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Mizuho Bank becomes first Japanese bank to be approved to issue Letters of Credit for DME from Singapore

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Mizuho Bank becomes first Japanese bank to be approved to issue Letters of Credit for DME from Singapore

433Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) announced that Tokyo-headquartered Mizuho Bank has been approved to issue Letters of Credit (LCs) for trading on DME directly from Singapore.

Mizuho Bank becomes the first Japanese banking entity to be authorized to issue DME Letters of Credit directly from Singapore and the latest international bank to join the list of entities with permission to issue LCs directly from Singapore to guarantee deliveries of Oman Blend crude oil through the DME.

“Delivering greater efficiencies for our clients and providing them opportunities to reliably and conveniently participate in the market is an ongoing priority for DME, and enhancing the financing environment is at the core of our efforts in this direction,” said Christopher Fix, Chief Executive Officer of DME. “The Asian market, which continues to drive global oil demand, remains central to DME’s strategic plans, and we are committed to creating new avenues that will allow our growing Asian customer base to take advantage of improved access to finance while effectively managing risk.”

Masahiro Goda, General Manager of Global Trade Finance Division Asia Oceania Department, Mizuho Bank, said, “We have been working closely with DME to make this financing arrangement a reality in order to provide our mutual customers a secure and uncomplicated way to trade on the Exchange, and we are delighted to see our joint efforts come to fruition. We look forward to working closely with DME to support the trading environment around DME’s flagship Oman crude which is gaining more and more traction as a benchmark and eliciting particularly strong interest from Asian players.”

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L’Oréal Professionnel launches its first anti-thinning professional coaching program with SERIOXYL

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L’Oréal Professionnel launches its first anti-thinning professional coaching program with SERIOXYL

485The revolutionary news product range acts from the very first symptoms thus providing your hair with more density and more thickness. Resulting from L’Oréal Advanced Research, Serioxyl offers a personalized answer following a diagnosis by the expert L’Oréal Professionnel hairdressers.

Dr. Bruno A. Bernard, L’Oréal’s fellow expert in hair care biology commented: “Serioxyl effectively combats hair thinning by restoring fibre density, improving resistance to breakage and providing energy and nutrients to help the hair follicle fulfil its role.”

Serioxyl addresses hair density and thickness concerns of both men and women thanks to tailored in-salon and at-home treatments formulated with highly-concentrated ingredients catering to every aspects of thinning hair:

Less hair density: Serioxyl provides a breakthrough combination of Stemoxydine, new generation ingredient from L’Oréal Advanced Research, and Neohesperidin.

Brittle Hair: Specific anti-breakage duo of Glucoboost and Incell.

Thinner Looking Hair: Intra-CylaneTM by L’Oréal provides an exclusive fibre-amplifying action.

Volume: A volume-boosting polymer for an immediate, visible effect at the roots.

The effective treatment works in two ways starting with the L’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser’s in-salon diagnosis to determine both the hair type and explain thinning hair causes which will be followed by the custom-made hair treatment. Subsequently, the hairdresser will devise the at-home coaching program.

Two serums are at the core of Serioxyl’s anti-thinning fight. One serum provides a long-lasting effect thereby resulting in denser hair, while the other serum for the hair fibre provides an instant effect thus resulting in thicker hair.

Denser Hair serum

The L’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser recommends applying the fluid and transparent Denser Hair serum directly to the scalp each evening for three months. Easy to apply, the serum is refreshing and hair density is boosted up to 1,700 hairs.

Thicker Hair serum

Thicker Hair serum can be applied in the morning on clean, towel-dried hair which instantly re-densifies hair, leaving it thicker and giving it a texturized feel.

The home treatment is available in two kits: Serioxyl Fuller Hair Kit 1 for thinning and fine uncolored natural hair and Serioxyl Fuller Hair Kit 2 for thinning and fine color-treated hair. The three steps for the home treatment start with the application of the clarifying shampoo which is a silicone-free formula that gently washes off excess sebum. The conditioner that instantly re-densifies hair without weighing it down is applied next, with the densifying mousse rounding off the treatment.

Pump up the volume, thickness and density of your hair with L’Oréal Professionnel’s pioneering range.

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Rawabi Holding honors first Saudi graduates of United Safety Services

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Rawabi Holding honors first Saudi graduates of United Safety Services

418Keeping in line with the national direction and the company’s policy of people development to empower Saudi nationals by enhancing their skills and preparing them for their future careers, the first Saudi graduates of Rawabi United Safety Services (RUSS) –a Rawabi Holding Group’s subsidiary– employment training program were honored at a function by Sheikh Abdulaziz Alturki, Rawabi Holding Group Chairman and Mr. Osman Ibrahim, Rawabi Holding Group President & CEO.

The event was attended by Mr. Dinesh Appalraju, General Manager of RUSS, in addition to top management at Rawabi Holding and RUSS’ employees.

Ms. Noaf Alturki - Vice President, Corporate Services of Rawabi Holding Group - highlighted the importance of the training program which aims to develop and prepare the Saudi youth in dealing with their future work responsibilities. “Our focus is on training and development which remains the key to success. This particular training aims to advance the Saudi youth, and so we are proud of this elite group who have received the necessary training that will equip them to face their duties with confidence and professionalism.”

She added “this program targets secondary school students and college graduates, it provides them with the necessary level of skill and expertise which seeks to develop their talents and strengthen their professionalism through development programs”.

Mr. Dinesh Appalraju, General Manager of RUSS, expressed his appreciation for the Group’s efforts towards strengthening the youths’ skills through motivating and encouraging them via training and development programs. He further emphasized the company’s plans for professional development toward safety while urging the graduates to move forward and achieve the goals.

Thanking all those that had a hand in turning this project into a success, Mr. Dinesh Appalraju explained, “The company displayed its commitment to the development of Saudi citizens and recruitment of the best Saudi youth talents to the safety sector. These graduates have gone through a number of theoretical courses, and have then experienced the actual work environment through practical courses before joining the work force here at RUSS.”

Upon completion of the training, the graduates joined the company. “We appreciate the dedication shown by the trainees, in addition to their self-confidence, elements which will surely lead to their achieving their goals as was the goal of this training program,” he added.

Rawabi Holding Group is active in programs which specialize in educating youth in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) in addition to the Department of Education in the Eastern region. The Group has also participated in the various CSR exhibitions, in line with its strategy toward social responsibility and which has led to a number of community service programs, one of Rawabi Holding Group’s core beliefs.

Rawabi Holding Group’s CSR department also inaugurated a partnership with HRDF titled “Career Education and Development, Fast Track” initiative, which aims to implement 5 intensive programs specializing in the educational and professional development of youth in the various cities in the Kingdom, in addition to organizing a talent exhibit and training professional advisers.

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First ever Online PR & Communications Academy

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First ever Online PR & Communications Academy

4205The Irish Academy of Public Relations revealed in London its joint venture with Orient Planet PR and Marketing Communications to create the first ever online PR and Communications Academy in the Middle East. Orient Planet Academy (www.opacademy.com) will exclusively provide the Irish Academy’s courses to students in the Middle East, Levant and North Africa regions.

The signing of the agreement between Ellen Gunning, the Irish Academy’s Director, and Nidal Abou Zaki, Orient Planet’s Managing Director, took place recently in London. Orient Planet Academy will facilitate internationally recognized certificate courses in public relations, marketing, journalism, event management and English grammar. Offering a wide degree of flexibility to its prospective students, Orient Planet Academy’s courses - all of which have been localized for the Arab World - can be completed in a time span of 10 to 20 weeks. A student is required to finish 10 to 12 modules and pass all requirements before a certificate is awarded.

Comprehensive textbooks of the Irish Academy will also be available at the new Academy’s bookstore to help potential learners in their studies. The textbooks are specifically chosen to complement the course syllabus and to serve as additional references for students. Visitors of the Orient Planet Academy website may also browse through videos to watch renowned communications experts in action.

In 2013, the value of the Middle East e-learning market was placed at USD 44 million as a result of concerted efforts to digitize education in the region. The sector also witnessed an average growth rate of 8.2 per cent per year, with revenues projected to reach USD 561 million by 2016. The expansion can be attributed to several fundamental factors, one of which is the region’s move to transform itself into a knowledge-based economy.

One of the major drivers of the growing online education market in the Arab World is the increasing number of internet users in the region. According to Arab Knowledge Economy 2014, a first-of-its-kind report jointly produced by Madar Research and Development and Orient Planet, the Arab World recorded the largest growth in internet users compared with other regions in the world since 2001. Th¬e report shows an exponential increase in the number of people accessing the internet from the region. By 2017, the figure is expected to increase to about 197 million, while internet penetration is projected to jump from 32 per cent in 2012 to over 51 per cent in 2017.

Ellen Gunning said: “The Irish Academy has an ever-growing footprint across Europe, the United States, Latin America and Africa. Over the years, we have seen the immense potentials of the online education market in the Arab World, and we believe now is the ideal time to establish our presence in the rapidly expanding industry. We entered into a joint venture with Orient Planet to form Orient Planet Academy to mark our expansion in the Middle East and serve a market of more than 314 million people through our comprehensive courses. Orient Planet Academy will be an added value to the growing industry. Initially, the courses will be taught in English with a view of offering them in Arabic in the coming few weeks.”

Nidal Abou Zaki commented: “Although the Arab region’s PR and communications industry has been continuously growing, we realized that there is no online platform in the region that provides professionals and students alike the chance to further develop their skills in PR, communications, marketing and social media. Orient Planet Academy not only aims to provide flexibility but it also offers employed individuals and young students an opportunity to earn an internationally recognized certificate. We have localized all courses in order to address the cultural requirements of the region. We will offer a modern educational platform to enhance and inspire a new generation of communications experts capable of meeting the needs of the Arab and global markets.”

The Irish Academy of Public Relations is an international online education provider of courses in communications disciplines, while Orient Planet is one of the Middle East’s most rapidly growing PR marketing and communications consultancies. All five courses of Orient Planet Academy have been designed by the Irish Academy and will be tutored by communications professionals in the Middle East.

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Riyadh gears up for first global entrepreneurship forum

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Riyadh gears up for first global entrepreneurship forum

4130The Kingdom gears up to host the first Global Business Entrepreneurship Forum (GEF) with the presence of an elite group of international and Gulf speakers.

The Centennial Fund organizes the first event of its kind on Nov. 3, simultaneously with the celebration of the distribution of Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Prize for Global Entrepreneurship.

The third season of the international entrepreneurship week kicks off this year after achieving important successes in consolidating volunteer work in business entrepreneurship.

Organizers say that this initiative aims to spread the culture of counseling in business entrepreneurship, highlight the role of mentors and experience exchange as well as creating an integration between individuals and civil society institutions and private enterprises according to high standards.

Abdul Aziz bin Hamoud Al-Mutairi, director general of the Centennial Fund, said that the global forum is considered a high-level event that is held once a year. Under the forum umbrella, many important events are held, including the Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah prize for Global Entrepreneurship prize, and the international counseling week.

It will also be a meeting place for important business entrepreneurs, intellectuals, journalists, investors, researchers, opinion leaders and decision leaders to work together in discussion sessions about the most recent issue and challenges facing entrepreneurs in the current period.

The forum is sponsored by the Centennial Fund as one of the fund’s global initiatives, where the forum adopts the vision of promoting continuous awareness of the project organization, evaluating current trends in entrepreneurship to help shift the national economy into a sustainable one.

Al-Mutairi said that the forum hopes to become a grouping of interested people, policy makers, decision-makers and entrepreneurs so they can exchange ideas and present successful experiences for the development of innovation and creativity.

He added that the forum highlights the role of the emerging companies, which are interested in raising the level of competitiveness as well as contributing to the economic growth, and increasing the global recognition of the business’ role in creating job opportunities, and building a strong economy for countries. One of the other goals is to introduce the advanced programs and policies in order to increase the efficiency of entrepreneurial projects by exchanging experiences between entrepreneurs, and getting introduced to entrepreneurial projects supporters, which can be important for beginners.

Al-Mutairi highlighted the importance of this forum, which is expected to draw more than 500 expert and specialist attendees from around the world.

The speakers will be divided on several sessions that will focus on women entrepreneurs and ways to support them to build international partnerships.

Other sessions will tackle the role of international organizations in supporting entrepreneurship, the role of the international capital in entrepreneurship as well as creating an investment-encouraging atmosphere.

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First GEMS-owned School in Qatar to open in September

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First GEMS-owned School in Qatar to open in September

4181GEMS Education, the region’s leading education provider, today announced that it will open its first owned and operated school in Qatar this September. On opening, GEMS American Academy-Qatar, an American Curriculum School, will welcome up to 1550 students from Kindergarten through to Grade 5 in the first year and in successive years will grow and expand the secondary years.

Located in Al Wakrah, Qatar, GEMS American Academy-Qatar (GAA) will be a high quality American Academy based on the United States Common Core State Standards. The school is the first owned and operated school for GEMS Education in Qatar and joins the GEMS’ American Curriculum school network which includes GEMS’ flagship American Curriculum school, Dubai American Academy (DAA). Founded in 1997, DAA was recently rated by Dubai Government’s School Inspection Bureau as ‘outstanding’ for the third consecutive academic year. In the last two years students from DAA have been accepted into over 160 universities in the US, including 37 of the top 50 Universities in the Country and six out of the eight Ivy League Colleges.

GEMS Education country head for Qatar, Kenneth Jones said: “At GEMS, we put values first and for students who will join us at GEMS American Academy-Qatar in September this means that we focus on their personal, academic and overall development. The school will empower our students to develop the necessary intellectual, emotional, social, creative and physical skills they will need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.”

Michael Wood, Principal of GEMS American Academy, explained what parents can look forward to at the new school. “It is my belief that an educator’s mission is to make school enjoyable and exciting – if students look forward to attending school, they will want to learn. This is what will be at the heart of GEMS American Academy-Qatar. The school will actively encourage all students to be a part of sporting and physical activity, as well as cultural and artistic activities, which will all be delivered in state- of-the-art facilities, by our internationally experienced teachers.

“Our students will learn to make decisions independently, solve problems effectively, and interact positively with tolerance, while pursuing academic excellence. This will create life-long learners who are developing the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.”

Mr Tom Farquhar, who led the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, USA for more than four years, has joined GEMS as the Dean of American Curriculum, and will work on further enhancing the GEMS American Curriculum Schools around the world, including GEMS American Academy-Qatar.

Noting his enthusiasm to join the GEMS team, Farquhar said, “My greatest excitement about coming to GEMS is in helping the organization develop the excellence in the American Curriculum, to focus on critical thinking, and the cultivation of human imagination and creativity, particularly in the realm of problem solving.”

Mr Farquhar added: “My speciality is in bringing the experience of the school into alignment with the skills students need in the future workforce. The American education system, at its best, is focused on critical thinking and the development of student voice, and I hope to help bring that to students in any GEMS American Curriculum school.”

Mr Farquhar has led some of the most prestigious K-12 schools in the United States and his appointment highlights GEMS’ commitment to offering a high quality American education to students. GEMS American Academy is committed to ensuring that the school community values the Islamic faith and celebrates the language, traditions, history and culture of Qatar by placing these elements at the heart of the curriculum framework and, where appropriate, within the experiences of its students.

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First ‘Studio M’ hotel brand in Middle East to open in Riyadh

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First ‘Studio M’ hotel brand in Middle East to open in Riyadh

4159Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Middle East and Africa (MEA) has unveiled plans to launch its Studio M brand in Riyadh in partnership with Saudi owner Waseel Properties and developer Raseel Properties. The 145-key property is the first Studio M brand in the Middle East and will be centrally located in Riyadh on King Fahd Road and is due to open in Q2 -2015.

“In Waseel, Millennium & Copthorne has found a like-minded partner that recognises the potential return of developing and operating a stylish and innovative budget brand such as Studio M,” said Ali Hamad Lakhraim Alzaabi, President & CEO, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels MEA.

Whilst the Studio M brand aims to address the growing and relatively untapped ‘Generation Y’ regional market segment, it will also appeal to consumers of all ages who are “young at heart” and appreciate hip and contemporary design.

“Studio M is a very distinctive brand that addresses an under-represented segment of the regional market. In Riyadh, budget hotels account for just 10% of existing supply and only 1,000 rooms in the pipeline, compared to 7,000 for the upscale to luxury segments. We see tremendous potential for a contemporary budget brand, given that this existing market segment is too often represented by independent properties of variable quality,” added Alzaabi.

The modern day concept, designed by world-renowned Italian architect and interior designer Piero Lissoni, has been created to appeal to smart and trendy corporate and leisure travellers, offering stylish and tech-driven functionality. Studio M Hotel, Riyadh by Millennium” features contemporary signature design, dedicated meeting facilities and an exciting new all-day dining concept called ‘At the M’. The centrally located development will also include a swimming pool, gym, pool deck as well as a number of retail outlets.

Millennium & Copthorne has also identified a number of other prime locations in Abu Dhabi, Al Khobar and Jeddah for the innovative budget brand and is already in negotiations for further sites in Doha and Dubai, both of which are at an advanced stage, completing the line-up for up to six properties signed and or launched by 2017.

“Considering the current investor interest, we estimate that the brand will develop beyond these initial sites to as many as 20 locations within the next five years and we are looking forward to attracting young, upwardly mobile, tech-savvy travellers to this brand proposition,” added Alzaabi.

The introduction of the Studio M brand to the Middle East region will further underscore Millennium & Copthorne’s market position as one of the fastest growing hospitality groups in the region. Currently Millennium and Copthorne Hotels & Resorts operates 17 hotels, with approximately 5,000 rooms across the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Oman and Iraq, with an ambitious expansion plan.

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Maybelline New York announces Aline Watfa as the brand’s first spokeswoman from the Middle East

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Maybelline New York announces Aline Watfa as the brand’s first spokeswoman from the Middle East

4105One of the most energetic and vibrant names in the beauty industry, Maybelline New York, has announced the prominent TV personality, Aline Watfa, as its very first brand ambassador from the Middle East. With her typical Arab beauty and trendy blend of adventurous spirit and social savviness, Aline Watfa proves that she is the ideal candidate to become the coveted Maybelline New York girl. Aline joins the assemblage of beautiful Maybelline New York spokespersons such as supermodels Christy Turlington, Marloes Horst and Adriana Lima.

Speaking out on her collaboration with Maybelline New York, Aline said, “I am honored and thrilled to have been selected as Maybelline New York’s very first Arab spokeswoman. I look forward to what lies in store for me ahead and am proud to continue the great work that the beautiful women who preceded me carried out!”

Laurent Duffier, General Manager of the Consumer Products Division & Maybelline New York in the Middle East added, “We wanted a spokeswoman that not only fit our brand values and DNA but also that our Middle Eastern audience loved and related with and we found a perfect match in Aline Watfa. She has great and valuable experience in the fashion industry which makes her a perfect fit for Maybelline New York as we always strive to take trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk to make beauty accessible to every woman. We look forward to a fruitful and fashionable collaboration!”

Aline Watfa ’s first brush with fame arrived in the form of the Miss Lebanon 2004 pageant in which she made it to the finals. This first appearance was a milestone to her successful career because afterwards Aline’s great screen presence and passion for television were spotted and she was asked to star in LBC’s popular live show “Hawakom,”. Her talent and vivacious personality led to Aline becoming the host of Style, one of the top-rated and most popular fashion programs on MBC 1. The last 9 years have seen Aline host the trendy and admired show to the best of her ability as she doles out expert fashion and beauty advice to the many dedicated viewers. When she’s not reporting on the latest trends in fashion and beauty on Style, Aline can also be seen in attendance at the most important fashion weeks and events around the world.

As the striking partnership between Aline and Maybelline New York commences, one of the first assignments on the cards for Aline is a full-fledged advertising campaign focusing on the iconic and hit eyeliner of the region, The Colossal Kajal, now Extra Black Kajal. Synonymous with dynamism, energy and self-expression, Maybelline New York finds its ideal Arab spokeswoman in the dazzling Aline Watfa!

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Truecaller Brings Live Caller ID and Spam Blocking Features to First Generation of Android Wearables

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Truecaller Brings Live Caller ID and Spam Blocking Features to First Generation of Android Wearables

441Truecaller today announced Truecaller for Android Wear, a new app that brings Truecaller’s functionality to Android wearables. Truecaller is one of the first developers selected to bring an app to the Android Wear platform, where users can quickly get calls or contact information wherever and whenever they need it most without ever having to break from their normal activity. Now any user who has Truecaller installed on their Android phone will be able to have that same information seamlessly displayed on their Android wearable and be able to ID an incoming call or detect whether a call is from a known scammer.

Android Wear, Google’s platform for small, powerful wearable devices like watches, lets users get useful information at a glance, track their fitness goals and get straight answers to spoken questions. Within the Truecaller app, Android wearable users will not only be able to get valuable call information just by looking down at their watch, but they’ll also be able to swipe their watch to answer calls or dismiss calls, send texts, make calls or simply save caller contact info with just a quick tap.

Truecaller’s community of over 65 million users crowdsources contact information to protect each other from mobile fraud and scams, while helping users take the calls they actually want to take. Today, Truecaller helps users ID and block more than 5 million calls per day and more than 250,000 spam numbers are being added daily by community members.

“With Truecaller for Android Wear, users will be able to tell right away if the person calling you is an acquaintance, business or scammer, all with a simple glance at your wrist,” said Truecaller CEO and Co-Founder Alan Mamedi. “Now, whether you’re driving in your car, or on a treadmill at the gym, you can easily check who’s calling and dismiss calls without ever breaking a stride or having to pull your phone from your pocket. At Truecaller, we’re committed to pushing our innovation to as many different users and platforms as possible. We’re proud to be one of the first apps to launch on the new line of Android wearables that will help our users improve their lives and the value they get from interacting with their favorite platforms and devices.”

Truecaller with Android Wear integration will be available for free on Google Play. Users won’t need to take any extra steps to get the app working on their Android wearable. The app will be automatically installed on a paired Android wearable device if they have the Truecaller app open on their Android phone.

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Kingdom, first among Arab countries to set up monuments system

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Kingdom, first among Arab countries to set up monuments system

437General Supervisor of King Abdullah Cultural Heritage Project and vice president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) Ali Al Ghabban said Saudi Arabia is one of the first Arab countries to set up a monuments system with the aim to protect the heritage sites in the Kingdom for their cultural significance and their value as an economic resource.

“Saudi Arabia is one of the first Arab countries to set up a system for monuments,” Al Ghabban said in a press statement issued yesterday.

Applauding the issuance of the new system of monuments, museums and architectural heritage which was issued by the Council of Ministers recently, Al Ghabban asserted that the new system of monuments enhances the protection of national heritage sites as resources for economic benefit.

He added that the former system was issued 40 years ago but it was necessary to effect some changes in light of an evolution in the government’s interest in preserving architectural and urban heritage including museums to develop a system for the protection of monuments.

He revealed that the new system had been under study for a long time with concerned partners prior to being released with requirements which would enhance the process of preservation, protection and investment.

“The new system focuses on the importance of monuments, their preservation and as an important area of investment to benefit the country’s economy,” Al Ghabban underlined.

He further said the new system devotes a special chapter to urban heritage and museums and takes care of investment in national heritage. It also ensures economical benefits with regard to the sunken monuments and seeks cooperation from scientific missions, exploration operations and archaeological surveys to cope with new developments.

It further classified the architectural heritage, which is recorded as a national heritage with various categories and also supports the creation of a fund to support urban and general heritage, the SCTA deputy said.

“All of these combine to make the new system an important step toward the protection and development of the national heritage and culture,” Al Ghabban asserted.

According to him, the important additions of the new system are in the area of protection where government agencies including the ministries of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Agriculture, Transport, Petroleum and Mineral Resources and other agencies are obliged to operate in locations that are earmarked for developmental projects to ensure there are no sunken or visible monuments there.

“It is necessary to coordinate with the SCTA to ensure that the sites have no monuments,” he stated adding that the system gives the tourism commission a period of four weeks to respond.

“This system has been applied in the past with the Ministry of Petroleum and succeeded without affecting the ongoing developmental work in any way. It will also work with the ministries of Transport and Municipal Affairs, Petroleum and Agriculture,” he said.

The SCTA has developed mechanisms that enable government agencies to respond to these kinds of applications which aim to protect our national heritage as an economic resource in addition to their cultural significance,” Al Ghabban concluded.

The Kingdom is currently in the process of preserving its unique Islamic and cultural identity by showcasing its heritage in national oriented programs such as the Janadriyah Festival which is held annually in the Riyadh region.

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