

With SWIPE, system integrators and carriers/service providers can more easily register the Ruckus APs deployed on their Wi-Fi networks onto centralized management systems such as the Ruckus SmartCell™ Gateway (SCG) 200 and/or Ruckus virtual SmartCell Gateway (vSCG). SWIPE updates the SCG or vSCG with data about the AP, including location specific details (e.g., pictures, location) and validates AP connectivity. SWIPE can also search for APs by name as well as by proximity and error condition.

Deploying a new AP is now as simple as scanning the barcode of the AP, entering in the AP Name, taking a picture of the installed AP, and choosing a configuration profile (AP Group) for that AP. Upon first boot up, the AP will connect with the Ruckus SCG or vSCG and automatically download the appropriate configurations.

Ruckus SWIPE makes it easier to remotely manage or troubleshoot existing APs by reducing errors in configuration and log updates, easily locating and navigating to APs in the field via GPS on popular mapping applications, and triaging problem APs by sorting on alarm severity and proximity. SWIPE can also test the performance of existing APs and store the data. Reports can then be emailed from the application and printed or reviewed elsewhere.

“Remote WLAN deployments historically have involved entering AP serial numbers into backend IT systems to facilitate DHCP Option 43, the protocol that helps APs associate with the wireless controller, and, in our case, the AP needs to have the backhaul connectivity in place before the AP can register with the SCG,” said Greg Beach, vice president of product management, Ruckus Wireless. “Now, with SWIPE, smartphones, for example, can serve as a bridge between the AP and a Ruckus SCG to facilitate the AP turn up, even when the backhaul isn’t in place, and without having to use DHCP Option 43-like processes. It’s a great time saver that eliminates time-consuming and inefficient second truck rolls to validate installations.”

With SWIPE, technicians don’t have to drive to and from sites looking for APs, as it offers the ability to sort APs by proximity, highest standing alarm, and by name, allowing technicians to visualize APs on a map, and get driving directions to where each AP is installed. SWIPE also enables technicians to take a picture of each as-built AP, and perform a Speedtest of each AP to validate good coverage.

SWIPE also helps eliminate the inefficient and error prone process of manually updating backend systems with AP serial number, MAC addresses, location, IP address, etc. using a notepad, email or phone. SWIPE users can simply email information such as serial numbers, MAC addresses, AP model numbers, firmware version, location (Latitude/Longitude), as-built pictures, etc.

Smart Wi-Fi Mobile Applications for an Increasingly Mobile World

Ruckus SWIPE is the newest mobile management application within a unique suite of Ruckus designed and developed mobile tools developed by Ruckus Wireless to help save time and increase productivity and efficiency. These include: Ruckus ZD (ZoneDirector™) Remote Control, S.W.A.T.™ (SpeedFlex™ Wireless Assessment Tool), SpeedFlex, and Zapper™; real-time wireless assessment and performance testing tools that greatly assist system integrators, value-added resellers (VARs), network administrators, and carriers/service providers in validating the performance of their existing WLAN installations, and assist in the planning and maintenance of new site deployments. Together, these mobile applications give administrators more flexible control and management over their wireless infrastructure with a much more complete picture of expected and actual performance, so they can adequately plan for and handle worst-case scenarios, as well as conduct site surveys and wireless LAN (WLAN) performance tests, more effectively deploy APs, and troubleshoot problems with and remotely monitor their Ruckus Smart WLAN environments.

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Sharp Introduces Polaris Pro in the GCC for Advanced Light Print Production Needs

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Sharp Introduces Polaris Pro in the GCC for Advanced Light Print Production Needs

5Sharp Middle East and Africa today announces the launch of its new flagship multi-function printer (MFP), Polaris Pro (model: MX-7500N/MX-6500N), in the GCC. The colour print-on-demand powerhouse, built for full-scale advanced light production, will enable medium-to-large enterprises to produce high-quality, professional documents in-house.

Designed to meet the rigorous, high-volume demands of large offices, copy-rooms or corporate data centres, the Sharp Polaris Pro delivers world-class image quality at impressive speeds of up to 75 pages per minute. The flagship MFP offers exceptional productivity and professional features that combines a versatile, modular design with a wide range of supported media and powerful output capabilities. Using the intermediate toner hopper, the Polaris Pro offers limitless operation that minimizes downtime and allows large-volume large print production to continue during toner/paper replenishments.

“Driven by growing demands of productivity, durability and the need for superior in-house print production needs, Sharp is introducing its new flagship multi-function printer, Polaris Pro in the GCC. The new full-featured MFP works to harmoniously combine speed, power and functionality to deliver an uncompromising performance to organizations,” said Ravinder Kumar, General Manager at Sharp Middle East and Africa.

The innovative Polaris Pro is a powerful, fully integrated solution for businesses looking to produce professional-looking jobs. A heavy-duty productivity booster, the new MFP incorporates advanced technology, integrated network scanning and flexible configurations that expedites and streamlines workflow. A powerful external Fiery® Colour Print Server with Command WorkStation® software is available for colour-critical environments that require precise management of print jobs. The software can be operated intuitively through the MFP’s user-friendly 15.4-inch colour LCD touchscreen panel—a unique Sharp specialty.

The ultra-versatile Polaris Pro offers a full suite of paper-feed and professional quality in-line finishing options, such as stapling, punching, edge-to-edge printing, full-bleed booklet making and variety of fold options. In addition, Sharp’s triple air-feed paper handling offer consistent printing and image quality that can handle a variety of paper types and paper thicknesses up to 300 g/m2. With selected options, total paper capacity can be boosted all the way to 13,500 sheets.

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10th World Islamic Economic Forum introduces new features to celebrate Dubai as land of creativity and innovation

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10th World Islamic Economic Forum introduces new features to celebrate Dubai as land of creativity and innovation

4186The World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation and Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Dubai Chamber) today unveiled at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur details of the upcoming 10th WIEF which will be held in Dubai from October 28 to 30, 2014 at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre. The annual forum will be hosted in Dubai for the first time following successes across the globe including Kuala Lumpur, Islamabad, Kuwait, Jakarta, Astana, Johor Bahru and London.

Themed ‘Innovative Partnerships for Economic Growth’, the Forum aims to forge greater collaboration between nations, bringing a new era of prosperity for the global economy. Innovative partnerships is an important dimension required to recognise and develop different models for economic growth, offering tremendous opportunities for players with varying expertise and resources to join forces to create joint ventures that are greater in value than the sum of their parts.

Recognised for its significant contributions to progress in the global Islamic economy over the last 10 years, the annual forum will highlight Dubai’s pursuit to play a key role in shaping the US$ 8 trillion Islamic economy, and introduce new features to celebrate Dubai as the land of creativity and city which embraces the culture of innovation. The new features include:

Ideapad: Technology & Innovation Showcase – Platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to give a 15-minute pitch on stage to capture the attention, interest, and potentially, investment, of the forum’s international audience

Business Exchange – Business match-making programme where selected companies give a three-minute pitch about their business, followed by a networking session with delegates

There will also be a specialised session on the second day of the Forum to inaugurate and drive the Halal bio-economy agenda focusing on food security, healthcare and well-being of the global Muslim community. ‘Mobilising Capital from Waqf, Pension Funds and Unit Trusts: Developing Best Practices’ is another thought-provoking panel discussion which will be introduced at the 10th WIEF.

These new features will complement the current programme which includes panel discussions, Masterclass sessions, networking events and the Marketplace of Creative Arts Festival (MOCAFest).

Key topics of the 10th WIEF include:

Global Economic Outlook: Developing a Resilient Model for Developing Economies

Global Financial Landscape

Islamic Finance’s Pivotal Role in Enabling Trade & Streamlining the Halal Supply Chain

Socialising Education and the Role of Universities

Retaining Young Talents

Sustainable Urban Planning – Creating Smart Infrastructure and Holistic Communities

Rise of Women Entrepreneurs – Developing a Peer Network

The Honourable (Hon.) Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman of the WIEF Foundation said; “The Islamic economy is not insulated from happenings around the world and our focus, at the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation, is bringing to the fore opportunities which will ensure continued progress for the economy and the people. Three ways we can achieve this are by exploring prospects in smaller, non-majority Muslim markets, leveraging the continued growth of Islamic finance and, represented in our theme for 10th WIEF, forging innovative partnerships for business success.”

“The upcoming 2015 Asean integration, as well as the increasing purchasing power of Muslim consumers, underscores the strong growth potential of the Islamic economy. Our priority for the 10th WIEF is bringing global leaders, businesses and all members of the community together to realise these opportunities for sustainable development worldwide. We all have a part to play,” he added.

His Excellency (H.E.) Abdul Rahman Saif Al Ghurair, Chairman of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry said, “The Arab world offers one of the most comprehensive and attractive Islamic capital market systems in the world, and Dubai, already the region’s key business hub, is the gateway for businesses to unlock the potential of the Islamic economy across the Gulf and wider Middle East.”

“The close collaboration between the WIEF Foundation, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Dubai Capital of Islamic Economy in preparation for this forum is testament to the success formula of innovative partners for economic growth, and we are confident that more such partnerships will be forged when global leaders and businesses converge in Dubai for the 10th WIEF,” he added.

Discussions around economic and social matters continue to be key areas of focus at the annual Forum which is the largest international gathering of heads of government, economic experts and stakeholders to share experiences and knowledge about Islamic economy. The 10th WIEF which is expected to be attended by more than 2,500 participants from 140 countries, will offer a global platform to form innovative partnerships based on the seven pillars of the Dubai Capital of Islamic Economy initiative launched in 2013: Islamic finance, Halal food industry, Halal tourism, Islamic digital economy, Capital of Islamic art and design, Centre for Islamic economy standards and certification, and International centre for Islamic information and education.

The 10th WIEF continues to attract international partners and welcomes more organisations to be part of this prestigious, global Forum through various packages. Benefits include special access to key delegates, usage of Forum assets and resources, as well as numerous branding and communication opportunities.

In addition to the annual WIEF, the Foundation also organises and hosts roundtables, workshops, leadership programmes, business networking forums, internship and scholarship programmes and more such activities to educate, empower, exchange expertise and address economic challenges in a more personalised scale.

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