Number of employed Saudi women increasing

4129Female Saudi nationals have slowly been entering their country’s workforce in varying sectors, despite many barriers, and more have been taking the initiative to employ women.

Al Falak Electronic Equipment and Supplies has recently announced that 35 per cent of all of its employees are Saudi women, which is something they are looking to increase.

The company’s president, Ahmed Ashadawi, says: “We managed to achieve a higher proportion of the required employment of Saudi women; they count for 35 per cent of our employees. We aim to keep abreast of developing and training our Saudi nationals to continually improve the services we provide.”

However, while some are making progress, there is still a long road ahead. As reported on Al-Hayat daily, a new report released by the King Khalid Charitable Organization, eight per cent of women in the country are being denied the right to work due to familial traditions.

The report also adds that while some women may find jobs, 32.6 per cent of all employed women lost their jobs due to a lack of transportation, which is an issue that is currently out of their control.

While many women in the country are educated to different levels, the survey revealed that illiteracy still exists at an alarmingly high rate of 42.2 per cent.

Kai Peters, chief executive at Ashridge Business School in London, the UK, tells that, “I have met very competent senior Saudi women who were brilliant, but they weren’t everywhere.”

He adds that the difficulty, in most societies, is creating a balance in the workplace. “I think that until there is a balance for the overall workforce at all levels of seniority, you will always have the men choosing other men in their own image [rather than women].”

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