Sony builds on the theme of ‘Beyond Definition’ at IBC 2014, introducing a wealth of new opportunities for broadcasters and content owners

490Sony will today introduce a range of new innovative products and solutions on the opening day of IBC 2014, taking place in the RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam. This year’s exhibits build on Sony’s ‘Beyond Definition’ theme for professional audiences, delivering enhanced visual experiences, workflow solutions and unleashing the potential of IP Live technologies.

Smooth, efficient 4K workflows across a broad range of products and solutions

As movement towards 4K continues to gain traction, Sony will enhance documentary production on top of movies, TV productions and live sports.

Movies and TV dramas. Visitors to Sony’s stand in the Elyicium Hall at IBC will be able to experience Sony’s full line of 4K cameras, including the F65, PMW-F55, PMW-F5,NEX-FS700 and PXW-Z100. These provide feature and TV productions with a wide range of options for meeting their creative and budgetary goals, and have been used to produce the recent Hollywood films ‘Annie’, ‘LUCY’, ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ and ‘No Good Deed’

Live sports. Sony representatives will be speaking to delegates about how it partnered with FIFA TV to shoot and produce the FIFA official films for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. As part of this effort, Sony delivered a live 4K production system and provided technical assistance to ensure the first ever 4K World Cup was a success

Documentary. Sony has today launched two new products to meet the 4K demands of documentary and non-scripted production: the CBK-55BK buildup kit and the PXW-FS7. The CBK-55BK enables one-person operation of Sony’s PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 4K cameras, integrating a shoulder mount and easy-access camera controls critical to suit the fast paced shooting style required by teams with a limited crew and a lone camera operator. The PXW-FS7 is the newest addition to the 4K line up, features a 4K Super35 CMOS sensor and multiple codecs including the industry standard XDCAM and the latest in XAVC.

‘Beyond 4K’ visual entertainment solutions

Sony will demonstrate ‘Beyond 4K’ solutions, which present new possibilities for how audiences can experience content at museums, theme park, sports bars and event venues. Sony’s new Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor can develop ‘Beyond 4K’ content shot on the F65. Sony will show a powerful ‘Beyond 4K’ video on a giant 12K x 2K screen using three 4K projectors.

Enhanced XDCAM workflows

Sony will announce upgrades to its XDCAM range, with new support for wireless networks and efficient workflows better facilitating location shooting and quick editing. In addition to showcasing the recently launched PXW-X500, Sony will introduce the latest addition to its XDCAM range, the PXW-X200 handy camcorder.

Further developments to live over IP production

Sony will demonstrate its new Networked Media Interface, which transmits video, audio, and metadata, between equipment across IP network infrastructures.

Based on this technology, Sony will configure the IP Live Production System. Three key components of the system will be introduced to the market in Autumn, 2015; the IP Live System Manager Software, the Signal Processing Unit and the SDI-IP Converter Board (4K/HD).

As an example of the rapid growth of the capabilities of live over IP, Sony and BCE (Broadcasting Centre Europe) will demonstrate a full 4K production, with a frame rate of 50p, delivered live over IP.

Sony will also announce that the 10 leading companies support Sony’s effort to promote Networked Media Interface to further accelerate the deployment of IP based productions.

Advances in storage, archiving and digital-content

Sony will demonstrate how the growing lineup of products within its Optical Disc Archive System offers powerful file-based possibilities for video archiving. The PWS-100TD1 Tape Digitizing Station, released earlier this year, enables content owners to make more effective use of existing tape-based video assets, while the recently launched Media Lifecycle Service (MLS) is further leveraging Sony’s deep development experience in storage, archiving, and digital-content areas, opening up new and better ways to store, operate, and apply video assets.

Introducing new presentation solutions

Sony will also showcase new products such as the SRG-300SE remote camera, Vision Presenter Version 2.0 and AWS-750 Anycast Touch Version 2.0 that make sophisticated presentations, event streaming and recording, video conferencing and video-based training a reality for schools, businesses, government agencies and hospitals.

“We’re thrilled to be setting new standards for what 4K can deliver, following a summer where it truly moved into the mainstream: from Hollywood blockbusters to the FIFA World Cup final, from acquisition to projection,” said Katsunori Yamanouchi, Vice President, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “At IBC this year we’re showing how our ‘Beyond Definition’ theme is giving broadcast professionals a true competitive edge, with fantastic image quality and processing, unrivalled speed-to-screen and ground-breaking display capabilities.”

Sony’s stand has been designed to act as a platform for a host of innovative customer projects based upon Sony products and services. It is based around six themed blocks, each exhibiting its own systems, technologies and examples of major business customer implementations:

The 4K live production system used at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

An IP live production system, based on the AV over IP interface

A focus on documentary production using the Sony F55 CineAlta 4K camera

A demonstration of more efficient XDCAM workflows, leveraging the XAVC format and wireless communication

Examples of news production systems using Sonaps and other network solutions

An overview of video archiving and asset digitising services

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