It took two to Tango their way to victory at the first anniversary of Baume & Mercier’s Clifton collection

461Popular sayings like “you can’t clap with one hand” or “one for sorrow, two for joy,” confirm that everything is better in pairs,and this is a belief that Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier has committed itself to celebrating with its Clifton collection. With ”Two to tango” as the theme, the brand recently ushered in an exciting 1st anniversary celebration in Dubai for the Clifton Duo by enabling guests to live the collection’s cherished spirit in a unique way - an evening dedicated to dancing the Tango. There truly wasn’t a better way to mark this merry time than by carrying out an activity wherein warm sentiments are shared between two people.

The event began with an introduction to the Clifton collection by a representative from the brand. While the Clifton Duo cocktail was being passed around, attendees were givena Tango lesson by a professional dancing couple that was followed by a dance competition where they put their newly learnt Tango skills to use. Judged by a jury which had the dance teachers along with Baume & Mercier Brand Director Karoline Huber and Brand Manager Stanislas Rambaud on it, the couple that finally emerged victorious won themselves timepieces from the Clifton collection.

The timepieces that make up the Clifton collection are as follows:

Clifton 30 mm:the Clifton collection launched in 2013 by Baume & Mercier continues to grow with the addition of five elegant 30 mm watches featuring lines inspired by a timepiece created during the 1950s and that is now part of the Baume & Mercier heritage. This simple and elegant new line aims to convey a refined and dynamic image of the wearers who choose to sport them during all their daily activities. These attractive and perfectly proportioned 30 mm creations increase the range of sizes available for the Clifton collection. They have been designed by the Design Studio at Baume & Mercier to accompany the existing models in celebrating the great moments in life. Perfectly suited to slender wrists, these five models focus on diversity while combining dynamism and timeless elegance. Four of them are available in steel, with a polished & satin-finished steel bracelet.

Clifton 1892 Flying Tourbillon: This particular wonder, offered in a very exclusive edition of 30 pieces, aims to demonstrate the excellence of Swiss watchmaking and remind the world that Baume & Mercier, the seventh oldest watch manufacturer still in operation, has real expertise in the art of making accurate and complicated watches. This new model included in the Clifton collection gives a fair idea of thetrue measure of Baume & Mercier’s art, expressed in its motto since the Maison’s founding in 1830: «Accept only perfection and only manufacture watches of the highest quality. » This timepiece, with its exclusive hand-wound caliber is the epitome of Haute Horlogerie.

Clifton Chronographs 43mm: An absolute concentration of power and urban chic, this latest addition to the Clifton collection by Baume & Mercier, is a self-winding chronograph, and reveals its full potential when confronted with the trials of everyday life. Its understated, dynamic design is an expression of the strength of character of the person wearing it. The chronograph has been thoroughly reworked by the Baume & Mercier Design Studio todemonstrate balance through every detail of its design. This attention to detail imparts the full measure of tradition passed down throughthe abundant history of the watchmaker while bringing the model perfectly up to date. Stability characterizes the Clifton watch, withits sturdy, understated 43 mm steel case. Like all the pieces of this well-balanced collection, it contains a Swiss-made self-winding mechanicalmovement for reliability, endurance and precision (ETA 7750 Caliber).

Clifton Retrograde Date Automatic: The Clifton Retrograde Date watch has an inspired graphic style, once again illustrating Baume & Mercier’s expertise in the domain of small complications. The timepiece presented this year has a date calendar featuring a display of the power reserve and retrograde date, designed to provide originality and satisfy its owner’s taste for beautiful mechanisms, elegance and a certain idea of balance. Baume & Mercier has always forged the image of a brand closely linked to life’s major events through its frequent involvement withthe major celebrations in human existence. Just one look at the Clifton Retrograde Date and its dial is enough to understand how aesthetic qualities and attention to detail satisfy the wearer’s interest and fascination for fine watchmaking.

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