Car wrapping industry shifts gear to the next level

4201International Expo Consults (IEC) part of Falak Holding, stated that the car wrapping industry in UAE is set to scale new heights owing to the accelerated growth witnessed by the UAE’s automobile sector. SGI Dubai 2015 will have a special privileged arena for exhibitors to showcase their car wrapping skills live during the event. For the past 17 years SGI Dubai has been leading the industry in the forefront to create a niche platform for the exhibitors and the trade visitors within this industry. The show helps sign makers, architects, media agencies, print and production manufacturers, real estate developers, brand and image consultants converge under one roof.

“Car enthusiasts are definitely upbeat as the mood is all set to witness state-of-the-art car wrapping demonstrations at SGI Dubai. Originally created as a medium for mobile advertising, car wrapping has turned into a fashion statement and rapidly gaining popularity. The car wrapping industry has witnessed rapid growth in the Middle East in recent years and this market is very much in the growth phase and has a tremendous potential. This platform definitely enables a vast market outreach apart from being an effective means of advertisement. The scope of the industry combined with the aesthetic appeal has been the main contributor for the latest upsurge in the demand for car wraps,” said Mr. Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairman of IEC.

SGI Dubai 2015 in its 18th edition aims to welcome over 400 global exhibitors from across 30 countries and expects over 12000 trade visitors from 75 countries to visit UAE during the show. The show is slated to be held from 11th – 13th January, 2015 at the Dubai World Trade Center. This Trade Show/ Exhibition will also include seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts.

“Making the right impression involves very effective advertising and car wraps are definitely the ultimate method to spread your idea or business message. Car wraps for sales and delivery vehicles are a potent marketing and branding tool. A car which is wrapped and well-designed is more likely to garner more attention than a plain coloured one on the road. Attention grabbing, brightly enamelled vehicles wraps definitely gives you the distinct edge and makes your vehicle stand out from other cars. Aesthetically appealing car wraps engage people’s attention. The advantages of car wrapping are multi-fold which includes reaching a wider audience, non-aggressive advertisement, mobile advertisement, cost effectiveness, local advertisement besides protection of your vehicle,” said Mr. Sharif Rahman, CEO, IEC.

CMYK Print Solutions, Arlon, Signtrade International, 3M, Strings International, Avery Dennison and System Middle East, Hexis are some of the exhibitors who displayed their car wrapping product portfolios at this year’s show.

“The fact cannot be denied that vehicle wrapping has spread like wild-fire and is one of the latest forms of outdoor advertising. Businesses that engage in wraps are getting a thrust in the right direction in the UAE. A plethora of existing automotive aftermarket and signage businesses are adding this service to their existing chain of offerings to harp on the extra revenues. The car wrapping industry is in the nascent stage but has tremendous growth potential observed from its rapid growth in the UAE in recent years as the numbers and statistics paint a clear bright picture,” added Mr. Rahman.

An extensive market research on car wrapping market conducted to date was provided by global analysis and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. The study came up with the findings that the industry generated US$220 to US$250 million at the retail level. The vehicle wrap market growth was estimated to grow by 10 percent year-on-year by the same study research.

“The car wrapping industry is a fast blooming multimillion industry which has taken a surge in the US and other developed countries. This phenomenon is picking up speed and has become sort of a rage in the Middle East as well. This industry has catapulted into the next level taking giant strides due to the growth in advertising spends in the consumer product market. With the EXPO 2020 win, FIFA World Cup 2022 and more brands entering the Middle East, this platform spreads out to the masses and caters to their specific needs and it is proving to be very cost-effective. High end consumers who own the latest and sleek cars are also on the lookout for the latest car wrap offerings to stand out amongst the crowd,” concluded Mr. Rahman.

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