Kingdom puts its focus on future development of human resources

449The Saudi national budget for 2014 focused on investing in the building of human resources as one of the most important elements of the future.

“The budget this year concentrates on education, health and housing reflecting the state’s interest in developing Saudi society,” Director of the Saudi Center for Research, Naser Al-Qarawi said.

According to Asma Bakharji, a businesswoman, most countries are focusing their investment in human resources as a rule. “Depending on wealth is not feasible because it will run out; oil wealth can’t be our strong point so we are at a challenging stage where we need human resources and minds to bear out the upcoming responsibilities,” she said.

Bakharji expressed hopes that the ministers and executive bodies would bear the responsibility of building Saudi society by investing in its people. “The state spends a lot of money on infrastructure from which it is now reaping the rewards. But it is now time for human resources to play an active role in the economy,” she said.

Developing human resources is very important in achieving economic growth. Its effects are clear in many areas such as the educational sector which is closely connected to developing human resources.

A director of Human Resources in one of the oil companies, Ismail Jaber, said that human resources are a major element in the success of small and medium-sized projects, and assists in diagnosing the effectiveness and organization of establishments and employees. It also helps in the metric indexes of the company such as quality performance, and helps directors to uncover difficulties related to employees to guarantee best production and performance, through work description, preparing employees, and drafting training programs and wage management, in addition to other programs related to the company’s work.

He confirmed that human resources will have a great effect on the success of the company, because manpower is the basic element in business. In a comparison between oil, or agricultural wealth and human wealth, he said the former will come to a standstill if it is lacking in human resources.

He added that local companies don’t carry out the customary training of human resources, which applies to Saudization. Some companies employ Saudis because they are afraid of the law which has been imposed by the Ministry of Labor and not to train a generation that is responsible and able to meet the needs of the market.

He said the best investment is that directed toward human resources because it achieves quicker development by strengthening workers’ performance through training and experience.

“Advanced countries have depended on their human wealth and directed the bulk of their investments toward empowering human resources, through theoretical science and practical application. This has raised their production capabilities and distinguished this human wealth,” he said.

Dr. Nora Al-Daighther, an academic in the education faculty said national economic security depends on the importance of citizens’ awareness and education in addition to their ability for innovation and creativity. “Many advanced countries that don’t have the wealth we do, are way ahead of us because they have depended on the human element and productive national cadre,” she said.

She called for the need to intensify efforts at verifying the economy and making the country a pioneering industrial state. “We need to find alternative resources that could replace oil, invest in the human element, and instill modern technology and creativity in the minds of our citizens,” she said.

She added that global economy is moving toward knowledge economy which depends basically on developing human resources that motivate production and economic growth. The principle of focusing of modern technologies and information is one of the basic elements of the economy.

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