Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence bilingual website launched

Adequate information and achievements of the initiatives included

4240Dubai – 27 May 2014: Under directives from His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Judicial Council, the website of the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence was launched yesterday by H.E. Taresh Eid Al-Mansouri, Director-General of Dubai Courts and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence. The website features both English and Arabic versions.

The website of the Al Maktoum Initiatives,, encompasses meticulous information about the initiatives, partners and sponsors. An e-services section is also featured in the website, which allows interested law students to sign up for competitions. The site also includes a media gallery, as well as a section which documents the achievements of the initiatives since their inception.

A special page on the website has been allocated to the partners of the initiatives, including the DIFC Courts, Dubai Government Human Resource Department, University of United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, Al Taqnyah Business Solutions, Damac Properties, Emirates Auctions, Emirates NBD, Investment Corporation of Dubai, Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), and wasl Asset Management Group, and further information is also provided about each sponsor.

H.E. Taresh Eid Al-Mansouri stated that the launch of the initiatives’ website provides a link between the initiatives, the legal community and law students in law schools in the UAE, and the GCC and other Arab countries.

“The Al Maktoum Initiatives aim to create a legally well-versed generation, enhance capabilities of persons engaged in the judicial field, and motivate pioneering in legal works. These initiatives are the first of their kind in the Middle East, and are addressed to different categories related to the legal and judicial community,” noted Al-Mansouri.

He continued: “This includes all of the initiatives, including the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Moot Court Competition, Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Legal Scientific Research Competition, Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Legal Scholarships Program, and Dubai International Financial Centre Courts Academy.”

Al-Mansouri added: “The initiatives also include the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Program for Judicial Researches, which aims to motivate and enhance legal scientific studies and research in the UAE judicial field. This program is aimed at members of the judicial authorities in the UAE, and involves conducting research about procedural and substantive judicial issues.”

He concluded: “The initiatives further embrace the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Program for Legal and Judicial Conferences, which is aimed at supporting and sponsoring the organisation of legal and judicial conferences and seminars internationally. The program discusses a series of topics related to the latest developments within this stratum, and changes in specialisations related to all legal and judicial aspects locally and internationally. It is intended to highlight the development of litigation procedures, exchange global knowledge and transfer of different experiences, and review important international experiences in the legal and judicial field.”

Yassir Al-Naeem, Managing Director of Al Taqnyah Business Solutions, the developer of the Al Maktoum Initiatives’ website, stated: “We are honoured and delighted at Al Taqnyah, a division of Arms Group, to have the opportunity to celebrate the launch of the official website of the Maktoum Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence with Dubai Courts. This celebration comes directly after we recently celebrated the closing of the competitions and honouring of the winners and partners. Al Taqnyah is proud to be one of the strategic partners of these initiatives and we would like to emphasise our continuing support for this wonderful gesture from His Highness Sheikh Maktoum. His Highness continues to support all activities and endeavours that help to lay the foundations of justice in the UAE in general, and in Dubai in particular.”

Al-Naeem continued: “Our strategic partnership with Dubai Courts represents a special bond. The achievements that we have made together in the past, including the launch of e-Notary Public Services in 2011 – the first project of this magnitude initiated in the Middle East and only the fourth in the world – as well as the upcoming launch of e-Notary Private Services, are the best and biggest examples of proof that Dubai Courts is going in only one direction; towards development, progress and success.”

He concluded: “The website, which we are pleased to launch today with our partners Dubai Courts, will serve the different needs of those interested in the initiatives, from members of the public, participants and those intimately involved in the courts’ business. It is also worth noting that the launch of this website is merely the first phase of a comprehensive scheme designed to automate all procedures of the initiatives, such as submitting, reviewing, and arbitrating applications and e-notifications.”

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