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Kuwait’s Public Authority for Industry Deploys EMC Solution to Create Platform for Future Growth

413- EMC’s Industry Leading Storage and Backup Technologies have demonstrated dramatic improvements to Infrastructure Performance while Simplifying Management and Optimizing Costs

– EMC today announced that the Public Authority for Industry (PAI), Kuwait has selected EMC VMAX® enterprise storage and VNX® unified storage solutions to prepare to redefine its storage infrastructure and to create a sound foundation for future business growth.

PAI has also deployed EMC Avamar® to create an efficient and reliable backup infrastructure, drive data retention and availability, and meet compliance regulations. In addition to this, PAI has also deployed a data archive system based on EMC SourceOne software and EMC Centera technology.

Customer Benefits:

Enhanced Performance: With VMAX, PAI has improved the performance of mission critical applications such as Oracle by 700% further driving customer service levels

Enhanced Efficiency: By deploying VMAX and VNX, PAI has created a centralized, highly automated infrastructure that allows the IT organization to redeploy employees to focus on innovation.

Increased Backup and Recovery: With Avamar, the entity has created a comprehensive end to end back-up and recovery infrastructure that provides 100% protection and has enhanced data retention capabilities while reporting a decrease of 80% in management costs.

Simplified Administration: With Avamar, the entity has improved business productivity by reducing the operational overhead associated with traditional tape based architectures and enabling single-step recovery process.

Maximum Scalability: VMAX and VNX allow PAI to enjoy greater scalability to access, store, manage and share rapidly growing data sets within a consolidated, easy to manage, automated environment that forms a sound foundation for accelerated future business growth.

Data Retention and Content Archive: SourceOne allow PAI to archive infrequently access emails from the environment into a secure, protected content archive stored within the Centera platform. The technology enables PAI to access archived messages and email attachments with ease and without compromising compliance directives and data retention mandates.

Customer Challenges:

Founded to further boost the government’s own ambitious plans for rapid industrial growth in the State of Kuwait, the Public Authority for Industry is responsible for regulating the industrial construction and building processes to facilitate manufacturing, production and logistics for critical industries like oil & gas, petrochemicals and infrastructure development in addition to others.

As the entity responsible for supporting rapid industrial growth plans in the State of Kuwait, the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) grappled with the challenge of managing a disparate storage infrastructure that was spread across fifty standalone servers that affected the organization’s ability to meet critical services, slowed down the delivery of services and resulted in greater management and administration costs.

PAI selected EMC VMAX 20K enterprise storage solution together with EMC VNX unified storage to consolidate the storage infrastructure to improve the performance of mission critical and heavy application workloads to improve service levels. The deployment also allowed the IT organization to free employees from time-consuming service and maintenance tasks, and to focus on innovation and value added projects.

With critical data to protect and the need to deliver uninterrupted access to critical information and applications for remote users, PAI needed to replace their traditional tape based infrastructure with a complete end to end backup and recovery solution.

PAI deployed EMC Avamar to create the next generation backup infrastructure to leverage improved backup and recovery performance, better backup storage utilization and significant cost savings. The solution allowed them to improve critical data retention policies, necessary to meet compliance regulations and expedite recovery speeds for many applications and files – reducing the recovery time from days to minutes and seconds.

PAI enhanced its Email and messaging platform by enabling SourceOne with Centera system. This allows PAI to extract inactive content from within its environment and archive it safely onto a secure content archive. This improves storage utilization and backup/recovery requirements further extending the cost savings associated with data retention.

The deployment has provided the scalability, performance and management simplicity that PAI requires to cope with and manage annual data growth rates of 25%- thereby boosting the PAI’s ability to provide to the government the timely economic reporting and analysis needed to align investment plans with areas of growth in the country.

Customer Quote:

Abdulkarim T. Mohammad CEO , Public Authority for Industry, Kuwait

“We at the Information Center and Decision Support Department in PAI understand how investing in a technology revamp would enable us to better support ambitious industrial growth plans and boost the government’s vision for economic diversification by providing faster, more efficient services to our customers and users. With EMC we can leverage the benefits of an extensive solution that not only allows us to consolidate our storage infrastructure and improve the performance of critical applications but also ensure the security and protection of all this data and applications through a fast and effective back-up and recovery solution.

“Founded on the pillars of EMC VMAX, VNX, EMC Avamar, SourceOne and Centera solution we can now look forward to continuing on our journey, to create a next generation cloud infrastructure that will allow us to effectively share information with both international organizations and local government agencies to boost economic development in Kuwait”

EMC Executive Quote:

Habib Mahakian, Regional General Manager, Gulf and Pakistan at EMC Corporation

“Providing the backbone for the nation’s industrial development meant that the PAI needed a solution that was both reliable and scalable to meet the needs of the future. The entity needed a solution that alleviated not just the operational hassle of working with a fragmented storage and tape-based back-up infrastructure that enables them to drive service delivery to boost service levels and customer satisfaction. By deploying EMC VMAX and VNX, PAI can leverage the unrivalled performance and scalability to support future industrial growth, while by deploying EMC Avamar PAI can customize restore policies to specific users to meet critical SLAs and compliance regulations.”

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