Acer Extensa 15 series for essential everyday tasks

421Acer announced the Acer Extensa 15 notebook series designed to meet the essential needs of professional users, SMB and SOHO users looking for portability, productivity, and efficiency. Available in two models, EX2510 and EX2509, this notebook series is equipped with a sharp 15.6-inch display and a powerful 4th Gen Intel Core (EX2510) or Intel Celeron/Pentium Quad Core (EX2509) processor running on Windows 8.1, allowing  smooth multitasking and simplified searching both on- and offline.

All details have been fine-tuned by Acer to ensure maximum portability, with one of the longest battery life in its segment, the Extensa 15 will last for up to 7 hours. Moreover, the Extensa 15 series boasts one of the slimmest form factors in its category, as well as an easy-grip design that helps users grab their laptop firmly and securely when pulling out of a bag. These unique factors, paired with its weight of only 2.5kg, make for a device that is both easy and pleasant to carry. Finally, every Extensa 15 notebook comes with built-in AcerCloud, which allows access to documents and multimedia files wirelessly and simultaneously on all devices, anytime and anywhere.

For the Extensa 15 series, Acer purposely developed features that drive user efficiency and productivity. Thanks to the alliance of six core Windows 8 gestures and the Precision Touchpad (PTP), users are ensured a better navigation experience whenever they are using their Extensa 15. Consequently, tap, swipe, scroll and pinch are now more accurate than ever, and unintended clicks and cursor motions are reduced by up to 94%. Acer’s Chiclet keyboard offers 1.7mm of key-travel distance and well-spaced keys as well as a full numeric keypad, providing an extremely enjoyable and completely quiet typing experience. The keyboard’s design also makes for solid tactile feedback and noticeably minimized input errors.

The Extensa 15 series was born with an optimal multimedia experience in mind. The notebooks are equipped with two speakers made of high-quality composite materials, and a built-in digital microphone based on MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology, which protects it from damage and allows it to remain 5 dB more sensitive than most microphones on the market. These enhancements in audio hardware enable a clear VoIP (Voice over IP) conversation, as digital microphone and high-quality spearkers make for excellent web conferencing and online meetings, enabling crystal-clear video chats with colleagues and clients, and helping small business users reduce business travel costs. The high-definition LED display allows users to enjoy truly stunning graphics. And for those who require an even more impressive multimedia experience, a full-HD option as well as NVDIA GeForce 800M discrete graphics solutions is available on Extensa 15.

No matter what they do, professional users don’t want to lose priceless data or memories. To avoid this, Acer Extensa 15 is shipped with an M-DISC™ Ready drive. This new data storage solution is resistant to extreme conditions, and cannot be overwritten or erased. This delivers the ultimate security professional user look for: once stored on an M-DISC™, users’ precious data will last for up to a 1000 years.


Acer offers a solid assortment of optional accessories to help users get the most out of the Extensa 15 series including: extra battery pack, additional adapters, carry cases, wireless mouse etc.

Warranty Extension Program

All Acer notebooks come with a Carry-in Warranty (the warranty also includes an International Traveler Warranty - ITW - for one year) which can be extended up to 5 years of coverage with the Acer Advantage program that provides a priority repair service. Users can also choose to have Accidental Damage Insurance in case of any accidental, sudden and unforeseen damage to the product by external means which affects the operational functioning of the product. Another extra option is Data Recovery service for the Hard Disk Drives.

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