ALCATEL ONETOUCH partners with e-LEARMENT to provide tablets to educational institutions

4156ALCATEL ONETOUCH and e-LEARMENT recently signed an agreement to provide specialized tablets to educational, academic and training institutions in the Middle East and the rest of the world. As part of the agreement, which sees ALCATEL ONETOUCH tie up a large tablets deal with e-LEARMENT (part of the Kuwaiti KHX Group that is a subsidiary of Beyout Investment Group), the learning process of the current and new generation of students will be supported by ALCATEL ONETOUCH’s cutting-edge yet cost effective range of tablets. These tablets come enabled with software and customized educational applications that promote self-learning among students at different levels. Furthermore, a larger target will now have accessibility to these tablets.

The agreement was signed in June 2014, in Dubai in the presence of esteemed top management from ALCATEL ONETOUCH & e-LEARMENT namely Mr. Zied Merichko (Head of Middle East TCT Mobile International), Mr. Yves Morel (General Manager EMEA TCT Mobile International), Mr. Thomas Liu (CFO TCT Mobile International), Mr. Abdulrahman Alkhanah (Deputy CEO Beyout Investment Group), Dr. Bader Altraiji (Chairman of Khx Board), Mr. Ashraf Nairoukh (Managing Director e-Learment) and Adriana Herbst (General Manager Al Maharat Schools KHX UAE).

Targeting all public and private academic institutions across the world including schools, universities, community colleges and training centers, the ALCATEL ONETOUCH tablets will come with preloaded educational apps and software specifically developed by e-LEARMENT. The different educational institutions will thus be able to prepare interactive courses by deploying software developed by e-LEARMENT and installing it on the ALCATEL ONETOUCH tablets to ensure an interactive ambiance in the classroom.

Speaking out on the partnership, Head of Middle East at TCT Mobile International, Mr. Zied Merichko, said “The partnership comes at a time witnessing an increasing adoption of tablets in the Middle East among students in all stages and who represent the targeted segment of the agreement. The partnership will play an important role in increasing electronic digital content at the various educational institutions.” Voicing ALACTEL ONETOUCH’s pride in the strategic partnership, Merichko added that the two companies have already started implementing some projects as part of this partnership with several agreements having been reached in Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Morocco and Bahrain. “There are also plans to expand to Turkey in the near future as the software provided by e-LEARMENT can operate using different languages,” he said.

Commenting on the deal, Ashraf Nairoukh, Managing Director of e-Learment, said: “Educational software provided by e-LEARMENT on ALCATEL ONETOUCH tablets will meet the objectives of the educational institutions in adopting e-learning. The young generations deal with technology on daily basis more than they deal with books and papers, a matter that motivates self-learning, which in turn is a prevailing trend across the different educational institutions worldwide.”

The partnership will significantly help in achieving a paperless environment at educational institutions and lessen the burden on schoolchildren to carry books.

ALCATEL ONETOUCH tablets come with various preloaded interactive education applications, which strengthens the academic institutions’ skills in measuring the performance of students as well as gauging the impact of integrating technology into the classroom on their grades. The tablets that have been selected for this project are:

PIXI 7: High quality but cost-effective, PIXI 7 has the latest Android software (KITKAT 4.4), dual core CPU, Wide 7” Display and weighs just 285 grams with pre-embedded apps.

POP 7 & POP 8: The unique characteristics of the POP series are that the tablets are fun and colourful and offer a smart but simple user experience. POP 7 features include 7” TFT WSVGA display, dual-core 1.3 GHz, 2 Megapixel rear camera, VGA Front camera and weighs only 285 grams. The POP 8 features 8” IPS 1280 X 800 display, Quad-core 1.3 GHz, 2 Mpxl rear camera and VGA Front camera and weighs 325 grams.

Through this partnership, ALCATEL ONETOUCH aims to be in step with the new generation by offering them a wide variety of options in the tablets and smartphones categories. A pilot project will be implemented soon in Jordan and the UAE to deploy ALCATEL ONETOUCH’s tablets that come with e-LEARMENT educational applications at AL-MAHARAT International School.

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