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TE Data finalizes the Zaki village development project and celebrates the Egyptian engineer Haitham El Desouky

TE Data finalizes the Zaki village development project and celebrates the Egyptian engineer Haitham El Desouky

Engineer Azza Torky: “TE Data intends to expand its CSR activities to include other villages in Fayoum”

Press Release

Cairo: December 21st, 2011

2294TE Data announced finalizing the development of Zaki village in Fayoum. TE Data provided the villagers with health and educational services in addition to their basic necessities such as water, electricity and roofing.  TE Data’s employees also helped them register for birth certificates and ID cards.

TE Data has recently undertaken the development of one of the poorest villages in Fayoum governorate; “Zaki” after conducting a competition called “3ashanek ya Misr” on its Facebook page for the best CSR project .The competition was a great success leading to choosing villages development as the winning initiative as it serves a large number of underprivileged citizens in the society.

“TE Data is very proud of this project” Engineer Azza Torky, TE Data’s Chairman said during a press conference held on the 20th of December 2011.

Torky said that TE Data was able to provide the villagers with their basic necessities from food to medical supplies, in addition to small projects to families in need, stressing that TE Data intends to expand its CSR activities to include other villages in Fayoum as well. The project took around four months in cooperation with dynamic NGOs namely Bedaya and El Orman.  “Our intention is to make El Fayoum governorate a role model for others to follow” added Torky.

Tamer Gaddalla, Managing Director of the enterprise unit in TE Data, said that TE Data was able to implement this project in a relatively short time due to the commitment of TE Data staff and strong desire in improving the living standards of their fellow Egyptians.

TE Data employees paid several visits to Zaki village in order to follow up on the developing process and to maintain a constant relationship with the families in Zaki village. They were accompanied with medical convoys to provide health services and treatment to the villagers in addition to conducting a comprehensive survey on the number of villagers who couldn’t afford to be officially registered whether through National ID cards or birth certificates. This was vital to help the villagers get registered and get birth certificates and ID cards.

“Each employee will be in touch with a family from “Zaki” village on a regular basis to assess their needs and provide them with psychological care and consistent attention” added Gadalla.

During the Press conference, TE Data gave a special award to engineer Haitham El Desouky who won first place in “Science Stars” competition. TE Data had started a press and social media campaign calling on Egyptians to vote for him.

TE Data’s Managing Director Ahmed Ossama said that TE Data had directed its social media channels to call all Egyptians to vote for Haitham and help him win “We are truly proud of El Desouky’s accomplishment and we will continue, not just as a company but as Egyptians as well, to support him in every way possible”

Ossama stressed on the importance of scientific research in Egypt as key to the development and progression of society in the coming period.

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Maadi City Centre pioneers first educational partnership with students in the community

Maadi City Centre pioneers first educational partnership with students in the community

2511Maadi, Egypt, 30 October 2011: Maadi City Centre has launched an initiative to encourage local children to learn about practical business skills. The partnership, the first of its kind for the community, with Green Heights School saw an engagement with Maadi City Centre management and students from the community, in order to prepare the youth for tomorrow’s business market.

In total, 29 students from the third and fourth grades at Green Heights School took part in the interactive learning at the mall, which is part of a wider ‘Different Jobs in the Community’ project, led by the school. The interactive classes focused on the meaning of marketing, communication and advertising in the Egyptian business-place, with an aim of inspiring the children to have an interest in the developing world around them.

“We were delighted to welcome local students from Green Heights School and provide a hands-on, insider preview on how businesses work,” said Akram Zoheir, Mall Manager, Maadi City Centre. “From marketing and operations to day-to-day mall management, the students expressed keen interest in all areas of how Maadi City Centre runs its business. Moving forward, we hope to work with other local schools in providing similar, enriching experiences for students as part of our ongoing commitment to the community.”

Rawda Sobhy, English Class teacher at Green Heights School also commented, “The ‘Different Jobs in the Community’ scheme aims to help students understand how people make business. We believe Maadi City Centre represents a successful business model, as its not only a mall for entertainment and shopping, their staff teach our students the ‘know-how’ of being business leaders.”

This educational initiative reflects Maadi City Centre’s ongoing commitment to the growth of the community, in helping to shape the lives of the youth of the future. The first program of its kind within the community, Maadi City Centre is encouraging other major enterprises and schools to care for students, by introducing similar educational and insightful sessions.

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Ericsson rewards Egyptian talent at the Engineering Day 2011

Ericsson rewards Egyptian talent at the Engineering Day 2011

·         Ericsson confirms commitment to the Egyptian market

·         Ericsson helps build human capital and local capabilities in Egypt

·         Winners are enrolled in Ericsson Academic Program

4Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today concluded its participation at the Egyptian Engineering Day 2011 (EED) reaffirming its commitment to the Egyptian market and support for the Egyptian youth.

The intense two-day event challenges students to present their graduation projects to top industry leaders from the Information and Communications Technology community as well as members from Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).  Held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Essam Sharaf, the Egyptian Prime Minister, H.E. Dr. Mohammed Salim, Minister of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt, H.E. Dr. Moataz Khurshid, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt and H.E. Dr Ahmed Gamal El Din, Minister of Education in Egypt, the event took place at the Cairo International Conference Centre on 6th and 7th of September 2011. 

With Ericsson’s vision of a Networked Society as a guide, students presented cases of the Networked society and how the market can evolve to position itself over the next 10 years as more devices continue to come online and connected mobility transforms businesses and lives.

Selected students from the top three project winners will be enrolled in Ericsson’s regional Academic Engagement Program where students will work side by side with Ericsson employees and will be presented with a unique look into the opportunities and challenges businesses face as mobile internet continues to evolve.

The projects selected are “Vertical Handover Implementation and Application “, “Seek Feel” and “Augmented Reality Based Applications” and were presented by students from Modern Academy, Cairo University and Tanta University respectively. 

“We are very proud to take part in the Egyptian Engineering Day 2011 which presents us with the perfect opportunity to reinforce our commitment to the Egyptian market, to support tomorrow’s leaders and help build human capital and local capabilities,” said Carlo Alloni, Ericsson’s President of North East Africa.

Hossam added “This is an excellent platform for students to receive professional feedback on their projects from industry leaders and professionals which will help them connect their ideas and knowledge to the real-life experience ahead of them.”

During the event, Ericsson had a booth for students to visit to learn more on the company. An awareness session was also organized by Ericsson to brief students on the company’s mission and vision and to educate them on the overall industry locally and regionally.

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Edexcel seeks to bridge gap between knowledge obtained through formal education and requirements of job market in Egypt

Edexcel seeks to bridge gap between knowledge obtained through formal education and requirements of job market in Egypt

Training event discussed relevance of UK Education to Egypt

2117Cairo, Egypt, 15th August, 2011: Edexcel, a leading provider of internationally recognized academic and professional qualifications, discussed the salient features of UK education and its relevance to Egyptian education sector at a training event held recently at the Integrated Technical Education Cluster of Ameeria in Cairo.

Mrs. Jailan Gamal El Din, Regional Development Manager – Applied Learning, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Edexcel said: “The objective of the event was to share key information with the Egyptian ministry teachers and professors. We sought to familiarise the education sector in Egypt about the UK credit and qualifications framework (QCF) and what this means for them as well as to review the results of introducing this framework in the UK.”

The conference also threw light on what moving to the credit rated QCF specification means in terms of structure and rules of combination as well as understanding the implications for existing learners, explore approaches to assessment, including assignment writing and student motivation and achievement.

Mrs. Gamal El Din added: “At the conference, we reviewed the requirements of the Edexcel BTEC quality assurance model and discussed ways to bring education and training to industry together in Egypt and ensure that learners are trained against international standards.”

According to Mrs. Gamal El Din, the key to modernize the education system in Egypt is to provide the right education that nurtures the skills of the fresh graduates and more importantly to bridge the gap between the knowledge obtained through formal education and actual skills required by employers in Egypt.

“The education system in Egypt should work on introducing students to the real-world workplace,” Gamal El Din emphasized. “It is important to ensure that the Technical / Industrial Schools, and Technical college graduates in Egypt meet the needs of the labour market.”

Prof. Mohammed Megahed and Prof. Farid Tolba who are responsible for the quality assurance systems at the Edexcel approved Cluster of Ameeria in Cairo, have encouraged students who finished secondary school or its equivalence to apply for the British Higher National Diploma in Engineering at the Egyptian Integrated Technical Education Cluster of Ameeria. 

Egyptian education has to prepare future generations to help economies compete in the global skills race and there is disconnect between educators and employers. As a result, there is an absence of the development of workforce behaviors within education, such as leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Edexcel’s vocational qualifications that are delivered at the Egyptian Integrated Technical Education Cluster of Ameeria in Cairo provide a practical, real-world approach to learning alongside a theoretical background. They are designed both to replicate the professional working environment and provide learners with the skills, knowledge and behaviors they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive global market.

Edexcel, the leading UK based awarding body, is part of Pearson, one of the world’s largest education services providers. It offers academic and professional qualifications and testing to thousands of schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning globally, and has over 4 million learners enrolled on its highly regarded courses in more than 85 countries.

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Standard Chartered holds Thought Leadership Conference in Egypt

Standard Chartered holds Thought Leadership Conference in Egypt

Conference discusses latest global and regional issues and trends in the Banking sector

247Cairo, 7 June, 2011 – Standard Chartered recently held its First Thought Leadership Conference in Cairo, Egypt. Standard Chartered’s Thought Leadership Conference was attended by Senior Bankers representing the various financial institutions operating in Egypt. The Conference discussed the latest trends and issues facing the MENA banking industry and is a clear indication of Standard Chartered’s commitment to the Egyptian market.

Commenting on the conference, Amr Abbas, CEO Standard Chartered Egypt said:

“This conference comes at an ideal time and is a clear indication to our commitment to support the Egyptian market through these challenging times. With our deep understanding of the local market, and a strong footprint in some the world’s most dynamic markets, Standard Chartered is ideally positioned to provide its clients with innovative and top of the line banking and finance products and services.”

At the conference, Standard Chartered held a session to discuss the Internationalisation of the Renminbi (or the Chinese Yuan) and its impact on the global and regional financial landscape. In addition, a panel discussion was hosted to discuss the latest trends and challenges in trading with the Chinese market. Philippe Dauba Pantanacce, Senior Economist, Standard Chartered discussed the latest economic trends and issues in the region. Maha Salem, Regional Clearing Product Head, MENA & Africa, presented on the new trends and developments in respect to clearing and a session was also conducted on Financial Markets.

Motasim Iqbal, Regional Head of Transaction Banking (Banks Segment), MENA, Standard Chartered said:

“Standard Chartered has a set clear global strategy which aims to lead the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This conference is an ideal platform for us to interact with our clients and to identify their specific needs and challenges. The conference aims to support the Egyptian market in its strong potential for cross border trade activities with the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.”

Standard Chartered is a leader in providing local banks with US dollar and Euro Clearing and trade finance services.  The Bank also provides correspondent banking services and has a significant market share

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Egypt Education Development Fund and Edexcel in strategic tie-up to raise the bar on technical education in Egypt

Egypt Education Development Fund and Edexcel in strategic tie-up to raise the bar on technical education in Egypt

Ambitious plans to create ten integrated technical education clusters in Egypt in the next 5 years



Cairo, Egypt, 5th June 2011: The Egyptian Education Development Fund (EDF) has unveiled the first British-accredited Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC) in Egypt, one of the ten envisaged by the Egyptian government plans by 2015 to meet the needs of key economic sectors, at an event hosted by EDF and Edexcel.

Addressing the audience which comprised educators and industry professional, Prof. Essam Elkordi, EDF Secretary General, said that the underlying driving force behind the creation of these clusters is to support Egyptian society as a whole.  Ultimately, the clusters will meet the needs of employers and job seekers across Egypt’s main industries of engineering technology, food technology, packaging, petrochemicals and wood and textiles.

Jailan Gamal El Din, Edexcel Regional Manager added: “The key to the success of these clusters is for all training to be flexible, allowing for the delivery of school-based, college and on-demand courses at different ability levels. Additionally, all training and qualifications will be Edexcel-accredited and globally recognised.”

During the event, guests were able to meet with graduates of Edexcel’s BTEC Higher National Diploma and view the impressive array of final projects they created from Computer Numerical Control Drilling Machines for Printed Circuit Boards to Electrical Proximity Faucets and Mobile Robots controlled by Programmable Logic Control mechanisms.

Jailan Gamal El Din added: “The event helped demonstrate that graduates of the technical education and training system in Egypt are capable of leading the new era of change.”

Edexcel and its sister organisation, Pearson Custom Publications, are providing training, qualifications, teaching materials and assessment for the Integrated Technical Education Cluster Project in El Ameeria, Cairo.

Dr. Medhat El Hadek, the El Ameeria ITEC Project Director;  said: “Edexcel is working in collaboration with the Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers’ Education Development Fund to provide training, qualifications and a range of support services to raise the quality and standard of technical education in the country.”

Gamal El Din added: “This cluster project, the first of a number of similar projects envisaged across Egypt, is working towards creating a centre of excellence for engineering technology in Egypt through improving the skills, ability and knowledge of current and future technicians and engineers based on the needs identified by business owners. The aim is to raise the level of expertise in the engineering technology disciplines which are integral to Egypt’s future economic prosperity.”

Edexcel develops exclusive, internationally-recognised BTEC qualifications, which provide a practical approach to learning for all abilities and are designed to meet the needs of employers and job seekers in the industry for which they were created.

Prof. Mohammed Megahed, the EDF’s Curriculum Consultant added: “A curriculum of 12 BTEC programs has been customized to meet the specific needs of the Egyptian education system at three levels: First, National and Higher National Diplomas and Bachelor of Technology. Students in Technical School, Technical College, Advanced Technical College and a new Vocational Training Centre have now joined around one million learners who register on BTEC courses world-wide each year.”

The key disciplines taught at the cluster are mechanical, electrical and automotive engineering, as well as mechatronics – which combines engineering disciplines to design and build products.

“The project’s objective is to educate highly qualified technicians capable of meeting the national skills standards, fulfilling industry needs, upgrading their skills, continuously educating themselves, and performing to high standards. This is part of changing the image of technical education in Egypt. We worked very closely with our valued partners from Pearson to meet these objectives,” said Dr. El Hadek.

A key part of the service is the implementation of a ‘master trainer’ programme, devised to train local specialists to a high standard so they are able to deliver the BTEC courses in schools and training institutions. To ensure the high caliber of the people taking part, Pearson supported the set up of the scheme, including designing a selection and recruitment process for both trainers and students, assisting with interviewing prospective trainers and students and agreeing to provide ongoing support and quality control of trainers and training.

Prof. Megahed added: “To ensure that the cluster achieves and maintains the highest possible standards, Pearson and Edexcel have implemented a rigorous quality assurance programme which focuses on training, learning materials, assessment methods and qualifications to ensure that learners are obtaining a relevant and rewarding learning experience.”

Pearson and Edexcel’s work with the cluster demonstrates how different educational services can be brought together to create a unified whole, including accredited BTEC qualifications, available at different levels and trusted by employers world-wide, high-quality training, ongoing assessment support, customised publications and other training materials and digital, online and distance learning packages which enhance the face-to-face training and allow education to be more easily accessible to more people.

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Private Jet Charter flies out hundreds of stranded individuals and corporate executives from Egypt

Private Jet Charter flies out hundreds of stranded individuals and corporate executives from Egypt

Quick jump in demand for charters from Egypt to various destinations in the world

228Cairo Egypt, 6th February, 2011: Private Jet Charter, one of the world’s largest independent private jet charter companies, has flown hundreds of people out of Cairo to various destinations around the world in the past one week, following the public uprising in Egypt.

The company said that it has flown out hundreds of people, especially executives from corporations, who wanted to return to their home countries, following increasing tensions in Egypt.

“In times of emergencies and crises, demand for private jet charter services shoots up. As one of the largest independent private air charter brokers in the world, we have been highly active in helping people fly out of Egypt from the day the trouble started,” said Chief Executive Hugh Courtenay.

“Private Jet Charter represents the world’s leading private jet charter companies. In the current scenario, not many private charter companies were able to match the demand in Egypt. But Private Jet Charter has lived up to the expectations, as it boasts access to a wide global network of jets, perhaps the largest in the world,” added Courtenay.

Courtenay said that through their network of offices in the UK, Nice, Moscow and Dubai, Private Jet Charter was able handle evacuation seamlessly and speedily.

Elie Abdo, Managing Partner - Middle East added: “We have been receiving hundreds of queries and requests everyday day and we have flown out more than 200 people from Egypt to different places in the world since the trouble began.”

Key benefits that Private Jet Charter company offers its customers include 24-hour service round the year, multilingual and expert staff, competitive free quotations and advice, unique CATS aircraft sourcing technology and flight watch monitoring on all executive air charter flights. This involves keeping the PA or travel organiser informed of every stage of the journey, from limousine pick-up to take-off, progress of the flight and landing.

Abdo added: “A dramatic rise in private jet charters out of Egypt has been witnessed over the past week. Our aim is to help private individuals and corporates get out of Egypt safely and with speed. We hope that stability returns to Egypt quickly, with no major loss in lives and property.”

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Egypt’s IT spending expected to increase by USD 1.4 billion in 2010 to USD 2.6 billion by 2014

Egypt’s IT spending expected to increase by USD 1.4 billion in 2010 to USD 2.6 billion by 2014

STME updates customers on how the recent acquisition will pave the way for market penetration

285STME, a leading information infrastructure solution integrator in the Middle East, today (Tuesday, December 14, 2010) held a special customer event in Cairo, Egypt to mainly highlight the changes that have taken place since the company’s acquisition in late 2009. During the event, STME also showcased its  

One Smart Solution’ concept.
STME’s ‘One Smart Solution’ model enables customers to benefit from the top technologies of various manufacturers and the expertise of the company’s installed base of 10 countries, all integrated into a single tailored solution.

During the event, STME also underscored the growing importance of storage and IT infrastructure and management solutions, especially since companies today are increasingly broadening their volume of digital information. STME also pointed out how Egyptian organisations can benefit from the company’s comprehensive portfolio of advanced enterprise IT solutions and services, at a time when Egypt’s IT spending is expected to increase from USD 1.4 billion in 2010 to USD 2.6 billion by 2014.

Salah Abu Shaar, STME CEO, said, “Egypt represents a high potential market for STME given the country’s strong economic growth and its increasing emphasis on information technology and IT services. Hence, it was imperative for us to meet with our customers here and provide them an update about the recent developments taking place at STME.”   

Founded in 1982, STME is the first IT company in the Middle East to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification for its world-class portfolio of Consultancy and Managed Services. STME has 14 regional offices located in 10 countries. Its offerings include Backup, Archiving and IT Compliance, Computing Platforms, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Enterprise Content Management, Industry Solutions, Information Infrastructure, Solid State Disks, Storage Resources Management, Surveillance, and Virtualization.

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SKOPOS to outline key business performance strategies at HR & Organisational Development Week in Egypt

SKOPOS to outline key business performance strategies at HR & Organisational Development Week in Egypt

Major HR/OD conference to feature 22 speakers, interactive workshops & case studies from top multinational firms
September 25, 2010

Dr. Hussein El Kazzaz

Dr. Hussein El Kazzaz

SKOPOS Consulting, a leading Organisation Development (OD) solutions firm in the Middle East and Africa, will discuss how Organizational Culture enhances sustainable business performance and efficiency during the HR & Organisational Development Week running from September 26 to 29, 2010 at the Hilton Ramses in Cairo, Egypt.

The four-day HR & OD event will feature 22 regional and international speakers, three interactive workshops, case studies and knowledge-sharing from major companies including DHL, Etisalat, the World Bank, and Shell, and interactive panel sessions focusing on in-depth best practice methods. SKOPOS Managing Director Dr. Hussein El Kazzaz will discuss how building the Organizational Culture is key to building a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s challenging market.

“HR & Organisational Development Week is an excellent platform for us to share our expertise in filling management gaps, investing in and retaining the right talent, and nurturing a highly-motivated workforce. A lot of opportunities are in store for MEA organizations once the downturn ends and we are committed to helping our clients and partners in identifying and adopting the right OD strategies so that they can prepare well ahead,” said El Kazzaz.

SKOPOS has been a leading proponent of advanced executive coaching, corporate team building, and soft skills development solutions across the MEA region. The consultancy will be a major sponsor for the Egypt conference and will man a dedicated exhibition slot during the event to engage in major networking activities.

Founded in 1991 in San Jose, CA, SKOPOS Consulting commenced its Middle East operations, currently fully-owned, managed and operated independently by a regional team, in 2002. The company offers services across a range of industries, including technology, government and telecommunications. It manages offices in Dubai, Cairo, and Bahrain.

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Hamptons MENA expands Egypt office to Uptown Cairo

Hamptons MENA expands Egypt office to Uptown Cairo

• Egypt Sales Centre will now operate from Emaar Misr’s master-planned community

Hamptons MENA expands Egypt office to Uptown Cairo

Hamptons MENA expands Egypt office to Uptown Cairo

Cairo, Egypt; July 28, 2010: Hamptons MENA, a premier property services company with a strong geographic presence in the Middle East and North Africa region, has cemented its Egypt operations with the opening of its full-fledged office in Uptown Cairo.

A master-planned community developed by Emaar Misr, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Emaar Properties PJSC, Uptown Cairo is described as the new downtown of Cairo, with easy access to all commercial, business and governmental nerve-centres of the city.

As part of the expansion plans for Egypt, Hamptons has relocated its office, previously in the Mohandessin area in Giza City, to Uptown Cairo. The office, from its central location near Mokattam Hills, showcases a strong portfolio of projects including prestigious projects throughout Egypt and a wide range of ready rental and sales properties in Cairo.

A spokesperson of Hamptons MENA said: “The expansion of our Egypt office to Uptown Cairo underscores our strategy to focus on the regional markets, and offer our customers a wider portfolio of projects. By relocating to Uptown Cairo, a residential and commercial hub that is fast taking shape, we will be closer to our customers and it will help us strengthen our footprint in the Egyptian market by offering world-class property services.”

A 4 million sq m development, Uptown Cairo is located some 200 metres above sea level offering a refreshing lifestyle environment. The first homes in the community are scheduled for hand over later this year. The Hamptons office will be part of this integrated community with world-class residences, commercial offices, retail and hospitality amenities in close proximity.

In addition to offering Emaar Misr properties, Hamptons also has strong partnerships with other developers with projects located around Cairo, the North Coast, and also in the Red Sea vicinity including Sukhna, Sharm Al Sheikh and Hurghada areas.

The office will offer the full spectrum of Hamptons services including sale and leasing of primary and secondary properties in Egypt and other markets, property management, mortgage advisory, valuation and research services.

Visitors to the Hamptons MENA office in Uptown Cairo can evaluate the range of properties including Uptown Cairo, Marassi and Mivida – three of Emaar’s prestigious lifestyle projects in the country – as well as a strong portfolio of other leading developments and ready properties in Egypt. They can call + 201 0431 6316 or email: for more details.

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