SMG created a powerful second screen experience for adidas MENA during the 2014 FIFA World Cup

4159For the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – which was touted as the first social media World Cup – Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) created a unique online platform for adidas in the Middle East and North Africa: the adidas #allin arena ( A first of its kind in the region, the adidas #allin arena brought football fans together in an interactive digital environment, offering a second screen World Cup experience that gave them the opportunity to cheer for their team, earn points, and win prizes.

Echoing the spirit of adidas’ global ‘all in or nothing’ World Cup campaign, the adidas #allin arena was, at its core, a second screen app designed exclusively for the MENA region by SMG and Zero Dot, the Experience Design unit of SMG. Aimed at complementing the match-viewing experience, the arena served as a space where fans could express themselves, play games, and interact with likeminded football enthusiasts – a social stadium created to capture the experience and atmosphere of a real arena.

Fans could log in using their Twitter credentials, choose the team they support on sign-up, and then choose a zone to start cheering for their favourite teams with other fans from around the region.

Every single interaction earned points for the participant. The fans with the most points were eligible to win prizes from adidas – including a trip to celebrate with FIFA World Cup Champions in their home country. The platform also featured exclusive, unique and real-time content from the action in Brazil.

Reflecting SMG’s Human experience philosophy, the campaign’s mission was to unite MENA fans together via the social stadium, bringing the World Cup experience coupled with the Brazilian atmosphere to their screens.

Since launching on the 15th of May, the adidas #allin arena has had over 30K registrations, with an average of 300 users active on a daily basis. Users have generated over 100,000 tweets, with a total of over 500,000 points earned across all registered accounts.

“The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been the most digitally-connected international sports event that we have seen in recent years,” said Jad Chouman, Brand Director, adidas Middle East and North Africa. “In the MENA region, we also have some of the most passionate football fans in the world. As an official partner of FIFA since 1970, we wanted to create a unique experience for fans of the beautiful game by giving them an opportunity to connect with each other, regardless of the team they support or the language they speak. Our campaign for this year’s World Cup was ‘all in or nothing’ – this was also our promise to our fans in the Middle East and North Africa and the driving force behind the #allin arena.”

Amy Karr, Experience Designer at ZeroDot, also added: “We knew it was important to create a unique experience that brought the region together for the World Cup, while generating real time conversations around the brand during matches. #allin arena achieved that for Adidas. We were thrilled with the results and felt like it was a great success for ZeroDot and SMG MENA.”

“adidas #allin arena proved to be an innovative World Cup experience, bringing thousands of fans across the region into one platform where they can interact, express their love for the game and, at the same time, consume exclusive brand content in a subtle yet meaningful way,” said Javier Bravo, Director, Digital, MediaVest. “At MediaVest, we strive to grow our clients’ businesses by transforming behavior through uplifting, meaningful Human Experiences that matter.”

“The latest studies describe the 2014 FIFA World Cup as the ‘The Ultimate Multi-Screen Event’ with viewers keeping up with all the football games using more than one device,” explained Pauline Rady, SMG Associate Media Director. “Consumers are no longer stuck with limited choices when it comes to consuming media. We know that second screen is no longer just a trend; it is now an integral part of media experiences and it needs to be social.”

The adidas #allin arena mirrored the global success of the brand’s ‘all in or nothing’ campaign.

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