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4121OSN, the region’s leading pay-TV network is underlining its credentials as the ‘gateway to premium content’, this Ramadan, with an unparalleled repertoire of exclusive Arabic content, offering something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Boasting 13 new shows, including seven exclusive, and two Khaleeji shows, OSN’s Ramadan programming features the biggest Arab stars including Jamal Sulaiman, Ghada Abdul Razek, Maysa’a Moghrabi, Sharif Salama, Sireen Abdul Noor and Nayef Al Rashed.

In addition to brand-new shows, audiences can also tune into OSN’s ‘On Demand’ service, ‘Ramadan Ma Fatak TV’, which offers access to over 20 dramas, via OSN Plus HD giving viewers complete control over their viewing experience so they can watch what they want, when they want. Shows will also be available to catch up on OSN Play, OSN’s award-winning online TV viewing platform – giving viewers all the flexibility they need to personalise their Ramadan viewing.

Khulud Abu Homos, Executive Vice President – Programme & Creative Services, OSN, said: “Having tripled our investment in premium content this year, we are confident that our newly-unveiled repertoire of exclusive, fresh and long-format dramas will appeal to one and all. Our endeavour is to raise the bar with every new production taking Arabic programming to new heights. We have something for everyone and our state-of-the-art technology and services will ensure that people can enjoy their entertainment anytime without compromising on the values of the Holy Month.”

The best of Khaleeji drama:

Among the latest Khaleeji dramas are Lel Hob Jonoon, featuring renowned actors Abdulmuhsen Al Nimer and Maysa’a Moghrabi who tell a story of love, trust, revenge, and betrayal. Catch this sure-hit series exclusively on OSN Ya Hala HD; while Naif Al Rashid tackles sensitive issues across the Gulf – from love to broken families, the power of money to the strength of dreams in Intikam Aziz, exclusively on OSN Ya Hala HD.

World-class Egyptian dramas:

Egyptian superstar Ghada Abdulrazik sheds light on the trials and tribulations of a woman’s ambitions to become the first lady of Egypt, when an attempted assassination of the President results in chaos and the only person who knows the truth is found dead. The action-packed Al Sayida Al Oula will mark its on-screen premiere on OSN Ya Hala HD.

Maxim Khalil and Cyrine Abdelnour star in Seerat Hob S1– an enchanting love story guaranteed to melt even the toughest of hearts. Set in the modern Arab world, the show provides all the frills and thrills expected from a romantic drama exclusively on OSN Ya Hala HD.

Ahmed Mekky starrer Al Kabir Awoi returns for its fourth season, guaranteeing viewers non-stop entertainment. Tune in for buckets of laughter from the first day of Ramadan only on OSN Ya Hala Shabab HD.

Other highlights include Sherif Salama’s Al Khatia’a S1, which tells the story of betrayal, when one loose end results in the lives of an interconnected group of people unravelling. A thrilling drama sure to keep you at the edge of your seat, catch Sherif’s stunning performance on OSN Ya Hala Shabab HD.

Plus, Rania Youssef shows how greed can close the blinds towards the people closest to you in Wasaya Al Saba’a, on OSN Ya Hala Drama HD.

Leading Arab dramas:

In Sadeeq Al Omr, Jamal Suleiman epitomises the reign of former Egyptian President, Jamal Abdel Nassar, from 1961 to 1967, highlighting his greatest achievement, the Nationalisation of the Suez Canal; the unification of Egypt and Syria in the United Arab Republic; and the six-day War. Audiences can watch conspiracy, friendship, and drama come to life, on OSN Ya Hala Shabab HD.

Critical issues in society take the centrestage in Taim Hassan and Bassel Khayat Al Ekhwah S2. Conspiracies and plots get exposed by greed and exploitation, and clashes will arise when immense passion hits the harsh reality of betrayal. A thrilling drama full of unexpected twists is in store in this captivating story, exclusively on OSN Ya Hala Drama HD.

Abed Fahid and Youssef Al Khal star in Low, a thrilling drama of love, murder and mystery. For a different type of love story, tune into OSN Ya Hala Drama HD from the beginning of Ramadan.

The essence of Ramadan:

Headlining OSN’s Ramadan programming is Saudi journalist Mustafa Alaidaroos who brings to light the necessity of having good faith and a good heart, inspired by the Holy Quran. Salim addresses Arab youth and families and discusses self-awareness, social development, and improvement. Catch Alaidaroos’ wisdom only on OSN Ya Hala HD.

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