Abu Dhabi Health Industry Stakeholders sign MOU to Create Qualified Local Workforce for Healthcare Industry

6Abu Dhabi, 5 Nov. 2014: The Abu Dhabi Health Services Co PJSC (SEHA), in conjunction with Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD); Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council (ADTC) and Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create a skilled and professional local work force train jobseekers for work within the Abu Dhabi healthcare industry.

The MOU was signed for SEHA by Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, Acting CEO; for HAAD by Pro. Maha TaysirBarakat, Director General; for HCTby Dr. Tayeb Kamali, Vice Chancellor, and for the Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council by Mr. Abdullah Abdulaali Al Humaidan, Executive Director. The signing ceremony took place at HAAD headquarters and was attended by H.E Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of HAAD, H.E Ali Rashid Al Ketbi Chairman of Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council and a number of officials from all sides.

Each entity plays its own vital role in the agreement and reaffirms their commitment to meeting the needs of the community with qualified, medical professionals. Students participating in the programme will qualify for positions within the SEHA HealthSystem hospitals and clinics in fields such as nursing, screening, laboratory and pharmacy.

Within the terms of the agreement each entity has its own clear areas of responsibility:

TawteenCouncil will provide SEHA with a list of job seekers who meet the basic requirements of admission to the programme.  Tawteen will also follow up on the performance of student’s throughout the programme.

HCT will provide the scientific curriculum, classroomsand all necessary equipment. The course will be available at all its entities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. HCT will encourage students to obtain a Bachelor degree in their chosenmedical or healthfield.

SEHA will provide the practical training for graduates and will also employ successful students in line with HAAD licensing requirements.

HAAD will provide support to students who apply for licenses by ensuring smooth processes and procedures. HAAD will also advise and support HCT when creating the programme to ensure all study programmes are set at international standards.

H.E Dr.Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili said: “Health and education are at the forefront of the Abu Dhabi Government’s strategic priorities. Both of these sectors play an important role in building a healthy community that is able to keep abreast of developments in all areas. The integration between health and education is pivotalin creating a sustainable system to develop knowledgeableand skilled manpower within Abu Dhabi. For that reason, the agreement is important. The programme will provide education and training opportunities for the nation’s youth in an industry that has capacity for skilled professionals.”

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Matar Rashid Al Darmaki stressed the keenness of leadership to provide job opportunities for UAE nationals by providing training to create qualified individuals who can serve the community. He said: “SEHA’s primary function is to build a world class heath system and contribute to the health of the community and the economy of the country.  SEHA aims to attract Emiratis to work in the health sector with an emphasis on creating opportunities for qualified Emiratis in medical positions such doctors, nurses and technicians.”

One of the benefits of this programme means that qualified individuals will be ready to work immediately with one of the SEHA facilities, and awareness outreach campaigns will also be held to encourage students still at school to consider medical and health sciences, added Dr Matar Al Darmaki.

Dr Tayeb Kamali commented that the agreement is within HCT’s strategy of supporting national entities in providing a qualified and well-trained workforce who can meet the needs of the local economy.

“Vital initiatives such as this one will allow the Higher Colleges to continue to help meet the needs of UAE economy and the community, through its Health Sciences programmes where it produces highly skilled, work-ready graduates who are ready to take on future leadership roles,” Dr Kamali said.

“This agreement reinforces HCT’s focus to provide its students with the best hands-on educational experiences across a broad range of workplace -relevant programmes, as well providing them with the skills, confidence and knowledge to thrive in modern society, where they can make a positive impact,” he added.

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