FireEye and Mandiant Unite to Deliver Industry’s First Global Security as a Service Solution with FireEye as a Service

4208FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the leader in stopping today’s advanced cyber attacks; today announced two new solutions designed to equip organizations to scale their defense strategies. The new FireEye as a Service™ offering is an on-demand security management offering that allows organizations to apply FireEye’s technology, intelligence and expertise to find and stop cyber attacks.

The second new offering announced today, FireEye® Advanced Threat Intelligence™, provides access to threat data and analytical tools that help identify attacks and provide context about the tactics and motives of specific threat actors. Together, these new offerings enable organizations to implement an Adaptive Defense™ security model, so that organizations can rapidly detect and respond to security incidents as they occur.

“The ongoing acceleration of technology innovation continues to outpace today’s security capabilities, leading more and more organizations to align with a strategic defense partner that can protect them over the long haul,” said David DeWalt, chairman of the board and CEO, FireEye. “To meet this need, FireEye is taking a new approach with the introduction of FireEye as a Service and FireEye Advanced Threat Intelligence. FireEye is now able to serve as an extension of our customers’ security teams so they can more quickly implement an Adaptive Defense security model. By blending FireEye’s technology, intelligence and expertise into a single on-demand offering, FireEye as a Service simplifies and consolidates the disparate patchwork of products and services organizations must piece together to defend themselves.”

The Adaptive Defense security model is an approach for defending against advanced threat actors that scales up or down based on the unique needs of each security organization at any point in time. With this new approach, organizations can significantly reduce the risks of cyber attacks with on-demand access to FireEye’s expert team of analysts, forensics specialists and malware reverse engineers.

With FireEye as a Service, organizations can choose to manage their own security operations, offload security operations to FireEye, or co-manage operations with FireEye or a FireEye partner. When organizations choose FireEye as a Service, they tap into FireEye’s team of expert threat analysts located in security operations centers around the world to hunt for attackers in their organization by applying FireEye’s unique combination of technology, intelligence and expertise.

The new FireEye Advanced Threat Intelligence offering adds two new capabilities to complement FireEye’s existing Dynamic Threat Intelligence™ subscription. First, when the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform identifies an attack, users will now be able to view intelligence about the attackers and the malware. Security teams will be able to see who the associated threat actor is, what their likely motives are, and get information about the malware and other indicators they can use to search for the attackers. The second new capability is a threat intelligence research service where customers can subscribe to ongoing research including comprehensive dossiers, trends, news and analysis on advanced threat groups as well as profiles of targeted industries, including information about the types of data that threat groups target. Both new offerings are available as a subscription to customers that have purchased FireEye products.

“The tools attackers use to invade networks and steal digital assets are changing every day and security teams are tired of knitting together a complex patchwork of technology and services to defend themselves,” said Jon Oltsik, principal analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group. “With FireEye as a Service, customers get on-demand access to the FireEye’s technology, intelligence and expertise so they can have a single point of contact to address their needs before, during or after a security incident.”

Highlights of FireEye as a Service include:

· Aggressive Detection of Adversaries and their Actions – FireEye analysts staff an around the clock global network of security operations centers to hunt for attackers in an environment using FireEye technology and advanced analytics that identifies outliers and correlates them with behaviors of known attackers. By finding high-risk threats at the earliest stages of an attack, FireEye minimizes the risk of a breach.

· Ability to Pivot to Incident Response – Even organizations with the most aggressive and mature security programs experience security incidents. With FireEye as a Service, organizations can quickly engage a Mandiant® incident response team when needed.

· Support for Multiple Licensing Models – Organizations can choose to pay a subscription fee and account for the service as an operational expense or pay up front and account for it as a capital expense.

· Complementary to Existing Service Providers – If an organization desires, FireEye offers the service through qualified managed security service partners to complement their capabilities and deliver FireEye-as-a-Service through them.

· Access to Personalized Intelligence Reports — FireEye as a Service customers get access to key intelligence findings and judgments specific to their organization from the FireEye intelligence team. This includes identification of attackers specifically targeting their industry, typical attack methodologies used by relevant adversaries, and key business or financial data that motivates attackers to target your organization.

· Access to Experts — Collectively, FireEye’s security analysts, threat assessment managers and forensics specialists have centuries’ worth of experience. Skilled security experts are expensive and hard to find. By providing reliable, on-demand access to these advanced skills, security teams can rest assured they are available in times of need without making unnecessary investments.

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