Govt to evaluate staff on basis of performance

438Starting early January, the Ministry of Civil Service will implement the standard curve benchmark program to evaluate the performance of government employees, said Ahmed Al-Zahrani.

The current traditional method involves taking into account an employee’s seniority or years of service and periodic evaluation of performance. The modern method to be implemented soon will include mandatory selection testing and all measures will be linked to incentives, benefits, promotions and training.

Al-Zahrani said it is necessary to find appropriate means to implement the principle of differentiation method. This includes the standard curve orientation approach, which is a system used by the best organizations to compare between employees based on their skills and competence based on where they fall along the curve.

He said the ministry is keen to develop the employee performance measurement process in order to create a work culture that motivates employees by rewarding them based on their performance results and efforts.

According to Al-Zahrani, the objective of the new standard curve is to determine the best and most talented employees.

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