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4158National Geographic Channel has reached 50 million Facebook fans, propelling the fan page into the top 50 pages worldwide1 and making National Geographic Channel the second largest global TV brand page on Facebook.

Here’s what 50 million fans look like:

•The top countries for National Geographic Channel Facebook Fans are:






•Other countries in the “million mark” club:










•Top region: Latin America

•Top World Cities are:

Cairo, Egypt

Mexico City, Mexico

Bogota, Colombia

New Delhi, India

•Top US Cities are:

New York





Las Vegas

San Diego


San Antonio


•Most common languages used by National Geographic Channel Facebook fans are:






•Most popular National Geographic Channel Shows on Facebook:

Brain Games


“This 50 million-strong Facebook community allows us to keep all of our fans engaged at both the global and the local levels in all of the entertainment and information that National Geographic Channels offer. It’s a whole different level of experience with one of the best know media brands in the world”, said Liz Dolan, Chief Marketing Officer, National Geographic Channels International.

Sanjay Raina, Middle East General Manager at FOX International Channels, also added: “We are proud that National Geographic Abu Dhabi’s devoted Facebook fans make up 10.2 million out of those 50 million. National Geographic Abu Dhabi’s Arabic-speaking online community is dynamic, highly-engaged and deeply passionate about all topics related to factual entertainment. We look forward to further strengthening their social media interaction by continuing to provide them with a rich avenue for communication, information-sharing and creativity.”

To connect its online community, National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) redesigned its global Facebook fan pages to present a single brand to its 50 million users. National Geographic Channel’s Facebook fans are now automatically assigned to one of 38 unique regional or country feeds based on their location. This ensures users receive the most relevant television schedule and show content information in their timelines based on their country.

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30 Oman Air Facebook winners experience the best Oman has to offer

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30 Oman Air Facebook winners experience the best Oman has to offer

4203Oman Air, the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman, has welcomed to the Sultanate the first three of the thirty winners of its recent, phenomenally successful Facebook promotion, entitled ‘Fly a Boeing 737’.

The three winners from Dubai, along with their partners arrived at Muscat International Airport and were accorded a warm welcome by Mohammed Al Shikely, General Manager Marketing of Oman Air, along with Oman Air’s Social Media team, who presented the guests with gifts.

The innovative promotion was designed to help celebrate the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman’s milestone of over 2 Decades of Service and as part of a range of activities which included a Facebook flash game which allowed fans to fly a virtual Boeing 737. The competition was deemed a resounding success and reached out to well over three million people.

‘Fly a Boeing 737’ was launched by Her Excellency Maitha bint Saif bin Majid Al Mahruqi, Deputy Chairman of Oman Air and Undersecretary of the Oman Ministry of Tourism, at a special ceremony held at the airline’s headquarters in Muscat, on May 6th 2014. Running for six weeks until June 21st, the competition connected with more than 3.1 million people around the world and was ‘liked’ by over 36,000 Facebook members.

Proving that the simplest ideas are often the best, ‘Fly a Boeing 737’ allowed fans to fly a virtual Boeing 737, answer questions about the aircraft and land it. The thirty participants with the highest scores, who answered the questions correctly and within the fastest time, were rewarded with fantastic prizes allowing them to experience all the outstanding beauty and warm hospitality that the Sultanate has to offer.

The thirty lucky winners and their partners received two Oman Air tickets to Muscat, three nights stay at the luxurious Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, breakfast and dinner, as well as airport transfers by EuropCar.

Oman Air’s General Manager Marketing, Mohammed Al Shikely, said:

“This Facebook promotion was a first for Oman Air as far as pushing the boundaries of what can be done on Facebook is concerned and the results proved to be a huge success. Our first winners arrived from Dubai and, over the coming weeks, we look forward to welcoming the remaining 27 winners with their partners to experience the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes and unique hospitality that our country has to offer. We will provide further updates as and when the other winners arrive in Oman.

We congratulate all those who took part in ‘Fly a Boeing 737, especially the winners, and look forward to running more exciting and innovative promotions on our Facebook page.

The competition was part of a series of special offers and promotions which aimed to increase awareness of the Sultanate of Oman’s national carrier and the frequent flyer programme, Sindbad, as well as thank our customers for their ongoing support”.

Recent promotions have included a 50% discount on the number of Sindbad miles required to fly to members’ favourite destinations and the introduction of a Bank Muscat Oman Air credit card.

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Facebook Users Most Likely Targets of Account Theft

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Facebook Users Most Likely Targets of Account Theft

4149Facebook remains the preferred target for cybercriminals who specialize in stealing social network accounts: according to Kaspersky Lab’s statistics, in Q1 2014 fake sites imitating Facebook accounted for 10.85% of all instances when the heuristic Anti-phishing component was triggered. Only fake Yahoo pages sparked more phishing alerts, leaving Facebook the prime target among social networking sites.

Today’s Facebook fakery is a global business, with cybercriminals attacking the site in a variety of languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and others.

Unauthorized access to accounts in Facebook or any other social network can be used to spread phishing links or malware. Cybercriminals also use stolen accounts to send spam to the victims’ contact lists and publish spam on their friends’ walls where it can be seen by other users, or to spread messages asking their friends to send urgent financial assistance. Hijacked accounts can also be used to collect information on individuals for use in future targeted attacks.

Smartphone or tablet owners who visit social networks from their mobile devices are also at risk of having their personal data stolen. To make matters worse, some mobile browsers hide the address bar while opening the page, which makes it much more difficult for users to spot fake resources.

“Cybercriminals have developed a number of ways to entice their victims to pages with phishing content. They send links to phishing web pages via email or within social networks or in banners placed on third-party resources. Fraudsters often lure their victims by promising them ‘interesting content’. When users follow the link provided, they land on a fake login page that contains a standard message asking them to log in before viewing the page. If users don’t become suspicious and enter their credentials, their data will immediately be dispatched to cybercriminals,” said Nadezhda Demidova, Web Content Analyst, Kaspersky Lab.

Expert advice

If you receive an email notification from Facebook or a message that your account may be blocked, never enter your credentials in a form attached to that message. Facebook never asks users to enter their password in an email or to send a password via email.

Place the cursor on the link and check if it leads to the official Facebook page. Moreover, you should manually type the Facebook URL into the address bar – cybercriminals are capable of concealing the addresses to which they are leading you.

When you have manually entered the URL in the address bar, check it again after the page has loaded to make sure it has not been spoofed.

Remember that Facebook uses the HTTPS protocol to transmit data. The absence of a secure connection probably means that you are visiting a fraudulent site even if the URL address seems to be correct.

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Expect the unexpected: New data reveals the Middle East’s facebook and twitter trends, plus how many hours Arabs are spending online!

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Expect the unexpected: New data reveals the Middle East’s facebook and twitter trends, plus how many hours Arabs are spending online!

4581.  Facebook has published data related to the Middle East and North Africa region for the first time. This shows that 28 million log on daily, with over 50% (15 million) of daily users doing so via a mobile device. Over the course of a month, 33 million access their accounts via a phone or tablet.

2.  MENA is home to the most active country in the world on Twitter. Can you guess which it is? Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, all of the top 5 countries – in terms of user penetration – are non-English speaking. Mashable has a nice chart showing who the other countries are, and where the leading English language countries sit in this list.

3.  Business orientated social network LinkedIn has published some key data about its users in MENA. This reveals that 2 in 5 LinkedIn members in MENA hold Manager positions or above. And continuing the mobile access theme we saw with Facebook, 36% access the site via mobile. This infographic from Tfour.me digs deeper.

4.  Two GCC countries, Qatar and Bahrain, are in the top 12 countries in the world for the highest percentage of individuals using the Internet, according to the Broadband Commission. In the top 10, only two countries are from outside Europe. Qatar is one.

5.  Ericsson reported that there are now 354 million mobile subscriptions in MENA.  6 million were new subscriptions in Q3 2013, with 4 million of these in Egypt.

6.  Which mobile phone manufacturer dominates the Middle East? Nokia makes up 45.2% of all phones in MENA.

7.  In MENA two phones in five are smartphones. Smartphone volumes are up 16.4% in Q2 2013 compared to Q2 2012 reports the research firm IDC.

8.  The fabulously named Netbiscuits note the UAE is home to some of the heaviest mobile web users in the world.  37% are on the mobile web for 6+ hours a day.

9.  The Arab world’s first Assistive Technology Portal was launched by Mada. It offers tools and solutions for people with disabilities; with content in Arabic and English.

10.  New stats note that Arabic is now the 8th most used language on the web.

11.  Music, games and video are the most downloaded types of Arabic content.

12.  Digital advertising in MENA is expected to grow +37% a year. Currently a $300 million p.a. business, online is expected to be worth $1 billion p.a. in MENA by 2017.

13.  Massive open online courses (MOOC) are seen by some as a game changer for education. Edraak is the first such Arabic platform for the Middle East. It part of edX, a virtual education platform founded by Harvard and MIT.

14.  Nearly a third (30%) of Egyptian adults play online games, with over one in five households (21.9%) owning gaming consoles.

15.  With 300 million daily views, YouTube plans to add new local domains for Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman.

This is a cross-post of an article originally published on Digital Qatar

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Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion

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Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion

4156Facebook Inc revealed yesterday (Wednesday, February 19) that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stocks, in what is being called the largest deal in the social network’s history.

The transaction involves $4bn in cash, $12bn in stocks and $3bn in restricted stock units (RSUs) that vest over several years, adds a statement by Facebook. It also states that there are currently no plans to integrate the instant messaging app into the social network.

WhatsApp was founded by Ukrainian college drop-out, Jan Koum, and a Stanford alumnus, Brian Acton. The start-up reached 450 million people in five years and is adding one million users every day. Seventy per cent of users are active on any given day, while the messaging volume is approaching the entire global telecom SMS quantity (which is approximately seven trillion messages per year).

“WhatsApp is on a path to connect one billion people. Services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable,” says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO.

Jan Koum, WhatsApp’s co-founder and CEO, adds: “WhatsApp’s extremely high user engagement and rapid growth are driven by the simple, powerful and instantaneous messaging capabilities we provide. We’re excited and honoured to partner with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, as we continue to bring our product to more people around the world.”

Upon closing the deal, all outstanding shares of WhatsApp capital stocks and options to purchase WhatsApp capital stocks will be cancelled in exchange for $4bn in cash and 183,865,778 shares of Facebook Class-A common stocks worth $12bn, based on the average closing price of the six trading days preceding February 18 (Tuesday) of $65.2650 per share.

In addition, upon closing, Facebook will grant 45,966,444 RSUs to WhatsApp employees worth $3bn, based on the average closing price of the six trading days preceding February 18 (Tuesday) of $65.2650 per share.

As of February 17 (Monday), Facebook had 2,551,654,996 outstanding Class-A and Class-B shares, along with approximately 139 million dilutive securities, primarily consisting of unvested RSUs. Class-A common stocks and RSUs issued to WhatsApp shareholders and employees upon closing will represent 7.9 per cent of Facebook shares based on current outstanding shares and RSUs.

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Saudi Arabia’s First Social Media Communications Forum to Highlight Best Practices from Twitter and Facebook

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Saudi Arabia’s First Social Media Communications Forum to Highlight Best Practices from Twitter and Facebook

4138The first Social Media Summit in Saudi Arabia will focus on how the country’s communications landscape has changed over the past couple of years. The event, which is being organized by the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA), will host speakers from both Facebook and Twitter’s local partner ConnectAds who will share best practices on how to use social media to optimize consumer engagement. Other topics that will be covered will include social media analysis and monitoring, content development and media engagement.

“There’s no subject which has had a bigger impact on the Saudi communications landscape than social media,” said Carine Duvignaud, General Manager, MEPRA. “We wanted our first forum in Saudi Arabia to be as impactful as possible and we’re delighted that we’ll be joined by Facebook and Twitter’s local partner ConnectAds to share global and regional insights into how to make social media even more effective when used as part of a communications strategy.”

Home to 28 million people, Saudi Arabia is one of the most digitally-savvy countries in the Middle East region. Approximately eight million Saudis are on Facebook, while the country has six million Twitter users – the percentage of active Twitter users more than doubled in 2013. The event will include several case studies as well as local speakers who will showcase how they’re using social media to reach out to the next generation of Saudis.

“For anyone in the communications sector, be they on the agency or the client side, this event will help you understand what is happening in the social media landscape today and will provide lessons on how to better engage through social media. We’re looking forward to bringing Facebook and Twitter to the country and stimulating debate amongst members of Saudi Arabia public relations industry for the first time,” added Duvignaud.

The Social Media Forum, which is the first large-scale MEPRA event in Saudi Arabia, will be held on the 24th of February in Jeddah at the Intercontinental Hotel and will begin at 9am.

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The importance of personal branding: Can a lousy facebook profile be the only thing keeping you from landing thejob?

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The importance of personal branding: Can a lousy facebook profile be the only thing keeping you from landing thejob?

4119Social networks have emerged as an open outlet for individuals to share anything from what they’re eating for breakfast to links, opinions, pictures and videos. But how many people think about what impression these online profiles are giving to outsiders?

A recent study by MENA job site Bayt.com found that 70.5 per cent of employers in the region have changed their mind about a candidate after researching their activity on social networks.

Indeed, just as the popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has grown, so too has employer’s willingness to use them as a research tool, with 42 per cent of those polled in the Bayt.com survey indicating they always research a new employee on the internet before hiring them.

“The Bayt.com ‘Personal Branding in the Middle East and North Africa’ poll has revealed that before you even step inside the job interview, most employers will have reviewed your online professional profile, read your public Facebook wall and taken a look at your last 20 tweets,” says Suhail Al-Masri, VP of sales at Bayt.com.

While many of us may have opened accounts on Facebook or Twitter as a means of staying in contact with friends, without any consideration for our ‘personal brand’, it is increasingly important for social network users to take control of how they present themselves.

A perspective that particularly rings true given that nine out of 10 respondents to the company’s survey admitted turning to the internet to search for people they’ve just met or are about to meet.

“Like it or not, in today’s social era, everyone has a personal brand and it may or may not be a good one, especially in the eyes of a potential employer,” says Al-Masri.

And this means – much like in the physical world – managing our public image.


Those drunken photos at a party or nights out in fancy dress are great to share online between friends, but for any current or would be employer they are likely to reflect badly on the individual. This is particularly true in the case of Facebook, which has around 56 million active users in the MENA region. While the social network does now allow users to view their profile from the perspective of the public, and therefore manage what can and can’t be seen, a recent change has removed the option for users to prevent outsiders from looking them up by name using the site’s search function.

There is also no option for users to hide both their profile photo and cover image, and given that nearly 80 per cent of respondents to the Bayt.com survey said that they believe an online photo effects how they are perceived, it is important to make sure these are not inappropriate.

Managing privacy also means managing who your friends or followers are and being aware of who can see what, as one teacher in the US found out.

Ashley Payne was fired from her job at Barrow County, Georgia in 2009 because of photos and status updates she posted to her Facebook account. Despite Payne’s account being set to private, the photos of her drinking alcohol were brought to the attention of the school’s principal because she was friends with some of her fellow teachers on the social network.

In another example of social media management gone wrong, Twitter user Connor Riley found herself out of a job she hadn’t even started after her tweet – “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.” (sic) – was responded to by a Cisco employee offering to pass her comments on to the hiring manager.


Yet while these examples show how social networks can work against an individual’s employment prospects, when used in the right way social media can also prove advantageous.

The overwhelming majority (92 per cent) of respondents to Bayt.com’s poll said that personal online branding increases their career opportunities, with 23.2 per cent finding the means to showcase their abilities most important.

Professional networks like LinkedIn have built-up around this concept, allowing individuals to create an online profile of their employment experience, look for jobs and maintain business contacts.

“More and more professionals are joining LinkedIn to establish their professional identity, connect with their network of professional contacts, and access the insights and information they need to be better at the job they have,” says Richard George, corporate communications manager, EMEA at LinkedIn.

In a recent survey of its Middle Eastern audience, 67 per cent of LinkedIn’s respondents said the social network helps them build relationships and drive new business leads, with career opportunities marked as one of the most sought after content types by users of the platform.

“At the same time, employers are realising that LinkedIn gives them access to the best talent, even if those professionals aren’t actively looking for a new job. For our members this means having access to potential new career and job opportunities that could have otherwise passed them by,” adds George.

Overall Bayt.com advises those looking to use social media to help their employment prospects or find work to do so in a very smart and conscious way.

“We advise them to use professional platforms that allow them to showcase their education, experience, qualifications and skills, rather than other personal information that is best kept private or shared with friends and relatives only,” says Al-Masri.

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eXtra top ranked Facebook retail page in the Middle East

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eXtra top ranked Facebook retail page in the Middle East

4171United Electronics Company (eXtra), Saudi Arabia’s fastest-growing consumer electronics and home appliance retailer, today celebrates its one millionth Facebook fan just within a year of launching its page (facebook.com/extrastores) on the social media platform, becoming the first-ever retail page in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region to achieve the milestone.

facebook.com/extrastores is a social media destination where customers can come together to get the latest product information more quickly and easily through exclusive photos and videos. eXtra’s Facebook page also allows fans to participate in competitions to win exciting prizes, while exchanging information about products of interest such as new arrivals, clearance items and more.

Karim Manssour-Dahbi, Chief Executive Officer, United Electronics Company (eXtra), said: “Hitting the one million fan mark on our Facebook page is a significant milestone for us, given the constant development that social media is witnessing here in the region and across the world. Providing efficient customer service is a key strategy for eXtra, and social media platforms such as our Facebook page provides us a unique opportunity to engage with our customers directly. In doing so, it enables us to listen to them more effectively and understand specific customer feedback, which helps us further improve our products and services offering. On this occasion, we would like to thank each and every customer for keeping a two-way communication with us that further underscores the popularity and the trust they place on our brand.”

Data compiled by www.socialwatchlist.com reveals that eXtra’s Facebook fans hail from all provinces in Saudi Arabia, with majority coming from the, The Central and Western region. Data also shows that the page has reached unprecedented levels of customer engagement, reflecting the exceptional level of customer interest.

In addition, eXtra has launched its Twitter account in parallel, reaching more than 180,000 followers within 12 months since launch.

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HBMeU showcases Middle East’s first e-learning initiative based on Facebook in Digital Media Forum 2013

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HBMeU showcases Middle East’s first e-learning initiative based on Facebook in Digital Media Forum 2013

3356As part of its commitment to achieve a radical change in education, which is a key component of the UAE Vision 2021, Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU) recently participated in the second annual Digital Media Forum (DMF), the region’s first-of-its-kind conference which was held in Dubai with the participation of high-profile international figures from digital media and social networking.

HBMeU Chancellor Dr. Mansoor Al Awar joined some of the leading regional and international experts and professionals to discuss the latest industry trends and exchange knowledge and expertise to help raise the bar of excellence in digital media.

Dr. Al Awar delivered a detailed presentation on the University’s social online learning initiative; Cloud Campus, which serves as the Middle East’s first-ever e-learning platform based on Facebook. Talking about the platform’s operating mechanism, Dr. Al Awar explained that the initiative provides e-learning services through the learner’s personal account on Facebook, under the highest standards of excellence and quality to reach a larger segment of learners in the Arab world and allow them direct access to Arabic online content to help create positive changes in local communities.

Dr. Al Awar further added that the Cloud Campus initiative draws upon an integrated concept that promotes contemporary, world-class learning for learners of different nationalities and age groups by offering them a convenient learning environment and an innovative and interactive e-learning experience under the supervision of senior professionals providing all levels of support and academic advice. Dr. Al Awar further shed light on the University’s strategic offerings, ranging from the various certified programs to financial aid and scholarship schemes and programs.

HBMeU’s Chancellor pointed out the educational, social and cultural aspects of the Cloud Campus initiative which aims to promote social responsibility, encourage the young generation to optimally leverage the available online interactive platforms and information resources and reinforce the culture of e-learning among the youth, in line with the directives of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and President of the University, to reach as many learners as possible in the UAE, Arab world, Africa and Asia. The goal is to effectively contribute to re-shaping the future of education through creativity, while also contributing to sustainable human and social development in the region and worldwide.

To enable millions of clients and employees to use social learning services, Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University has maintained close partnerships with leading banks, mobile operators and other institutions in the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia, such as, Emirates NBD, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, ARAMEX and Zain Group.

On the sideline of the forum, Dr. Mansoor Al Awar held a meeting with Guy Yalif, Head of Global Product Marketing, Twitter, US, to discuss the cooperation between Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University and Twitter.

Cloud Campus initiative is the result of a strategic partnership with Global Learning S.A.R.L and offers best international curricula with over 1,200 interactive online lessons in the fields of mathematics, sciences and IT for elementary to secondary grades. It also includes business skill development for adults, providing 10 certified programs in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Talent Development, Operation Management, Marketing, HR Development, Islamic Banking and many more. There are also more than 600 online lessons in English language for all age groups, from 3 year-olds to adults, based on the Cambridge curricula and exams.

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Facebook brings ‘Studio Edge’ to Middle East marketers

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Facebook brings ‘Studio Edge’ to Middle East marketers

480Facebook increased its support for Middle East marketers yesterday by holding its first Studio Edge event in the region.

The gathering, in Dubai, UAE, brings together clients and marketers with the aim of improving their knowledge of Facebook’s advertising tools and showcasing examples of best practice. In addition to the one day session, Facebook also made available a suite of online educational tools under the Facebook Studio Edge brand.

“Facebook Studio Edge was designed to assist agencies in keeping up to speed on product updates and best marketing practices on our social network’s platform,” explained Jonathan Labin, Head of Marketing Solutions at Facebook-MEA. “To create a better understanding of this remarkable interactive tool, we have invited key marketers and agencies to our Studio Edge event today in Dubai-UAE, where key Facebook speakers showcased its key features and discussed most effective means of supporting marketers in showcasing their work in the Facebook Studio Edge directory, thus sharing their contributions in the Facebook Studio Gallery with their peers in the industry.”

Available to all agencies and Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD), Facebook Studio Edge covers topics centering on new developments on Facebook pages, changes and opportunities in advertising on the social network’s platform, in addition to general updates in social technology. Each interactive topic, which ranges from 10-15 minutes, can successfully bring participating agencies up to speed on latest news and developments related to Facebook’s tools and products.

“The Middle East is an important and rapidly developing region for Facebook and our relationship with the various agencies and PMDs is built on offering the best tools and platform to reach, promote and engage their clients’ target audiences in the best possible manner,” said Labin. “I am confident the active enrollment of regional agencies in Facebook Studio Edge will contribute positively to their long term marketing strategies.”

Marketers and agencies registered to the Facebook Studio Edge will also be able to tap into a vast array of resources, among them Measurement & Research; Product Guides; Case Studies; Resources & Tools, in addition to Social Business Blueprints.

In order to encourage agencies to highlight their award winning work on Studio Edge, the Facebook Studio Awards was developed to honor agencies for their best submissions. Agencies with awards and those completing a higher number of the Facebook Studio Edge courses will gain better positioning in the search ranks of the directory.

“We will continue to introduce unique and leading edge marketing tools to better serve the advertising industry, and I believe Facebook Studio Edge will add great value to agencies and marketing practitioners alike in the region,” Labin concluded.

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