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SEHA introduces MUSHARAKA as part of its continuous quality improvement program

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SEHA introduces MUSHARAKA as part of its continuous quality improvement program

Program encourages and rewards employees for new ideas that improve service to customers or save resources
264Abu Dhabi, UAE.  9th May 2011.Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA), owner/operator of the SEHA HealthSystem comprised of a dozen hospitals and more than 60 ambulatory and family health clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi today announced a new employee suggestion program called MUSHARAKA that will reward SEHA employees with significant cash prizes or merchandize in return for their ideas on how to improve the quality of its services to its patients and customers.

“MUSHARAKA is an Arabic word that means participation, collaboration or sharing,” said H.E. Saif Bader Al Qubaisi, Chairman of SEHA.  “The intent of the program is to engage our employees in our mission of continuous quality improvement and solicit their participation in achievement of our vision.  In return, they not only share in the credit for improvements, the can share in the benefits derived in the form of a financial incentive.    These ideas can be about any quality issue that directly increases the efficiency or effectiveness of SEHA performance.  Some examples are how to reduce waiting times for patients, improvements to procedures, how to increase customer satisfaction, enrich the patient journey, improve patient safety, improve clinical outcomes and the like.  Ideas that eliminate waste and overhead costs or permit us to redirect savings to patient needs are also welcome.”

Carl V. Stanifer, C.E.O. of SEHA added, “Great organizations are always looking for ways to improve.  Our mission is to continually improve customer care to recognized international standards.  Our employees are the front line of customer service.  They know ways to get things done better.  This program acknowledges their interest and motivates them to share their ideas with management.  In return, they reap a financial reward of AED 2,000if their idea was accepted and an additional of AED 15,000 if it was implemented. That is an indication of how important we think their contribution can be to improving customer care in the SEHA HealthSystem.”

Clyde Eder, who is SEHA’s Chief Operating Officer and whose department is sponsoring the program said, “Once a year, we plan to recognize the most important and valuable employee idea submitted from each of our operating units, 8 in all. It can come from anyone of our nearly 17,000 employees system wide and from any of our hospitals or clinics.  If we adopt it and it proves to be a truly valuable suggestion and is judged by management to be the most valuable one made, the person that made the suggestion will be honored at an annual awards celebration and presented with a further financial reward.  The amount will be determined by the magnitude of the quality improvement achieved but it could be as high as AED 70,000 which is pretty substantial.”

Ideas can be submitted by employees through the SEHA intranet.  All employees need do is log on and enter their password, complete the submission form on line and press enter.  The idea is logged and delivered to the MUSHARAKA Program Manager.  An employee receives and acknowledgement and a token gift of appreciation delivered to them a few days later.  Within the month, their idea is evaluated by a committee and if feasible, put into practice for further quantification. 

“We are automating the entire process,” commented Bashir Al Muharibi, Deputy CIO for SEHA.  “We are in testing now.  The system will mature over time.  Our goal is have a paperless process that is very simple for the employee to understand. Ideas are categorized by group and type so we can ensure that ideas are original and not duplicates.  This ensures the right employee is rewarded for their original idea.”

The program will launch on 15th May 2011.  All SEHA employees will be eligible to participate and submit suggestions.  Information on the program will be available to all SEHA employees.

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Mindware showcases affordable ‘continuous availability and disaster recovery’ solutions from Neverfail at ‘Microsoft TechEd Middle East 2010’

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Mindware showcases affordable ‘continuous availability and disaster recovery’ solutions from Neverfail at ‘Microsoft TechEd Middle East 2010’

Leading IT distributor continues to build success in region for Neverfail by eliminating user downtime

March 02, 2010

226Mindware, a leading IT distributor in the Middle East, is showcasing the complete range of affordable ‘continuous availability and disaster recovery’ solutions from Neverfail at ‘Microsoft TechEd Middle East 2010’, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, from March 1 to 3. As the exclusive distributor for Neverfail in the region, the company’s presence at the event is aimed at boosting the ability of companies to eliminate user downtime and therefore improve productivity, revenue and reputation. ‘Microsoft TechEd Middle East 2010’ is the premier technical education and networking event of Microsoft, which is expected to bring together more than 1,500 leading senior decision-makers, CTOs and CIOs from across the globe.

Designed to boost and maintain productivity of users, Neverfail’s software solutions enable users to remain continuously connected to the live software application irrespective of hardware, software, operating system, or network failures. During the event, Neverfail is demonstrating a full range of continuous availability solutions for critical windows-based applications. This includes the new ‘Continuous Availability Director’ - a centralised management console for Neverfail implementations, which enables a business-centric view of high availability and disaster recovery across systems, processes and services that are dependent upon multiple applications.

“More and more companies in the region are recognising the impact of downtime on revenue, employee productivity and corporate reputation. Our presence here at this event along with our distributor Mindware allows us to demonstrate best practices for maintaining continuous availability and how our cost-effective software can ensure that critical applications are always available,” said Basem Al Kayyali, Regional Director, Neverfail. “By connecting with this massive audience of high-quality influencers and decision-makers from companies across the Middle East, we are confident that our participation will help significantly in our sales goals for the region this year.”

Eliminating down time for end-users and business-critical systems requires full protection and management across all key application servers. However, traditional solutions to manage and protect availability of these systems have been complex and time consuming because each application server must be managed and protected independently. Neverfail’s ‘Continuous Availability Director’ solves this problem by providing a single point of management and control for all business-critical systems. Among the mission-critical Microsoft applications Neverfail can protect are Exchange Server, Office SharePoint Server, Cluster Server and Windows Failover Server, SQL Server, File Server, Windows Server, IIS, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Lotus Domino, and Captaris RightFax. In addition, the Neverfail ‘Application Framework’ can be leveraged to protect any critical Windows-based application.

“The Middle East is a key market for Neverfail and with the rising demand for business continuity solutions - particularly in the current economy when every transaction and client communication is critical - we anticipate significant business to be made during this year. Our continuous efforts to drive and build the Neverfail brand in the region is part of our commitment to them as their exclusive distributor in the region, but more importantly, we are being driven by our belief in their solution’s capacity to help regional organisations through affordable and effective high availability and disaster recovery solutions,” concluded Shadi Tahan, Business Solutions Department Manager, Mindware.

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