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Heroes of the UAE

Heroes of the UAE

As the concerns about the global warming and climate changes affect all of us around the globe, the UAE has established its own unique approach to encourage public awareness and resource conservation. On February 17, 2009, The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS) and Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) launched a campaign centered on the

The aim of this campaign is for everyone around the UAE to take action in being energy efficient and to raise awareness of the shortages of energy resources. The campaigns website contains a forum for the public to show their support for saving energy. Despite the many serious environmental problems lingering in the world, this website points out available and successful solutions adopted by everyday people.

The website features many graphics and animated images that explain the energy and environmental situation in a very simple manner. Cool features also include a list of energy saving tips and a calculator that can tell how households can save on their consumption. Other sections of the website show “green” case studies, some facts about the main issues in UAE, and competitions and quizzes for schools children.

This campaign really is a thoughtful gesture from the UAE for the sake of saving our planet. As they say, everyone should act now because anyone can be a hero.


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Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution

Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution

new_year_resolution_inEvery year millions of people decide “This is the year for me!”  Promises are made and plans are set in place for a new, better you.  Most of these resolutions fade within a month.  Few survive to the see the spring, much less the heat of summer.

So what happens if you slip off the track?  You could just promise to try again next year, or you could take the initiative today and make a resolution for yourself that doesn’t have to compromise!  Here are a few tips to help you make everyday changes for the better.

  1. Be realistic in setting your goals.  Even if you are feeling ambitious, realize that you’re only human.  You can’t end war and save the planet all by yourself, and winning a new BMW is largely out of your influence.
  2. Have a specific goal in mind.  Want to save the planet?  Start by planting a new tree once a month.  Volunteer your time at a charity organization or community centre.  These are the kinds of goals you should be thinking about; clear and concise.
  3. Create a resolution where you can measure your success throughout the year.  People tend to say things like “I’m going to be a better husband/wife”.  What does that mean in terms of new behaviour?  If you can’t evaluate your progress than the whole resolution is worthless.  If you say “I’m going to spend two hours every weekend alone with my husband/wife doing something she enjoys”, that’s a bit more manageable.  Commit to a schedule, a specific activity, or a certain location.  You should feel good about honouring your goals, so make sure you give yourself the chance.
  4. Do something worthwhile.  It’s never too late to do something for yourself and the greater good.  Watching two hours of TV instead of three isn’t going to alter your life or anyone else’s.  Think about what you have to offer the world, your passions and hobbies, and what problem in your community you can help solve.
  5. Consider alternatives instead of just “quitting”.  This is an extremely valuable lesson in terms of personal psychology.  If you want to quit smoking for instance, all power to you!  What will help you in the long run is if you can say “instead of smoking right when I get up in the morning, I’m going to take a hot bath to relax.”  Instead of lighting up at the office, make it a point to chat with a co-worker you haven’t spoken to that week.  It’s these little alternatives that keep your mind occupied as you wean off of unhealthy practices.

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Have you got an iPad?

Have you got an iPad?

Apple never ceases to surprise us by providing the world with amazing inventions and innovative takes on age-old concepts. So what is the company’s newest gadget to hit the market? It’s the iPad, revealed to the public for the first time on January 27th. Read the full story

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How to build up team motivation?

my dearest colleagues, here are few tips and ideas for motivation, hope they are useful :-)

motivating people

motivating people

  1. Assessing your attitude: it is important that you understand your attitude which will shape the way in which you behave toward your team that you work with.
  2. “Share and collaborate” success is not about meeting task objectives, but also about building an efficient , creative team that will succeed even in the manager’s absence.
  3. Managers should treat their Staff as friends, partners and colleagues, never making promises that not able or are not intending to keep.
  4. Ensuring the team know that they can count on manager’s respect and loyalty.
  5. Show respect to your staff and they will show it to you.
  6. Use open management to improve communications: the open system of management which encourages the exchange of information and views between team members and the manager allows them to work together creativity , problems can be discussed and decision reached quickly.
  7. Create a no blame culture which no blame is laid for failure, errors should be recognized , then used to improve chances of future success.
  8. Learning from mistakes : if manager choose to punish failure or motivate by FEAR, will not help to create lasting success, repetition of the same error is inexcusable , since it shows failure to lean from mistakes

let’s share knowledge , love , creativity for healthy environment workplace in O2 :-)

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Do you know that Mac got covered of more than 30 magazines in the year it launched!

PR voice

PR voice

What is the differentiate between publicity and public relations? in fact publicity is:

- Getting your news published in the media
(newspaper, magazines,TV, Radio)

- Publicity is when you have your pictures
or article about your company in any media tool

Although Public Relations is to define how do you want the public talk about you, how to draft your story, which target media to approach, is all about Tactics and implementing the right strategy.

Regis McKenna was great PR person ,  he got Steve Jobs and the Mac on the cover of more than 30 magazines in the year it launched.

A few agencies lack in publicity , but almost everyone has a problem in public relations tactics,  the smart is who can solve the second , he will be successful in both public relations and publicity.

So be different, be O2 PR :-)

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how to write a “SMART”press release in PR2.0 ? the future is here!

To write “SMART ” press release in PR2.0, you will follow the same basic format as with a traditional press release.

They are main things that you will do differently with the “SMART” Press release as below :

  • Use bullet points which are popular online but not common to the traditional press release.
  • Use links within your text to direct people to your site and to articles about your site.
  • Make sure that you use SEO tactics such as keyword use in the article.
  • Include your IM and VoIP contact information.
  • Incorporate multimedia links like audio files or embedded videos.
  • Use “add to” widgets for popular bookmarking sites like Digg or

Sample of “SMART” press release

and more to come :-)

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