BenQ’s vision for the future is healthy

3156BenQ, the first in the industry to take a stance on healthy technology, today announced the launch of Eye-care – an initiative which will benefit the long-term vision of end users by incorporating Flicker-free technology and Low Blue Light (LBL) modes into a range of VA LED monitors. BenQ Eye-care aims to produce technology offering consumers a better choice for the health of their eyes. Health needn’t come at a compromise - thanks to VA panel technology providing uncompromised picture quality and colour reproduction, BenQ Eye-care monitors are easy on the eye, quite literally and aesthetically.

Adopted in response to independent research showing that ‘screen-time’ over extended periods can have a detrimental effect on vision, BenQ say Eye-care will be a key addition to their LED monitor line-up going forward. Currently, 17 Eye-care Series monitors have been certified by TÜV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading provider of technical, safety and certification services, as truly friendly to the human eye.

Said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East & Africa, “Health is an issue we take very seriously and we are the first to incorporate ‘Eye-care’ into monitors making BenQ a better choice in terms of health, while also producing superior image quality and functionality, putting our brand well ahead of competitive models.

“In introducing Eye-care, we have committed to care for the health of our consumers,” said Bakshi. “We know the demands on eyes today is far greater than in previous generations. It’s thought that office workers and students spend around 6-8 hours of every day staring at a digital device. Technology is a part of the world we live in but according to recent research conducted by the Complutense University in Madrid, extended usage of these devices is putting considerable strain on eye muscles, and may be doing irreparable damage to the retina.

To cater to contemporary lifestyles we have responded to this research, eliminating Flicker and minimising blue light exposure to produce a new range of Eye-care monitors designed for healthier time spent in front of the computer.”

‘Flicker’ is the fading between cycles and this coupled with screen brightness and contrast, is responsible for causing eye fatigue. Blue light which is produced from all LED light sources, is harmful to the eyes when exposed to it for long periods. Research also indicated that blue spectrum light emitted from devices, including computer monitors, is one of the critical causes of eye damage, eye strain, headaches and sleeping disorders.

BenQ Eye-care now provides consumers with the ability to filter out blue light at levels which correspond directly to the task they’re performing while at the computer. The BenQ LBL (Low Blue Light) technology provides the user with four preset LBL modes: Multimedia, Web surfing, Office and Reading modes, reducing blue light emission up to 70%. Whilst for gaming models, there are up to 10 LBL modes.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recently reported that approximately 10 million eye examinations are being performed annually in the United States due to vision problems related to computer use. According to Dr Jim Kokkinakis, an Australian based Optometrist specialising in CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), computer related eye strain is an epidemic spanning the world.

“Reading from a screen is more challenging to the eyes than reading from a document or a book, because when viewing a screen, the eyes need to adjust to contrast, flicker and glare. But we all do it. Staring at a computer screen has become part of the modern work day,” said Dr Kokkinakis.

“In recent studies, high frequency light in the blue / violet band from 400-500nm in the visible spectrum has been linked to retinal injury and implicated as a cause of age-related macular degeneration. Those most at risk are children who are using electronic devices at a young age for both education and leisure activities, and those in professions where they are subjected to the blue light emissions for long periods of time on an ongoing basis,” said Dr Kokkinakis.

The Eye-care incorporated into BenQ LCD monitors does not compromise their viewing quality. The added benefit of VA panel technology produces an impressive contrast ratio of 3000:1, producing whiter whites, and blacker blacks with minimised light leakage. An 8-bit VA panel delivers smooth and stable colour transitions by rendering a total of 16.7 million colour shades simultaneously.

BenQ Eye-care is a standard inclusion across a range of business, home, professional, entertainment, stylish and gaming monitors, first released in April 2013 with Flicker-free technology. In 2014 BenQ Eye-care was fully implemented with the inclusion of Low Blue Light (LBL) modes. BenQ are considered pioneers in the development of healthy technology, providing comprehensive solutions to protect and care for health of consumers’ vision.

BenQ have equipped most of their LCD range with Eye-care, ensuring there is a model suitable to all end users. Says Bakshi, “We will continue to consult Optometrists and Eye Care specialists going forward to further develop and honour our commitment to manufacture technology that does not negatively impact on the health of consumers.”

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