The 4th round of moot court contest launched in Dubai

Dubai: November 26, 2014:

444Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Dubai Deputy Ruler and Chairman of the Board of Dubai Judicial Council, the 4th round of the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Moot Court Competition was launched within the initiatives of the legal excellence and thought. The contest seeks to build a legal versed generation, and develop the capacity of the judiciary staff, in addition to stimulating leadership of the legal work.

The dual phases contest is a legal competition dedicated to the students of the faculties of law in the GCC countries. The first is preparation of written submissions on basis of real or presumptive facts (case), while the second is rounds of oral arguments among the contestant teams from the participating universities and colleges before the jury. The contest is organized annually by Dubai Courts within a clear vision that aims at building a legal experienced generation.

The Moot Court Competition’s question of this round is a “personal status case”. The Dubai Courts opened the registration in the competition from November 26, till December 18, 2014, whereas introductory seminars on the competition will be organised at the universities of the United Arab Emirates in the period from December 14, till December 30, 2014. Meanwhile, the organizing committee has determined February 16, 2015 a date to hand over the written submissions by the participating teams, and to perform the general and the final tours, in addition to announcing the results in March-2015.

HE Expert/ Tarish Eid Al Mansouri, Director-General of Dubai Courts and Head of the Higher Committee of the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence hailed the limitless and constant support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai to the judicial sector in Dubai. He also praised auspices of HH Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Dubai Deputy Ruler and Chairman of the Board of Dubai Judicial Council to support this contest, thanking him for his supportive efforts which he offers to build a legal versed generation, and develop the capacity of the judiciary staff, in addition to stimulating leadership of the legal work.

Tarish stated that the contest aims to provide the participating students with practical skills and techniques of persuasion, proficiency in the preparation of regulations, self-confidence, the ability to improvise, experience in the preparation of hearing plans, and representation of adversaries via real or virtual applications. The competition also aims to increase the skills of students with regard to analysing, researching and developing legal rules, and applying them practically by pleading before a jury

He also pointed out that the competition aims to develop theoretical and practical methods of training to increase the efficiency of the law graduates. It also seeks to build bridges of communication between the judicial systems and law schools, to stimulate the ambitions and dreams of law school students with regard to working in the judicial field, and to provide them with an opportunity to practice legal activities within a realistic setting. It is also intended to raise the spirit of competition among law schools in order to improve the practical ability of students, to raise the reputation of the judicial systems in the areas of leadership and excellence in the community, and to discover the most distinguished students in preparation for attracting them to work in the judicial system.

Al Mansouri pointed out that the initiatives of legal excellence and thought has become a launch pad for many of the leading  programs in the legal and judicial fields. The Middle East’s first of its kind initiatives that comprised of 6 different initiatives are dedicated to various legal and judicial community groups and students of the faculties of law in the UAE.

Those wishing to apply for the competition shall fill in the registration form with the written submissions attached via the official website of the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence “”

The opportunity would be given for all universities and law schools in the GCC countries that grant bachelor’s degrees in law or Sharia law, or its equivalent, to participate in the competition with a team consisting of four male of female students. The students participating in the contest must be citizens of the country represented by a university or school, and to be of the students who are studying in them during the period of the competition. The students who previously took part in the contest are not allowed to participate in the competition. Each university is entitled to participate with one team or more consisting of four male or female students each, since the higher committee has not determine the number of teams participating from each university or faculty.

The universities and colleges wishing to participate shall handle completion of all actions required to select the students and the preparation for participating in the contest. Each university or college is entitled to assign two eligible students as stand by members of the team for the contestant students. These are not entitled to participate, except in the case that a contestant student is unable to continue which is subject to approval by the competition director.

The organising committee stipulates each participating team will prepare two separate written submissions from both case parties, containing the facts of the virtual case that they have been provided with, as well as references, legal arguments and closing requests. Each participating team will be provide 3 copies of each submissions on both case parties.

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