Dubai Court launches 30 smart services to ensure happiness of the audience

485Dubai: Jan 13, 2015; The Dubai Courts launched its first bundle of smart services that would allow the public using the judicial services through smart devices around the clock. The Dubai Courts application that offers 30 services is now available to the public. It saves time, effort and cost to the customers. The step comes within its keenness on providing the best hassle-free services to ensure happiness of the customers.

HE Expert / Tarish Eid Al Mansouri, Director General of Dubai Courts, said “the step goes in line with achieving vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai concerning the launch of the Smart Government project, who said “I want the public to complete all their government transaction through the phone” and also said  “the life’s pleasure is to do unexpected thing that no one did before you… I’m looking forward to new ingenuity from you”

The Dubai Courts’ transferring of its e-services to smart services comes to achieve its leading vision in the judicial work that aims at providing hassle-free services for the public, Tarish said. The new smart services would contribute to serving the audience and helping the employees to achieve the highest levels of performance to satisfy all segments of the society, he added.

It is great honor that the Dubai Courts is the first government department which provides its all services through integrated smart system. The services of auditors, judges, decision-makers and implementation officers are available to all categories to ensure efficiency of the smart operations, Tarish said.

The applications that the Dubai Courts launched are simple and easy, and available for every one. Through 4 steps, the customer can apply for the services and follow-up status of the transaction during any of its stages, he said.

The 30 smart services work on all smart ios and android devices.

These services include: the follow-up procedures of service implementation, services for inquiring about funds, property, passport photo, vehicles, cash and deposits with banks, departure of a party through General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, the stock and bonds, service of To Whom It May Concern certificates, service of booking trade name, accounting service and others.

The application also offers services of seizure notice, installments, and removal of restraining, replacement of a receiver, vehicles impoundment, suspension of proceedings temporarily, attaching (lands, real estate,  stocks bonds, income and stakes, cash and deposits with banks, assets of institution or company) and services of sale of transferred the money, sale of vehicle in the implementation, sale of a stake in the property, sale of vessels, sale of real estate via valuation service, sale of shares, a bid in auction, withdrawal of bidder, and awarding an auction.

This application that offers smart services relating to the cases, is one of the smart applications provided by Dubai Courts. It is a smart, an interactive and an integrated application for the cases registered in Dubai Courts. It contains a group of smart services offered by Dubai Courts that would ensure facilitation and quickness of the procedures to achieve its vision in the judicial work.

Moreover, the Dubai Courts’ application of smart services is an unprecedented quantum leap in the judicial filed in particular, and the government in general. It is not limited to providing a way to request service, but it an integrated system through which the Dubai Courts applies the principle of smart operations in management of its major missions.

It is the simplest and easiest way to deal with transactions of all cases, starting from submitting a request till a final decision. The new application is an actual translation of an integrated series of operations and procedures that were reconstructed and improved to become smart operations. It has become the main tool provided by the Dubai Courts for its customers and employees. This would ensure controlling and managing all the procedures of the cases anywhere and in anytime.

The application was designed to primarily target the categories of outer customers (parties to the suits, law offices, and typing offices), and the internal auditors and judges, as well as secretaries and implementation officers, so as to ensure provision of an integrated and smart experience.

The first version of the application contains many services including services dedicated to the outer customers like: filing a lawsuit (it provides models depending on the case type), attaching the required documents, e-pay of fees, modifying the text based on request of the auditor, e-paying difference of fees if required, query about applications, query about the case, receiving notifications on the mobile device (Email, SMS, Push Notifications), previewing copy of decision signed electronically by the judge or decision maker.

The version also includes services for internal auditor, namely: reception of notifications on the mobile device (Email, SMS, Push Notifications), reviewing a submitted request and previewing the attachments, inquiring about the case, requesting information or modifications or additional attachments, reviewing the request’s fees, determining any other fees on the application and sending it electronically to the client for payment, forwarding the request electronically to the judge to decide.

It also includes a set of services dedicated to the judges (decision maker), namely: reception of a notification on the mobile device about a new application via (Email, SMS, Push Notifications), reviewing the application, inquiring about the case information and application fees, redirecting or assigning the application internally, communicating with the applicant electronically (if needed), decision-making and signing electronically, submitting the application to the secretary for the follow-up.

The application is available on apple store:

And Google play

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