(Rajhi Steel) extends bridges of cooperation with TVTC

4178Out of Rajhi Steel’s keenness to meet the present and future training needs of its employees in order to achieve its strategy to contribute to bringing about sustainable development on both economic and social aspects, through appropriate technical and vocational training of Saudi employees while focusing on production efficiency and quality of work, in pursuit of leadership and excellence, and within the context of the company’s strategy to strengthen cooperation with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), Rajhi Steel Human Resources Department has held a meeting at Rajhi Steel headquarters with officials of the TVTC to look closely at the experience of the business center in the field of training and development as one of the most important government agencies specialized in this area.

The meeting took place in the presence of Abdullah Al-Hassan, Director, Human Resources, Administration Affairs and Public Relations, Eng. Abdullah bin Saad Al Kathiri, General Manager Business Center, TVTC, Naif Al Enazi, Section Head, Government Relations - Human Resources, Rajhi Steel and Eng. Abdullah Salamah, Director of Training and Development programs, Business Center.

The outcome of the meeting was fruitful and constructive. This meeting is a kick-off for establishing a nucleus to pave ways and prospects of cooperation between the two parties and build up a long-term strategic partnership that serves both sides of the strategic relationship. The meeting discussed the ideas Rajhi Steel intends to initiate in the field of training and development of its staff in collaboration with the TVTC. It was agreed to lay the foundations for a comprehensive agreement that serves the objectives of the parties, taking into account the fact that Rajhi Steel plans to train more than 500 (five hundred) employees annually and to activate Rajhi Steel initiative to sponsor talented employees under the company’s policy to raise the level of performance and development of productive efficiency. As part of the strategy of the company’s internal talent management initiatives and within the framework of the corporate social responsibility, the company intends to adopt education and training of some charities and private organizations that cares for people with special needs.

This cooperation would make the most of the latest facilities, equipment and advanced curricula developed according to the highest international standards available at the TVTC. As the TVTC awards certificates recognized by renowned world institutions and universities and as TVTC has highly qualified and experiences teachers and instructors, Rajhi Steel has considered making use of these facilities, equipment and curriculum to develop the skills of staff in the context of the continuous learning program in the company.

Mahdi Ibn Nasser Al-Qahtani, Rajhi Steel CEO stated that the company supports training of the young Saudis and their employment, on the basis of its social responsibility. He commended the efforts of the Business Center, TVTC in the field of qualifying and employment of young people. He praised the cooperation of the company in support of the government’s plans towards building a productive society depending on the Saudis. He expressed hope that this meeting will be the nucleus of a successful role model for close cooperation between the private and public sectors and a first step in building management talent in Rajhi Steel, a leader in the advancement of human resources, who are the most important assets.

It is noteworthy that Rajhi Steel is keen, since its inception, to localize competencies and expertise of local and global in all areas of its business. Rajhi Steel relies on its policy to work together with various sectors of the government to attract qualified Saudis, train them and raise their production capacity in line with the new and future expansions, for Rajhi Steel to be a learning organization.

For his part, Eng. Abdullah Al Kathiri, General Manager of the Business Center lauded Rajhi Steel’s efforts and its strive to train its employees and raise their productivity through cooperation with various educational and training institutions. He praised the meeting, which is the nucleus of a consolidation of the relationship between Al-Rajhi Steel and TVTC. During the meeting, Eng. Abdullah Al Salamah presented a briefing of the activities and contributions of the Business Center to serve the community and continuous training.

It worth mentioning that the Business Center, which is of the most important institutions concerned with training and development, is a governmental entity affiliated to the TVTC. It oversees several mega projects in the field of training and development for several government agencies, as well as facilities in the private sector. The Business Center has overseen training of more than 90,000 trainees from several destinations in the public and private sectors during the past two years. It also oversees the e-Government Program “Yusr” of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which serves 22,000 trainees from several government agencies, offering courses to qualify to work according to e-government. The Center offers a number of training courses for major companies operating in the private sector. There is a joint cooperation between the Center and the Human Resources Development Fund to train young Saudi job seekers. The Center offers several courses at cost price to those who seek to train employees of charities and national societies dealing with people with special needs out of its CSR. The Center provides many free programs within the framework of social responsibility.

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