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SABIC resin successfullyused in all-plastic car windows for ultra-lightweight electric car, replacing conventional glass

4203A SABIC-made resin has been successfullyused in making the windows of a new ultra-lightweight electric car concept developed by BMW-led Visio.M Consortium. The LEXAN™ resin, used as an alternative to conventional glass for the car’s windows, reduces weight by over 13 kilograms and extends the vehicle’s driving range by up to two kilometers for a single battery charge.

The lightweight urban electric concept vehicle with various advances was showcased at the Technical University of Munich on October 20 by BMW, Daimler, the university’s scientists and a consortium of industry participants. The announcement of the concept vehicle comes at a time when automakers worldwide are striving to improve electric vehicle range and efficiency.

SABIC’s LEXAN resin, which is a polycarbonate (PC) material, helps keep overall vehicle weight to a minimum and contributes to important gains in energy efficiency and extended range, while also delivering other benefits like improved acceleration, vehicle handling and security.

SABIC is a leading developer of PC glazing for automotive windows and many other thermoplastic solutions for the automotive industry. The lighter weight of the PC windows contributes to a lower center of gravity, which tends to have a favorable effect on the vehicle’s handling and stability. The reduced weight also means that the vehicle requires less energy to accelerate at a quicker rate. In terms of vehicle security, LEXAN resin has up to 100 times the impact resistance of glass. As a result, the concept car’s windows can reduce risk from theft, an important feature for urban cars.

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