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Smart Health services now extended to du’s in-house clinic, in association with Ericsson

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Smart Health services now extended to du’s in-house clinic, in association with Ericsson

271Dubai, UAE, 03 October 2011: As an extension of the Smart Health initiatives announced this year, du employees can benefit more from mHealth (Mobile Health) services, in association with Ericsson, which will be provided through the telecommunications company’s employee clinic.

du’s on-going efforts to ensure employee well-being now allows them the full benefits of the innovative Health Link service, which offers real time health measurement and monitoring of health conditions via 3G enabled healthcare devices from Ericsson. This du SIM-fitted EMH (Ericsson Mobile Health) kit offers monitoring of chronic health conditions including cardio-vascular illnesses such as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD). In addition, it offers monitoring in the areas of lifestyle management, personal wellness and will eventually include Diabetes-monitoring, too.

This move comes as part of du’s continuous efforts towards encouraging and facilitating health amongst its employees; due to the ongoing partnership with Ericsson, the telecom company’s endeavors can now take a step towards preventative healthcare and early diagnosis of chronic diseases, to the benefit of all employees.

Headed up by Emirati Dr. Mansoor Anwar and his team, du’s in-house clinic was the first of its kind by a Dubai Free zone company, and is now one of the most mHealth-ready clinics in the region.

“Our colleagues spend a significant part of the day at work, in their office, and we take it as our responsibility to care for them. Their well-being is paramount, and we do our utmost to uphold our commitment to them,” commented Dr. Mansoor, Director of Medical and Occupational Health Services, du. “Diseases such as diabetes, obesity, respiratory and cardio-vascular illnesses are all too common in the UAE. Sometimes all that is needed to keep them under check is a little care and continuous monitoring, which is what we are now able to successfully provide through this partnership with Ericsson.”

“Through our ongoing partnership with du, we are putting an ecosystem in place to support mobile health applications via the 3G network.  The move to install these devices at the in-house clinic will benefit hundreds of people, and demonstrates how du is an early adopter of technology not only for its customers, but for its employees, too,” said Nil Balek, Account Manager at Ericsson. “We will extend all possible support to du in order to make this programme a success, and look forward to seeing our partnership grow even more in the future.”

Dr. Mansoor added: “Remote health monitoring and managing electronic patient records is a promising new direction for healthcare, and we can leverage our strength in technology to offer fit for purpose healthcare to our colleagues. Our colleagues have demonstrated enthusiasm for our past Smart Health initiatives, such as Health Text (Quit Smoke, Lose Weight, Live Well, etc.); and this gives us the impetus to continue with our efforts.

du’s Smart Health portfolio includes Health Call, a strategic partnership with Mobile Doctors 24-7 International; Health Text, a bouquet of SMS-based content services to encourage people to stay health (in partnership with PurpleTeal Inc, USA) , and Health Link, a strategic partnership with Ericsson to deliver remote health for the management of chronic diseases.

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Volunteers for du’s Mawaed Al Rahman Ramadan initiative honoured

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Volunteers for du’s Mawaed Al Rahman Ramadan initiative honoured

2322Dubai, UAE, 25 September 2011: Following the massive success of du’s Mawaed Al Rahman Iftarmeal distribution efforts this Ramadan, the UAE’s community-conscious telecommunications providerhonoured 21 out 90 volunteers who gave their time to help the less fortunate throughout the month ofAugust. The honouring ceremony took place at du’s headquarters in Dubai Media City.

During the ceremony, Luma Jasim Bourisly, Vice President Corporate Communications, du, distributedcertifications of appreciation to each of the volunteers. Among those honoured were members of theUAE community, du employees and management and, Emirati graduate trainees, each of who had giventheir time and effort to supply healthy meals throughout Ramadan.

“We would like to thank our volunteers for dedicating their time and energy to assist us in aiding theless fortunate. Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, volunteers from du and from amongst ourcustomers made a difference to 90,000 people,” said Bourisly. “It is very heartening to see how ourcommunity can pull together in order to help those who are less privileged. Next year, we hope to toucheven more lives with an even bigger campaign, and we look forward to igniting such a strong sense ofcharity once again.”

du’s distribution of Iftar meals embodies the charitable spirit of the Holy Month. This is the fourthconsecutive year that the telecom has organized such an initiative, with more than 90,000 nutritious,ready-to-go meals being distributed to the less fortunate this year - a huge increase on the 74,500 mealsdistributed in 2010. Meal boxes were supplied from the first night of Ramadan until the last and weredistributed from three Mawaed Al Rahman (Iftar distribution points); next to Sheikh Khalifa Masjid inAbu Dhabi, Nad Al Qusais Masjid in Dubai and Al Fisht Masjid in Sharjah.

The initiative comes in line with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to give back to theUAE’s community, demonstrating the true spirit of giving that Ramadan is all about.

Funding for the meals is provided primarily by du, however 10,000 meals came from donations made byemployees and, for the first time, customers, who were able to pledge money from their du mobile viaSMS. Volunteers were also accepted from both within the organisation and amongst its customers.

For further details on du’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, please visit www.du.ae/en/about/our commitment.

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