Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee and Carolina Herrera talk all things fashion

496In the new series Fashion Bites, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Style, Joe Zee, eats French fries and grilled cheese sandwiches at designer Carolina Herrera’s favorite restaurant, New York City’s 3 Guys Diner, where they discuss some fashion faux pas. Herrera shares her disapproval of sneakers and says that “women walking in the streets with little socks and sneakers on” is a fashion no-no. According to the Venezuelan-American fashion designer, the same “fashion don’t” applies to women wearing sweatpants paired with heels. However the designer, known for her elegant personal style, agrees with Joe Zee that “when you are young, you can pull any look off.”

When asked which collection was her most memorable, Carolina recalls her very first collection which was launched back in 1981. She tells Yahoo Style that it was “glamorous and extravagant” and in her early career, she always used to end the fashion runway show with a wedding dress. Touching on the topic of fashion shows these days, she describes them as a “spectacle”, claiming that shows are a circus and people nowadays tend to forget to look at the clothes.

Though prim and proper during the interview, Carolina says she loves to eat chocolate and advises to “eat chocolate everyday and be happy.”

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