A Strategic Partnership Between Mobily and SCSB on Firnas Platform for Innovation

4136The Saudi Credit and Savings Bank “SCSB” and Etihad Etisalat “Mobily” signed a strategic partnership agreement to launch “Firnas” platform for innovation, which provides the necessary support and encourage for innovators in Saudi community.

The agreement was signed by His Excellency Dr. Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al Hanichl, Director General of the Bank and Engineer Khalid Al Kaf, MD and CEO of Mobily on Wednesday morning 17th of September 2014 at the headquarters of the bank in Riyadh.

“Firnas” is an open platform for innovation, initiated by Mobily, in partnership with the National Center of Small and Emerging Enterprises a subsidiary of the Saudi Credit and Savings Bank. The initiative goes in line with the role played by the bank and its orientations in providing the financial and non-financial services for the small and medium enterprises.

“Firnas” is regarded as an open platform for innovation, providing the opportunity for all to share their creative ideas that could be applied practically on the ground as commercial projects. The role of Mobily comes in providing operational and technical support as well as marketing support, whereas the role of SCSB is to provide the commercial support and professional training for innovators.

“Firnas” provides an integrated platform transferring the latest news related to entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, and covers also the events, internal and international conferences of this area. The platform provides also an integrated experience for the ambitious participants who have innovative ideas for commercial projects. Therefore, all the online community members are required to vote on the ideas and give their comments on them.The voting process will determine three winners monthly. “Firnas” will provide the winners the technical and commercial guidance in addition to necessary training to be ready for applying their ideas on the ground. The support will not be limited to this, but “Firnas” will provide the opportunity to meet the investors in a step to convert their ideas into commercial projects. The winners will be also rewarded according to the order of the ideas. The owner of the top voting idea will get SR10, 000, the second position will win SR5,000 and the third position will get SR2,500.

Commenting on this agreement, Dr. Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al Hanichl, Director General of the Bank said that our bank is always urging to find solutions and renewable projects for the youth to encourage them to be engaged in starting their own business. We are aware in the SCSB about the extent of contribution of these projects in achieving the development Goals of the Kingdom’s economy and its positive impact in strengthening the infrastructure of small and medium enterprises.

Dr. Al Hanichl added that we are very pleased with this partnership with Mobily a leading company in its field, and we are in SCSB aim to adopt “Firnas initiative” to achieve one of the major functions of the bank represented in supporting the owners of investment ideas and young innovators through the provision of financial and non-financial support, in addition to spreading the culture of self-employment, and contribute to the service of the owners of such projects and their community by activating their potential and entrepreneurial ideas. We hope that our efforts will be crowned with success in collaboration with our strategic partner in overcoming the obstacles and difficulties and to provide all facilities to them.

From his part Engineer Al Kaf said that “we are delighted to establish this partnership with Saudi Credit and savings Bank, which will support innovators in Saudi society, and this is entirely consistent with the company’s orientations. We appreciate the good efforts of innovators and believe that giant projects always start with an idea”.

Al Kaf added that “the Saudi society has many distinctive brains. If such brains would be provided with the required support, the results will be positive. On this basis Mobily has sought to find such a platform to offer the support to those brains as part of its programs to serve the community.

Both Mobily and SCSB called the creators to take the initiative to benefit this opportunity through registration in the website and sharing their innovative ideas to be a nucleus for a giant project that would support in the future the process of economic development in the Kingdom.

For more information about “Firnas” you can visit the website: http://firnas.org, wherein the visitor can follow up the latest news of the communication and information technology sector in addition to the news of the open innovation platform.

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