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Ducab supplies power cables for the landmark solar power project ‘Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park’

Ducab supplies power cables for the landmark solar power project ‘Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park’

Solar Park by DEWA is Dubai’s first 13MW solar power plant

4120Dubai  22nd December 2013: Ducab, one of the largest manufacturers of power cables and copper products in the Middle East, was the preferred power cables and connectors supplier for the ‘Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park’ project. The progress of the project was constantly tracked by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) in order to ensure that commissioning deadlines were met, after which the plant was opened by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai on 22nd October 2013 to mark World Energy Day.

Phase I of the MBR Solar Park will generate 13MW of electricity, and is expected to accommodate solar power plants ultimately generating 1,000 MW of power. In addition, other facilities will form part of the development, such as an R&D Centre and an Academic Centre for Innovation.

The first phase of the park was completed on time, thanks to a close collaboration between Ducab and First Solar (FSLR) of the United States who were tasked with constructing this landmark development. Ducab began supplying cabling for this project back in July 2013, and in total provided Dh10.8 million worth of 33kV MV, LV Power & Control and Grounding Cables for the project.

The MBR Solar Park is the first such plant in the Middle East, and Ducab worked very closely in supporting the project team since its inception in January 2012. Ducab gave particularly attention to technical advice and solutions and on time cable deliveries, especially in cases of extreme urgency for the executors of the project, which is located in Seih Al Dahal on the Dubai-Al Ain road.

Speaking about the MBR Solar Park, the General Manager for Sales & Marketing at Ducab, Colin McKay, had the following to say: “The project is one of the most important components of Dubai’s strategy to diversify energy sources in the Emirate, as it is expected to provide 1 percent of total solar energy production by 2020 and 5 percent by 2030. Generating energy using photovoltaic (PV) panels, the park aims to promote the vision of the wise leadership of the UAE in providing carbon-free renewable energy”.

McKay continued: “The MBR Solar Park is considered a particularly important project as it will contribute to the generation of renewable energy and it is expected that the energy generated will enable savings in CO2 production of 15,000 metric tonnes annually, equivalent to removing 2,000 cars from the road every year. In addition to the advantages related to CO2, the plant will also help avoid the annual consumption of approximately 32,000 metric tonnes of water per year, which is required by conventional energy plants.”

He stated: “Ducab will contribute positively to such initiatives and pilot projects through the supply of special cables for renewable power generation, considered a key development in the region.”

“This project is one of the largest renewable energy projects in the area and one of the most important and ambitious development projects seeking to contribute towards the achievement of the UAE Vision 2021. The project will play a significant part in strengthening Dubai’s leading position as an international financial, trade and tourism hub. This is in addition to the consolidation of Sheikh Mohammed’s initiative ‘A green economy for sustainable development’. The project will also have a prominent role in providing new development projects in Dubai, especially the Expo2020 site,” added the General Manager for Sales & Marketing at Ducab.

He also hopes that Ducab will build their credibility through many future supply contracts for power cables which are used in solar power plants. This is due to the trend of the region’s countries to establish more plants of this nature. This will open up new markets for the company’s power cabling and wiring products, and Ducab will focus significantly in the coming period on entering into partnerships with organisations that seek the production of solar energy. Ducab’s high-quality cables have also received an excellent customer satisfaction rating recently, which exceeded their expectations.

McKay pointed out that the MBR Solar Park project has marked the first collaboration between Ducab and First Solar, which Ducab hopes and anticipates will establish similar successful cooperation between the two parties in the future.

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Ducab Adopts Sharia-Compliant metals price risk management (Hedging) practices

Ducab Adopts Sharia-Compliant metals price risk management (Hedging) practices

4201Dubai 26th November, 2013: Ducab, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality power cables and wires in the Middle East, has taken a strategic initiative under the guidance from its Board of Directors to convert its conventional metals hedging practices into Islamic structures.

The initiative supports growth within the global Islamic finance industry, and is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai to set up a comprehensive platform of Islamic economy products and services. The Prime Minister envisages the UAE becoming a global hub for Islamic finance, a view which has further highlighted the need for such innovative and requisite Sharia-compliant products to be introduced into the field of metals hedging.

With regard to the development of this innovative hedging arrangement, Mr. Andrew Shaw, Managing Director of Ducab, stated: “Ducab is delighted to enter into this arrangement, particularly as we are the first regional cable manufacturing company to initiate metals hedging practices into Islamic structures, It is also gratifying to receive the support of respected financial institutions locally and internationally.

He added: “Strengthening Islamic economic principals are an integral part of our overall approach to growth and development, we will further continue to explore such ideas in other parts of our business. We hope that risk management practices globally in the metals industry will adopt these practices in the coming months.”

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to persuade global metal exchanges to adopt the product as one of the standard traded offerings. This new hedging opportunity will be placed under the spotlight at the 2013 Global Islamic Economy Summit, which will take place on 25 and 26 November, as Ducab seeks to promote the Sharia-compliant hedging to other major companies in the MENA region.

Ducab’s CFO Mr. Arif Choksy stated “Ducab pioneered the development of Sharia Compliant structure, This task was effectively achieved by dedicating Ducab’s senior finance team for a period of 8 months which involved continuous learning on sharia principals of hedging, in order to complete the development of the structure and required Islamic documentation, in co-operation with its “London Metal Exchange” Counterparts, Societe Generale’s strong support and dedication was commendable who took the lead amongst the “London Metal Exchange” counterparts in launching this development with Ducab.”

He added: “Ducab actively started using the sharia compliant metals hedging product since early 2013, for its major line of businesses and has successfully converted 70 percent of its existing hedging portfolio into Sharia-compliant structures with a dedicated back office involvement to manage the ongoing process.”

Mr. Francois Combes, Head of Metals Markets for Societe Generale, said : “We are very proud of being associated with Ducab in this initiative, This great achievement is the result of months of work and coordination between Ducab and Societe Generale.”

Mr. Mohamed Virani, Head of Islamic Products from Societe Generale further commented “Societe Generale appreciates the exemplary work and expertise of Ducab in pioneering the development of sharia compliant structures for managing metals price risk, which will contribute towards the success and overall growth of Islamic hedging arrangements globally”.

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Ducab to unveil new range of rubber cabling at ADIPEC

Ducab to unveil new range of rubber cabling at ADIPEC

Largest Middle East oil and gas industry exhibition to open up new markets for Ducab

467Dubai 11th Nov. 2013: Ducab, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality power cables and wires in the Middle East, has unveiled its new state-of-the-art range of rubber cables, which are produced in the company’s new facility in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi. This has been announced during Ducab’s participation in the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), which takes place between 10th and 13th November 2013 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

Andrew Shaw, the Managing Director of the company, stated, “Ducab looks forward to becoming the first manufacturer of rubber cables in the Middle East region, as the company seeks to meet demand for special cabling from the region’s push for industrialisation.”

“ADIPEC is the largest exhibition for the Middle East oil and gas industry, and the third largest oil and gas event in the world. Given this fact, Ducab is delighted to be involved in 2013 iteration of the exhibition, having featured prominently in the 2012 edition,” added Shaw.

He continued: “With this new range, Ducab becomes the first supplier in the Middle East region to produce rubber cabling for the offshore market. It is intended that Ducab will expand into new global markets for the export of its high-quality cabling products of various types.”

Colin McKay, General Manager for Sales & Marketing at Ducab, had the following to say, “Ducab’s range of rubber cables are designed to provide exceptional flexibility in terms of usage. Cabling insulated with rubber has the ability to withstand extreme heat, a variety of corrosive chemicals, exposure to oil, extreme acid and alkaline environments, very high and low temperatures – with rubber cabling having a maximum conductor operating temperature of 200 degrees Celsius – and other extreme and heavy-duty demands.”

“This makes Ducab’s new range of cables ideal for usage in a variety of industrial sectors such as railways, shipbuilding, oil and gas, offshore and mining projects, submersible water pump systems, wind turbines and solar plants,” explained McKay.

He added, “Ducab has a history of supplying major projects in the OGP sector with a variety of high-tech products, with previous partnerships including Hyundai Engineering and Construction through the KOC Pipeline Project, Samsung Engineering through Carbon Black Project in Abu Dhabi, and other OGP projects and international companies.”

According to the Marketing Manager of Ducab, Ashish Chaturvedy: “Ducab is fundamentally related to cable manufacturing history right back to the 1880’s. It is worthwhile to mention that the rubber cabling range of products were first used for signalling as far back as the 1860’s, so there is in fact a rich industrial history related to rubber cabling.”

“Owing to the fact that the cabling we have produced is a unique product, we anticipate that there is huge potential for it within the regional and global markets. There are no obvious direct competitors due to Ducab’s ability to produce some types of cables that are both unique and of supremely high quality, which are in accordance with international standards,” said Chaturvedy.

It is noteworthy that the 16th edition of ADIPEC kicked off on Sunday, 10th of November at ADNEC, under the theme ‘Energy for all in a Changing World’, with the participation of nearly 50,000 oil and gas industry professionals from 80 countries around the world, and 1,600 international suppliers and companies.

The exhibition-cum-conference is considered to be a key venue for professionals to converge and experience, discover, network, discuss and debate core industry issues.

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Ducab’s Dh100mn cabling plays big part in construction of the world’s biggest airport

Ducab’s Dh100mn cabling plays big part in construction of the world’s biggest airport

Huge infrastructure project due to open in Dubai

3179Dubai 26th  October 2013: Ducab, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality cables and wires in the Middle East, is delighted to announce that the construction of Al Maktoum International Airport, for which they have been instrumentally involved in the supply of cables and wiring, is nearly complete. The airport is due to be unveiled and officially opened on Sunday 27th October 2013, and is anticipated to be the largest airport in the world.

Ducab has supplied cabling throughout the five years it has taken to construct Al Maktoum International Airport, and its reputation as the largest supplier of industrial cabling in the Middle East goes hand-in-hand with what has been a huge project. The construction of the airport has been the largest infrastructure project currently operating in Dubai. Most of the cabling and wiring that has been required for this project has been manufactured by Ducab, including LV, building wire, and a variety of specialist cabling.

This huge deal has further cemented Ducab’s position as a leading supplier of world-class industrial cabling and wiring to the local UAE marketplace. Ducab anticipates that having been involved in such a major project will also help it develop new markets for its products within the local region.

In order to deliver the cabling that was required for the Al Maktoum International Airport project, Ducab partnered with the Al Nabooda Group, Kharafi National, and Thermo L.L.C., in order to ensure its efficient and effective delivery. It is expected that such a salubrious contract with a major international airport has only enhanced Ducab’s already excellent reputation.

Speaking on the subject of the Al Maktoum International Airport project, Colin McKay, General Manager for Sales & Marketing, Ducab, had the following to say: “Ducab is delighted to have been centrally involved in this huge infrastructure project, the biggest in Dubai. This will further enhance the company’s already established reputation as one of the largest suppliers of industrial cabling in the Middle East, as well as further cementing its status as a trusted UAE business.”

He added: “Ducab is also keen to emphasise that the vast majority of cabling utilised in this project has been manufactured in the UAE. Thus, this will naturally make a great contribution to the UAE economy, as well as providing job opportunities for locals to the process of Emiratisation.”

McKay also mentioned that there are obvious economic benefits for the UAE created by the Al Maktoum International Airport project. Firstly, such a massive infrastructure project will naturally have direct economic advantages for the local economy initially. But there will also be benefits related to investment in the airport, which will make the project an even more economically valuable one, as well as money coming into the UAE from tourism. Overall, the project is set to make a huge contribution to the local community, the Dubai economy, and the central government’s socio-economic vision.

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Ducab adds value to the Long Term Supply Relationship with Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC)

Ducab adds value to the Long Term Supply Relationship with Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC)

454Dubai – 05 October 2013: Dubai Cable Company (Ducab), one of the largest manufacturers of power cables and copper products in the Middle East, held a week long and exhaustive technical training for the first batch of 22, ADDC Technicians and Engineers in the factory premises in Abu Dhabi and Jebel. The training session was followed by a ceremony to award the Certificate of Proficiency to the candidates to acknowledge their great success in learning the basics of Cable Systems, including demonstration of cable jointing and terminations during installation and maintenance. that their strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) has been over the last year.

The ceremony was attended by senior management figures from both companies including Ducab’s Managing Director, Andrew Shaw, ADDC’s Business Support Director, Fahad Al-Shamsi and Supply Division Manager, Mohamed Abdul Qader. In addition, numerous media outlets also sent representatives to witness the event, which featured awards and certification being handed out to a variety of engineers and trainees from ADDC, who have  achieved the requisite knowledge and practical training related to Cable Systems and accessories.

ADDC relies heavily on its high performance and wide spread cable systems networks to provide 24×7 power flow across Abu Dhabi region. Ducab as a preferred supplier has collaborated with ADWEA/ADDC on numerous infrastructure projects across the Abu Dhabi Emirate by designing & delivering world-class Power Utility cables up to 33kV, soon after   privatisation in 1998. Long terms assets such as Cable systems are the backbone of a Utility Service provider like ADDC and Ducab is assisting ADDC by training their young engineering recruits to build their knowledge, whilst upgrading their skills and experience. This will serve ADDC’s vision and primary objectives for developing their operational team through bench marking, timely power supply and startup of new projects across the region.

The award ceremony acknowledged the first batch of engineers that have successfully passed through the technical training on power cables and accessories. In total, 65 electrical engineers and 48 technicians employed by ADDC would be participating in this course by Nov, 2013. The course has been particularly aimed at developing Emirati engineers within ADDC. The course was jointly designed by Ducab and ADDC, with the emphasis of the training strongly placed on design, quality testing and the jointing and termination of power cables.

The Managing Director of Ducab, Andrew Shaw, had the following to say: “Everyone at Ducab is delighted with this collaborative training course between Ducab and ADDC, which will contribute greatly to the knowledge base among young employees of both companies. Ducab acknowledges that the partnership with ADDC has been hugely successful over the last few years, and anticipates its continuing accomplishments in the future.”

Shaw continued: “Ducab is particularly pleased that National employees being trained by this programme and contributing to the important governmental goal of Emiratisation. It is also expected that the training will make young Emiratis involved in the training more skilled, and thus more employable, contributing to the government’s much valued Absher initiative, which aims for Emirati’s to success in the local job market.”

Fahad Al-Shamsi, Business Support Director at ADDC, who attended the ceremony, was also keen to note the success of their collaboration with Ducab: “ADDC is extremely happy with the assistance of Ducab in training its employees in the important area of power cabling and related accessories. Benefits to ADDC include manpower development, better supervision, quicker solution, lower downtime that will enable us to provide a better level of customer service to our consumers.”

Al-Shamsi further stated that ADDC would like to take this opportunity to note how successful the long-term collaboration between Ducab and ADDC has been in terms of assisting with getting world-class product to market.

He added: “Everyone at ADDC is proud that the achievements of the company and its partnership with Ducab are contributing to the wise leadership’s goals of Emiratisation and the Absher initiative.”

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Ducab marks Ramadan with donation campaign to Sightsavers

Ducab marks Ramadan with donation campaign to Sightsavers

Scheme will give hope to poverty stricken blind children all over the world

415Dubai, 5th Aug. 2013: Ducab, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality power cables and wires in the Middle East, has announced its intention to mark the important holy month of Ramadan by making a contribution to the Sightsavers charity. Ramadan is a time of great importance and reflection for all Emiratis and Ducab hopes to contribute to a feeling of goodwill among the UAE community by making this gesture.

The charity is well known in the UAE and throughout the region, and has become one of the world’s most prominent global charities which deals with blindness in developing countries. Sightsavers was founded in Britain in 1950, originally being named ‘British Empire Society for the Blind’.

Today, the charity works with children with visual difficulties all over the world, helping the visually impaired restore their sight through specialist treatment and eye care in over 30 countries. Sightsavers also provides support to people who are irreversibly blind by providing education, counselling and training. The charity works with some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in areas of the world which are rife with poverty. Sightsavers has treated over 200 million people for blinding and potentially blinding conditions, and has additionally carried out over 7 million operations globally to restore eye sight since inception.

Ducab has dubbed the promotional effort that it is carrying out in accordance with Sightsavers as the ‘Ducab Gift of Light’. Partners are encouraged to participate in this campaign by posting Ramadan greeting messages on  For every Ramadan greeting that is sent, Ducab will contribute $1 to Sightsavers, in order to assist with the charity’s sight-saving operations with children in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. A contribution of a mere few dollars can save a child’s sight, so Ducab is urging as many people as possible to access the website and post greetings generously.

With relation to this campaign, Colin McKay, General Manager for Sales & Marketing at Ducab, stated “Ducab is sensitive to the importance of Ramadan within the UAE community, and thus feels a strong desire to make a contribution to the feeling of love and goodwill that all Emiratis experience at this holy time. By partnering with the Sightsavers campaign, Ducab hopes to make a positive difference to the lives of some of the most impoverished and vulnerable children in the world. Everyone at Ducab feels passionately about this cause, and hopes to see the ‘Ducab Gift of Light’ campaign receive huge support, not only across the country, but the wider region, and even the world, as well.”

McKay continued: “As one of the world’s most prominent cable manufacturers, being a valued and respected company in the UAE and the Middle East, Ducab takes its corporate responsibility very seriously. This means that everyone at Ducab is always mindful of the importance of living up to the values that we have instilled in all of our working practices with regard to corporate social responsibility. We actively seek to make the world a better place, and passionately believe that this can be achieved when we all work together to fulfil common goals.”

“We hope and anticipate that the ‘Ducab Gift of Light’ campaign can make a contribution to our ongoing remit and commitment to CSR, and support the critical and valued work of the Sightsavers charity,” he added.

The campaign will continue throughout the holy month of Ramadan up until Eid. Those wishing to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause are urged to log on to the Ducab ‘Gift of Light’ website before the end of Ramadan and post a greeting.

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Ducab celebrates the spirit of Ramadan with key partners at Dubai and Abu Dhabi Suhoor events

Ducab celebrates the spirit of Ramadan with key partners at Dubai and Abu Dhabi Suhoor events

Initiative fosters closer ties and facilitates communication, collaboration and reflection

21Dubai 3rd Aug 2013: Ducab, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality cables and wires in the Middle East, has held Suhoor events in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan, strengthen networking ties, create informal channels of communication with key partners and thank its stakeholders for their unstinting support.

Ducab senior management welcomes contractors, distributors, media people, diplomats, representatives from government entities and decision makers from the public sector.

“The Ducab Suhoor is an annual event, and has become a company tradition where we reflect on our relationships with key stakeholders and show them our appreciation for their support. It is an opportunity to strengthen relationships, open informal channels of communication in a relaxed and friendly environment, and build on the capital of trust and cooperation,” said Colin McKay, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Ducab.

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Ducab voted as “Superbrand” for 5th consecutive year

Ducab voted as “Superbrand” for 5th consecutive year

In Recognition of branding and marketing excellence

3Dubai,2nd July 2013: Ducab, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality electrical cables  wires and copper products in the Middle East, collected its fifth consecutive ‘Superbrand’ Award by the Superbrand Council which is the highest independent commission for evaluating commercial brands.

The criteria for Superbrand recognition of commercial brands include market presence, product quality, consumer confidence, continuity, accounting practices, customer loyalty and market acceptance.

As a pioneering and leading UAE company in the field of manufacturing electrical cables and copper products, Ducab’s fifth consecutive “Superbrand” title comes as a testament to the resounding achievement of its brand, and due to high confidence enjoyed both domestically and globally, in addition to its outstanding programs in the areas of corporate social responsibility, as well as its strong and diverse range of products.

Ashish Chaturvedy, Ducab Marketing Manager commented on the achievement saying, “Ducab has become a household name in the field of high grade wire and cable products and has earned the trust of various specialized international bodies. We have succeeded in solidifying our corporate brand when it comes to high-quality, standard cable production and as per the highest international manufacturing standards.”

Every month, Ducab produces over 40million meters of insulated building wire cabling, which is enough to circle to the globe and still have a few meters to spare !

Chaturvedy echoed the thrill of Ducab staff for the fifth consecutive recognition reiterating that “This award coincides with our brand’s persistent growth. It is a clear evidence of the dedication of our team, which in turn I would like to dedicate this award to. The success story of Ducab is based on continuous commitment to the highest standards of testing, quality and strict compliance with international safety standards.”

Out of the 1,350 companies that were shortlisted by the Superbrands Council, which is comprised of H.E. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, UAE Minister of Foreign Trade, Colm Mcloughlin, Managing Director of  Dubai Duty Free, Laila Suhail, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Shopping Festival, and Mishal Kanoo, Deputy Chairman – UAE & Oman of The Kanoo Group; only 56 were awarded the ‘Superbrand’ distinction after over 2,400 senior-level industry professionals voted.

The Ducab Marketing Manager added that their high quality electric cables and copper products currently reach many countries around the world after Ducab contracted a number of companies and institutions in Africa and Asia, and is preparing to enter the highly competitive European and Australian markets. “Ducab works with international contractors and technology providers to ensure the success of its products and for its brand to compete globally. This has proven to be a success story, as UAE local brands are able today to compete with the best in the world,” added Chaturvedy.

One of the strongest sources of power for Ducab is its  1,250 strong workforce that includes in addition to UAE Nationals, 29 nationalities from different parts of the world and constitute an integral reason behind Ducab’s excellence. The cumulative experience of Ducab staff is estimated at 10,000 years of practice and knowledge in the cable and wire industry providing complete solutions.

The Ducab product range covers High Voltage cables up to 400KV, Ducab Powerplus Medium Voltage cables up to 33KV, Low Voltage power cables, control and auxiliary, wiring and lead-sheathed cables, Ducab-Smokemaster low smoke and fume cables, and FLAMBICC (Fire Resistance Cables), DuFlex flexible wiring and specialised Rubber cables. Ancillary products include cable components and cable accessories, as well as copper rods and drawn wires that Ducab manufactures in its own copper rod plant in Abu Dhabi.

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Ducab HV and Hyder Consulting Celebrate Success at MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2013

Ducab HV and Hyder Consulting Celebrate Success at MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2013

3289The MEED Quality Awards for Projects recognise the Gulf region’s highest quality projects.  Ducab HV and Hyder Consulting celebrated success at the recent awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi when the Ducab HV and EHV facility won the ‘GCC Industrial Project of the Year’ award.

The project is owned by Ducab HV and is a joint venture between the Ducab Group, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (AEWEA).  The facility is the first dedicated high voltage and extra-high voltage cable manufacturing plant in the Middle East.  It will make the UAE self-sufficient in its high voltage cable requirements.

Hyder Consulting, which entered the project for the award in collaboration with Ducab HV, was the engineering consultant and architect for the facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai.The strong working relationship between both companies is evidenced in the success of the project with the facility formally inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court in November 2011.

The Ducab HV and EHV facility covers a total area of 22,000 square metres next to Ducab’s existing cable manufacturing plant.  It is capable of producing HV cable systems of up to 500kV.  The facility’s most prominent characteristic is a 40-storey tower housing state of the art extrusion equipment designed to ensure the EHV products are manufactured to the highest standards.  The tower is thought to be the tallest industrial tower in the GCC.

Jon Vail, CEO of Ducab HV, said:

Quote from Jon Vail

Commenting on the win Wael Allan, Regional Managing Director of Hyder Consulting,said:

“It is a real privilege to share in Ducab HV’s success in receiving the GCC award for ‘Industrial Project of the Year’.  The team at Hyder was delighted to be in a position to nominate a project of this caliber for a MEED Quality Award, having contributed to the engineering and architectural design of the Ducab HV and EHV facility.  We would like to congratulate our client, Ducab HV, on the success of the facility and on this much deserved recognition of the company’s achievements at the awards.”

Edmund O’Sullivan, chairman of the judging panel said:

“This year’s edition of the awards programme received a higher number of entries, firmly establishing it as the most sought-after recognition initiative in the projects industry. This signifies the important value placed by stakeholders on achieving quality in their projects not just by aspiring for excellence in design, engineering and construction; but also in terms of their projects’ contribution to the economy, society and the environment. For their outstanding achievements, we salute all the winners.”

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Ducab posts impressive growth in overseas sales

Ducab posts impressive growth in overseas sales

Further advances market share in the highly competitive UAE home market

3222Dubai 23rd April 2013: Ducab—one of the region’s largest manufacturers of high-quality power cables and copper products in the Middle East—has announced impressive results for 2012 today (April 23, 2013) during a press conference held in Dubai. Key areas of growth in 2012 included 24% higher sales to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector and an increase of 42% in cable exports including a 72% increase in International markets. Ducab revenues of Dhs4.2bn were lower than the previous year turnover despite a small increase in cable volumes. This was due to a 10% drop in copper prices over the same period coupled with the change in product mix.

Commenting on the results, Chairman of Ducab, Eng. Jamal Al Dhaheri said: “Our success in 2012 was the result of successful expansions in new markets and introduction of new products coupled with tight financial control. We have ventured into new sectors and markets across various territories. Ducab increased market share in the core market of UAE despite increasingly difficult market conditions in 2012. Ducab’s traditional strength in the home market was reinforced with innovative promotions to support the distribution chain.

Mr Al Dhaheri added, “Ducab remains financially strong and has reduced borrowings by AED 198mn during the year. The core business profitability was up 10% from the previous year and the Board agreed to increase dividend to our shareholders by 25%.

Another highlight was the first full year of operation of Ducab HV, the Dh500m high voltage cable plant that opened during the previous financial year. In addition to supplying high voltage cables to both its utility partners, ADWEA and DEWA, Ducab HV was also successful in winning its first major export order for MEW Kuwait valued at AED62M.  This export success was achieved two years ahead of the target set in the original business plan.  Ducab HV also successfully completed 132,000V system type tests in its own extra-high voltage test facilities under the close scrutiny of the utility specialists and independent third party expert witnesses.

The results of 2012 were achieved in large part to an increase in sales to export markets, which helped to offset the softer levels of demand seen from Ducab’s home market. Ducab’s cables and copper products are currently sold in over 40 countries worldwide across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Far East. Approximately 55% of Ducab’s total sales are made outside the UAE market, as Ducab looks to penetrate new high growth markets in Africa and Asia.

Mr Al Dhaheri noted that Ducab has continued to invest and develop the business through the recent downturn and proudly announced that Ducab will shortly start production of Rubber Cables at its

Musaffah Abu Dhabi factory. These cables are used in specialised industrial applications and it is believed that Ducab will be the first company to manufacture them in the MENA Region.

“Ducab continues to leverage its strengths in customer service and product quality to develop new products and markets, driven by a strong belief that such commitment will continue to further increase the sale of Ducab cables and allied products across the region,” the Chairman concluded.

Ducab has a wider responsibility in the UAE and earlier this week launched a fire safety awareness campaign in partnership with the Directorate General of Civil Defence. The road-show display will tour Dubai and Abu Dhabi educating end-users and installers on the dangers of substandard cabling.  Specialist cables like LPCB-approved Ducab FlamBICC fire resistant cables and the Tuff DuFlex 105degrees Centigrade BASEC approved flexible cords are just a few examples of how seriously Ducab addresses the issues of fire safety and the impact of high quality products on human life.

National Development is a key priority for Ducab and a new initiative was started in 2012 with the start of a new graduate recruitment scheme. Ducab will recruit and train 15, mainly technical,  graduates per year to develop Ducab’s leaders of the future. Emiratis already occupy 22% of Ducab’s white collar positions.

Ducab also participated in major events including Dubai Global Energy Forum, WETEX, Middle East Electricity Exhibition, and the 2nd Annual Middle East Fire Safe Conference 2012, where it showcased the entire FlamBICC fire performance range of cables and wires in addition to its range of HV, MV & LV cables, Ducab Smokemaster LSZH, Instrumentation and Pilot cables, Control and Auxiliary cables, Wiring cables and Lead-sheathed cables for the oil, gas and petrochemical sector in addition to the Ducab Connect range of joints and terminations.

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