O2 unveils integrated “Strength is Unity” campaign for Gulf Football Tournament

O2 unveils integrated “Strength is Unity” campaign for Gulf Football Tournament

Regional firm appointed to spearhead marketing campaign emphasises common love for the beautiful game in the Arab world

21Dubai, 30th Dec. 2012: O2 Marketing Communications, the firm spearheading the marketing for the 21st Gulf Cup Football Tournament scheduled for January 5th to the 18th 2013 in Bahrain, has created an integrated campaign around the concept of “Strength in Unity.”

The campaign’s motif emphasises the role of the beautiful game in bringing together the Arab world. Arabs, regardless of nationality and political affiliations are united by a common love for football.

“We wanted to create a campaign that was memorable, and effective, but also simple and not overdone. We explored the role football plays in the lives of Arab youth, and came to the realization that any differences they might have are overshadowed by enthusiasm for football. The game is a unifying factor for Arabs. We wanted our campaign to reflect that message memorably,” said Mohammed Johmani, Founder and CEO of O2.

O2 has been commissioned to lead the event’s marketing communications and provide advisory services, while also formulating long-term strategies to promote the biennial tournament. It is implementing an integrated campaign for the event involving television, outdoor ads and below the line activities.

“When it came to making a final decision on whom to appoint as the marketing firm for the 21st Gulf Cup, O2’s reputation and professionalism held sway. The company has a track record of handling the marketing for large events and prominent brands in Bahrain and the region. We are confident in O2’s ability to deliver targeted communications and memorable messages to build momentum towards the event, while also offering general marketing and event consultation services,” said Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Tournament.

Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa added that Bahrain was keen to portray the 21st Gulf Cup with a consistent image that highlights its advantages and brings people together in the spirit of football.

“Apart from the memorable concept underpinning our campaign, O2’s regional reach and strong media relations are also advantageous for pan-Arab events such as the 21st Gulf Cup Football Tournament. We look forward to bringing all our strengths to bear in executing a marketing campaign that memorably defines the Tournament,” Johmani concluded.

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O2 Network named among “The Arabia Fast Growth 500” list

O2 Network named among “The Arabia Fast Growth 500” list

List announced during the “Global Summit on Entrepreneurship” in Istanbul, Turkey


Mr. Mohammed Johmani Founder and CEO of O2 Network receiving the award

Dubai, December 7th, 2011: O2 Network, the conglomerate of marketing communications, public relations, branding and interactive firms, was recently named among the “Arabia Fast Growth 500” list which is announced by “AllWorld Network”. The list was announced during the “Global Summit on Entrepreneurship” that took place in Istanbul, Turkey in the presence of leading business, political and social figures including USA’s Vice President, Joe Biden.

O2 Network was recognized for this award as a result of the vast growth in sales and operations it witnessed between 2008 and 2010, crossing 25%. Mohammed Johmani, Founder and CEO of the O2 Network received the award and expressed his gratitude to the organizers and to the Network’s employees and executive staff.

“It is a privilege for O2 Network to be selected among the Arabia growth 500 list and this is a true testament for the efforts of the employees and their endless ambition to generate further growth every year,” said Johmani. “We have seen a growth in marketing consultancy, public relations, branding, and social media services in the markets we are active in and we expect even more growth in 2012.”

The list included companies from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain in addition to companies from Turkey and Pakistan. The companies represent a range of industries from tourism to transportation, film to finance, education to ecommerce.  The majority of the applicant companies are approximately five years old, and the majority of the entrepreneurs plan to establish another company in the next two years.

“AllWorld” Network was established in 2007 by Deirdre Coyle, Anne Habiby and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, after many years of promoting entrepreneurship in the developed and developing worlds. “AllWorld” is a for-profit organization with a mission to find and scale all the growth entrepreneurs of the emerging world, creating the largest information system and network of growth entrepreneurs.  

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Government entities in the UAE turn to mobile and social media applications

Government entities in the UAE turn to mobile and social media applications

Smartphone and tablets lead to surge in app usage in UAE government and private sector

2184Dubai, October 11, 2011: Smartphone usage in the MENA region is increasing, with almost 70% of Smartphone users expected to upgrade their phone in the next 12 months, according to the AppsArabia Mobile Report – MENA. The report has stated that 82% of customers without a Smartphone want one, and 54% of them will have their first smart phone in the coming 12 months. The report also indicates that the GCC has the highest incidence of multiple Smartphone at almost 41% of the population (34% having 2 smartphones and 7% having 3 or more). This has led to a commensurate increase in app development and use.

Mohammed Johmani, CEO and Founder of O2 interactive (O2i) said: “Smartphone and tablet usage in the GCC is on the rise, which means many more apps are also being created, downloaded, bought and used by millions of users. 7 out of 10 Smartphone users use an app at least once every day and 35% of smart phone users who download apps frequently have bought at least one app in the last 30 days. This makes it very evident that customer engagement and organizational communication will both soon be occurring extensively through apps accessed through Smartphone and tablet devices in the very near future.”

“Tablets are becoming a trend in the GCC in general and in the UAE in particular. Consumers are bringing their tablets to the workplace and using them for their jobs. Salespeople are using them in pitch presentations, while marketers are formulating their campaigns around them,” he said.

The UAE government has realized this, and public sector entities and departments are increasingly utilizing mobile and social media applications to engage and interact with their customers, improving response times and opening channels of communication. This has also spurred interest in apps development, with recent statistics looking at the first three quarters of 2011 showing that the UAE hosts almost 60 percent of the mobile application development in the Middle East region.

“The widespread use of a new generation of smart phones, the increasing computing time spent daily, and the well-developed ICT infrastructure in the UAE, has been a major factor behind the rise of mobile and social media apps in the country,” said Johmani.“The success of apps in the entertainment, music and games industries has motivated government entities to complement web-based services with mobile apps.”

Currently, almost 30 government mobile applications are available in the UAE, and are proving to be beneficial in providing better services to customers faster. The trend of using mobile apps to transact and engage with businesses will soon overcome desktop computing. In the next 2 years, it is expected that customers in the UAE will be able to pay all their bills and request services such as money transfers through their mobile phones.”

“We have been very active in the last quarter developing unique mobile applications and interactive social media games for our customers”, said Johmani. “Our Interactive arm, O2i is working on many projects for government and private sectors. A good example is the SCAD Census challenge that we launched earlier on Facebook, and the Children’s city’s games that were done for Dubai municipality.”

Yet, while apps are in high demand, and the infrastructure for app development is slowly being created, Johmani believes there is a dearth of investors currently willing to support the new market, which means that opportunities are being missed out on.

“The concept of stores such as App Store and Android Market has been growing very impressively in the GCC region,” added Johmani. “Unfortunately, the investors in the Arab world have not paid much attention to this rising era yet. We have ourselves tried to partner with investors many times, have noticed they are only ready to invest once the market is relatively mature. In the western world, for instance in the US, investors had leapt onboard far earlier in the conceptual stages because of their understanding of the sector’s potential.”

O2i, the interactive arm of O2 Network is a Dubai-based digital marketing solution company that provides one stop solution for digital requirements. The company has partnered with several successful clients indifferent industries with a focus on high quality, rapid delivery and excellent performance. O2i specializes in web design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, Facebook and mobile apps, email marketing and online advertising. For more information about O2i, please visit: www.o2i.ae

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O2 held the 5th Annual Gathering in Dubai with more success

O2 held the 5th Annual Gathering in Dubai with more success

245Dubai 7th Dec. 2010: the Marketing& PR reported more recovery after the consequences of the Global Crisis influenced the economy sectors around the world, Mr. Mohammed Johmani, CEO and Founder of O2 Network , confirmed and expressed his optimism that the economy sector will regain the role shortly, whereas the U.A.E economy running ahead as a pioneering state economy in the area.

Mr. Johmani addressed the 5th Annual O2 Network Gathering held in Dubai and noted that the O2 Network hit 15% increasing in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, PR,Trade Marks, E Services, as more than 100 staff members from Dubai. Abu Dhabi, K.S.A, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar attended the forum, and partnerships were approached with many organizations in both sectors of Private and Public around the G.C.C.
The expenses of advertising field around the Gulf hit approximately 5 billion US $ in the 1st half of 2010 reported remarkable increase of 20% compared to the same period of 2009 according to concerned Research& Survey Centers indicating obviously to recover from the Global Crisis, the growth average will returned as before the crisis while it is expected the ad spending will exceed the limits of 10 Billion US $ at the end of 2010, he added.

The U.A.E engaged pioneering with a portion of 31%, while K.S.A portion hit 27%, Kuwait 21.7%, Qatar 10.2%, Bahrain 3% and Oman6%.

At the time O2 Network Marketing Communications gained a portion of the market as many grand projects in the U.A.E, Qatar& Oman represented in privileged Marketing campaigns for Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Business Award, and DED, Seha Company and National Documentation Center  in Abu Dhabi whereas around the Gulf States O2 Network achieved success by running the Marketing Campaign of  Asian Cup,  to be held in Qatar on 2011,  Qatar Energy City and Qatar Star League, and the Marketing Campaign of  Nawras Telecommunications in Omani, Mr. Johmani explained while those projects were gained as for the privileged reputation of O2 and achievements done supported by the well experienced staff in the field of Marketing Communications, he noted.

Mr. Johmani, the O2 CEO, highlighted the Marketing Communication Strategy in 2011 depends on enhancing efficiency& liability in K.S.A& Qatar to deliver unique and innovative services for clients in the G.C.C in all the fields of  Marketing Consultancies, PR, Trade Marks, Research& Survey Centers and e services considering the edge technologies and feasibility of markets with more success and performance, at the time many logos laid by O2 were adapted by a lot of Public Organizations in the region, and honored by many authorities in the U.A.E, Bahrain and other countries. 

He added that customers of O2 increases day after day as many organizations, Public Departments and Private Companies show interest to claim services from O2 Marketing Communications, as various and comprehensive services delivered by O2 became the most favorite demand for many organizations in the area to run marketing campaigns with various consultancies which enhanced relationship to customers and gain profits for both parties, and promoted the customers image for the decision makers and public as a precious target of organizations around the world.

It is noted that O2 for Marketing Communications won Sheikh Mohamad Bin Rashed Youth Projects Support Award, three Awards from CNBC Arabic at 2007& 2008 as for remarkable leading campaigns of Bahrain Investment Anchor Project, Aswaq Company Campaign in U.A.E and Website design for Wasel of the U.A.E.

O2 Network deliver privileged services for customers around Abu Dhabi, Dubai and many Companies in the G.C.C and other states in the region.

O2 well experienced staff with various cultural backgrounds led to perform uniquely with high quality services.

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O2 Network celebrates Ramadan with partners and employees at Shangri-La Hotel Iftar event

O2 Network celebrates Ramadan with partners and employees at Shangri-La Hotel Iftar event

33Dubai, September 5, 2010- Celebrating the spirit of Ramadan with partners from across the region, O2 Network recently held its annual Ramadan Networking Event at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai, UAE.  Welcoming regional business personalities as well as the agency’s 80 plus employees, the evening was marked as an occasion to honour the Holy Month of Ramadan while commemorating the strong relationships that the agency has maintained during the past year.  Having opened offices in Qatar and Oman earlier in 2010, the event was also an opportunity for O2 Network senior management to interact with client servicing teams from different geographic markets.  Others in attendance included top marketing brass from a range of industries, including partners form the manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors.

Mohammed Johmani, CEO and Founder of O2 Network, was pleased to congratulate everyone on another successful year having navigated the challenges posed to many local companies and economies.  “They say it takes a village to build something truly exceptional, and this year I felt especially privileged to be able to work with so many exceptional people in moving projects forward.  Our mutual perseverance and determination has brought us to where we are today, and what better time to reflect upon those accomplishments than during Ramadan.”

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Companies forecast market growth in preview of Saudi Brand and Communications Summit 2010

Companies forecast market growth in preview of Saudi Brand and Communications Summit 2010

Local agency O2 Branding looks to KSA as a trend setter in the regional market

283Al Riyadh - KSA, June 9, 2010 – Companies across the region flocked to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) this week for the “Saudi Brand and Communications Summit 2010”—held in Riyadh from June 5 – 8, 2010.  Noting the incredible potential in the KSA market for all kinds of communication expansions, Mohammed Johmani, CEO and Founder of O2 Network, spoke at the summit about the key drivers of Saudi branding and marketing sectors. Johmani’s agency O2 Branding served as a main sponsor of the event.    

Research reports suggest that total advertising spending in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) will recover at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 10 percent from 2009-2013, with internet advertising expected to grow at nearly 32 percent.  With Saudi Arabia’s GDP being pegged as the highest in the Arab region, those in the branding and communications industry are excited to explore new innovations in the KSA media market.

“The strong foundations of the Saudi economy have encouraged companies to spend on growth during a time where most organizations are looking to cut costs, especially in marketing,” says Johmani.  “O2 Branding has definitely focused more of its energy on the Saudi market in the last few years, and this summit is the ideal platform to view the latest trends while networking with key decision makers in the region.”

O2 Branding is a perfect exemplar of the opportunities afforded to regional entrepreneurs looking to grow communication companies within KSA and the Arab world as a whole.  Part of the multi-discipline O2 Network, the agency assesses all aspects of a company’s “brand potential”, offering strategy design and development, brand-activation counseling, and company-wide workshops for brand management. 

O2 Branding grew out of the understanding that brands are organic in nature; an insight that is reflected in their mission to create ‘Living Brands’. The agency recognizes that brands look, speak, and behave according to their surroundings. In order to ensure an integrated brand culture, O2 Branding draws upon the expertise of the entire O2 Network, including interactive, PR, and advertising agencies, to offer clients integrated communication solutions.

Commenting on the ‘Living Brand’ approach, Johmani said: “To create living brands, we align brand strategies to consumer touch points.  O2 is unique in its communications approach because of its fundamental understanding that people interact with brands and experience them through multiple channels, which translate to the practices of marketing, public relations, and interactive digital media, all of which contribute to shaping certain characteristics of a brand. This approach ensures a comprehensive platform for the creation of an attuned brand culture. ”

Johmani was amongst amongst elite of regional and global figures who are speaking at the summit including Patrick Jephson, Former Private Secretary, HRH Diana, Princess of Wales; Mohamed El Fatatry, CEO, Muxlim, (Voted One of The World’s 500 Most Powerful Muslims); Werner Baumgartner, Managing Director, Swarovski Middle East; Terry Kane, Director Of Digital Strategy, Jumeirah Group; Majdi Al-Sahhaf, Director Marketing And Corporate Communications, Saudi Industrial Property Authority ‘MODON’; Shadi Bakhour, Director Sales And Marketing, Saudi Xerox; Rayan Qutub, Head Of Corporate Business Development And Investment Promotion ,Emaar, The Economic City; Cameron Walker, Director Corporate Communications, National Commercial Bank;  Siva Kumar; Global Head Of Customer Experience, HSBC; Tarik Hamou Hadi, Vice President Sales, Marketing And Innovation, Savola Foods; Mousa Obeid, Head Of Marketing KSA, Nokia;  Yasser Al-Kharobi, Head of Corporate Marketing, Rotana Media Group; Howard Belk, Co-President and CEO, Siegel+Gale.

Major topics of discussion at this year’s summit included connecting with Saudi youth, rules of branding in a post-recession environment, and the unique traits that define the Middle East communications industry within the larger, global scene. 

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O2 Network establishes a new office in Qatar

O2 Network establishes a new office in Qatar

366Dubai, March 16, 2010: UAE-based communications agency O2 Network has announced the opening of a new regional office in Doha in line with the company’s aim to leverage the growth of Qatari marketing industries, which are projected to expand alongside Qatar’s expectations for 17 % economic growth in 2010. The move reflects the company’s expanding presence in the country as recent contracts with Qatar Energy City and Maya La Chocolaterie are secured, amongst others.  The O2 office in Qatar office will represent the conglomerate of O2 Network’s agencies, including Marketing Communications (O2MC), O2 Public Relations (O2PR), O2 Interactive (O2i), O2 Branding (O2B) and the To Know research agency.

Qatar ranks high in advertising spending by which it grew by 12% over the past year, bringing the total ad spending to USD $402 million. The growth of the public relations industry has also been exceptional, which in 2009 grew nearly 25% despite Qatar maintaining its ranking as fourth in the GCC for most advertising expenditures.

According to Mohammed Johmani, Founder of O2 Network, the goal of the expansion is to strengthen an industry which is witnessing significant development yet lacks creative diversity.

“Qatar’s economic boom is incredible, especially in cities like Doha,” says Johmani, pointing at increasing foreign direct investment and government regulations set to encourage economic growth.  “At the same time, the market is expanding so quickly that the demand for support services is constantly changing. From human resources to marketing professionals, companies are starving for people with creative expertise and experience in growing regional markets.”

Winning numerous regional awards for its creative campaigns both in the UAE and greater GCC, the company will offer a comprehensive selection of the network’s services, including market research, PR consultancy, advertising and branding, as well as interactive web products through its new office in Doha.

Operating in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Jeddah, Muscat, and Hong Kong, Johmani says that the company is ideally positioned to connect the interests of these rapidly developing metropolises to build integrated campaigns across the GCC.

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Public and private sectors collaborate in launch of GO2Green energy conservation initiative

Public and private sectors collaborate in launch of GO2Green energy conservation initiative

Programme offers a way for UAE companies to encourage resource conservation in respective community networks

As the world meets in Copenhagen for this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP15), Read the full story

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O2 Network celebrates the year’s successes at fourth annual gathering in Dubai

O2 Network celebrates the year’s successes at fourth annual gathering in Dubai

O2 Network—the award-winning marketing communication network—recently held in Dubai its 4th annual gathering which was attended by all 80 employees of the company’s different branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain,KSA, Oman, Qatar and Hong Kong. Read the full story

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Crisis Management key issue as sixth Middle East Public Relations Congress begins in Dubai

Crisis Management key issue as sixth Middle East Public Relations Congress begins in Dubai

Attendance numbers exceed projections as representatives from local and multi-national organizations kick off week-long forum

Mr. Kosta Petrov, Conference Director for IIR Middle East

Mr. Kosta Petrov, Conference Director for IIR Middle East

Panel discussions began today for the oldest and one of the largest public relations conferences in the region, the Middle East Public Relations Congress.  Produced by IIR Middle East and in association with Dubai Media City and supported by the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA), the annual event is the most powerful PR networking and evaluation platform in the Middle East. Read the full story

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