Embracing ‘The New IP’ Will Help Organizations in the UAE Boost Workforce Productivity

490Have you ever given a thought about how bad office internet connectivity and network downtime can hurt organizations in the UAE?

An interesting study by Chelsea Apps Factory recently, showing that 7.5 MILLION working days are being lost in the UK thanks to poor office technology. That’s an average of 11 days per worker in case you’re wondering. 11 days of sitting around, frustrated, because they can’t work – not because they don’t want to.

The biggest culprit? A slow Internet connection. Somewhat embarrassingly half of the office workers surveyed said their home broadband was better than their work connection. Even in our hyper connected, online shopping, 10GbE switching world, it seems organizations are still struggling to get their network to work.

Yarob Sakhnini, regional director, MEMA at Brocade says that if such a survey was carried out in the UAE, the results would not be very different.

It’s not just the workforce that is struggling, as Brocade’s research has shown that the average Chief Information Officer (CIO) is losing around 1000 working hours every year firefighting. A leading cause of this drain on their time? Network downtime. And this doesn’t account for all those IT team and helpdesk hours focused on fixing things in order to keep the lights on, rather than working on projects that could make those lights shine so much more brightly – increasing competitiveness, improving efficiency, creating new opportunities and delivering new services to internal and external customers. The real exciting, innovative stuff.

So why not just “fix” the network? Cloud is touted as one solution, and it can certainly deliver impressive cost and service improvements. Unfortunately it’s also of little use if organizations can’t access their cloud service because their employees can’t connect to the Internet off the corporate network in the first place. Simply adding more switches to the network is an expensive way of gaining a little more bandwidth for a huge increase in complexity.

So what to do? Organizations need to look at the network in a new way. Not as a fixed legacy system that must be held up with sticking plaster or ripped out and replaced. Or as an impractical full scale shift into the cloud. Despite what some vendors may infer, addressing problems with the network does not have to be an “either/or” deal.

What organizations in the UAE need to adopt first is a philosophy called ‘The New IP’. The New IP is not a solution, or a product; it’s an approach that recognizes that cloud, mobility, digitalization, virtualization, software and hardware all have their role to play in the network that organizations now need and that it’s about working out the right mix of the above for each organization’s business needs. Like, increasing productivity, for example.

Only when companies stop focusing on trying to fix the Old IP and take a business focused approach that embraces the reality of the technology dependent world we inhabit can the workforce be fully enabled.

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