Little health tips for your little ones

41As parents continue to lead busy lifestyles, convenience usually precedes nutritional value when it comes to family meals and often consumption of fast food is appealing because of quick service when compared to home-cooked food. It is a well-known fact that frequent consumption of fast food may have adverse effects on well-being due to excessive fat content, low nutritional value along with numerous other potential harmful health related issues.

Recently a number of school-based health programmes have been initiated in the UAE, but despite these initiatives, educational institutions still lack a comprehensive health strategy that addresses all current challenges.

When forty per cent of teenagers are overweight & being at risk of early diabetes and hypertension (compared with just 15 per cent in the United States) and where sizes of school uniforms on offer are alarming as per recent statement shared by UAE doctors, this becomes the nation’s wake up call.

Unfortunately, fast foods and unhealthy food habits are a way of life for many families nowadays, and while completely eliminating these habits may not be realistic, it is possible to take an initiative and help parents prepare healthy food for their kids in the limited time they have.

As one of the leading worldwide food brands, Mazola has always been synonymous with care and good health since it first became available over 100 years ago. Working with their manufacturing and development teams, Mazola have recently developed & launched ‘Mayonnaise Lite’, a product with the same great taste as their regular classic mayonnaise but with 30% less fat.

Mazola Mayonnaise Lite contains a natural ingredient called Inulin, which is a prebiotic fibre that helps reduce the fat content and is a natural storage carbohydrate present in more than 36,000 species of plants. The Inulin in Mazola Mayonnaise Lite helps us to feel fuller for longer duration and reduce the craving for high sugary and fatty foods and while Inulin is slightly sweet, it does not add any calories to your diet.

Now kids can enjoy the same appetizing flavour that they have always loved, in a healthier way. Mazola believes that taking care of children’s health relies in the choices parents make when it comes to their children’s diet. For example, mothers can still prepare their kid’s favourite nuggets, by baking them using Mazola oil instead of frying. Mazola also advises adults and mothers to consider Mazola Lite Mayonnaise in their preparation of foods for themselves and give their children the delicious snacks they love, with the healthy goodness they need.

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