Panasonic introduces advanced Video Intercom and Home Monitoring Systems for complete safety

489Safeguarding properties with reliable security devices is of the utmost importance to all and for those looking for the best technologically advanced and secure system, Panasonic Marketing Middle East Africa (PMMAF) has introduced new state-of-the-art Video Intercom and Home Monitoring Systems that offer the latest in wireless communication technology. Visitors to Panasonic stand at GITEX Technology Week can experience the performance, remote monitoring ability and benefits of the new products and the upcoming 2015 product line up for Home Monitoring Systems.

The new VL series of Video Intercom solutions include three different intercom systems – VL-SWD501, VL-SW251 and the VL-SF70, providing users with different convenient ways to watch over the safety of their homes and control access to the main gate from anywhere in the house.

The new Home Monitoring system has four packages: DIY Surveillance Camera Kit (KX-HN6002) and Monitoring and Control Kit (KX-HN6003) that allows customers to monitor indoors and outdoors from their smartphone whether they are at home or on the road; the Home Safety Starter Kit (KX-HN6000) which provides three way alert notifications via smart phone, home phone and to an outside landline; and the Baby Monitoring Kit (KX-HN6001) with a sensor on the indoor camera that will detect if the baby is crying and alert the parent by smartphone application. The system runs completely on Wi-Fi can be set up easily using a smartphone.

Takayuki Uchinuno, General Manager, System Networks and Communication, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa commented: “With our new range of Video Intercom and Home Monitoring Systems, we aim to provide the best level of security for our customers, whether it is to control access to visitors or monitor indoors and outdoors, from home or remotely.”

The main attraction among the three different intercom systems is the VLSWD501- the stylish premium wireless model that includes a door station, a main monitor and wireless sub-monitors connectable up to 6 units. The main monitor is a 5-inch wide touch screen that clearly shows the face of every visitor at the door through the Main Door Station. Even if it is difficult to identify the person, this easy-to-use device zooms in through a mere touch of the screen. The VL-SWD501 also supports SD card recordings to store up to 3000 videos (30 seconds each) of visitors. The option of an added Wireless Sensor Camera, a Lobby Sensor and multiple devices clearly makes the VL-SWD501 a complete home safety system.

The Standard Wireless Model- VL-SW251 also includes the same three devices as the VLSWD501, connectable up to 4 units. As Panasonic strives to deliver products that ensure convenience, this Wireless Sub-monitor allows the user to check on visitors through the display and respond promptly from anywhere in the house without worrying about the hassle of cables. Furthermore, the Door Station is equipped with a night vision-LED light which enhances the color display of visitors within 50 cm during the dark. The main camera can also capture about eight consecutive still images of visitors.

A more basic option of the three intercom systems is the Wired Model VL-SF70, which comprises a door station and a main monitor which features a 7-inch wide LCD enabling clear and large images to identify the visitor. The door station also stores up to 50 images of visitors when the user is away from home ensuring high-security in their absence. Although this model does not include wireless handsets, Panasonic provides an alternative by making sure a maximum of three main monitors could be connected to this device in order to guarantee easy-accessibility from any room that the device is connected in.

“The Video Intercom System does not restrict the point of contact of the host and visitor to a single device or place but rather give them the option to answer their doors from wherever necessary without interrupting their routine. The added benefits like LED lights and image capturing are just a few of the numerous essential features of the VL series,” added Uchinuno.

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