54A boundless breeze of liberty

Combining different materials, finishings and a wide array of colors, JEANRICHARD develops the art of living further - especially in two of its collections. Featuring a number of even more sophisticated, well-tempered models within the Terrascope and Aeroscope lines the Swiss watchmaker adds another fresh breeze of new look and chic to the JEANRICHARD family.


Playing on the modularity of its iconic case in several parts, JEANRICHARD greets Spring 2014 with a fine range of new watches that add further smartness to the Terrascope’s modern, unique and decisive style. As witness to the Swiss watchmakers creativity, the Terrascope is now available in various models combining rough steel, black steel, grey steel, aluminum, pink gold, daring blends of color or with a touch of female style: A perfect companion for explorers on any occasion in their everyday adventures all over the world.


These models reinterpret the varying, modern, simple and confident style of this collection:

Elegance of design is clearly displayed in the version with a steel middle case and a bezel in black DLC steel (diamond-like carbon). Its contrasting colors emphasise the geometry of the case.

Then, there is the powerful, sporty look of the model made entirely in black DLC steel. The austere tone is continued with the black matt or velvet grey matt dials, illuminated by hour-markers and hands gilded with pink gold.

The version entirely clad in grey DLC steel is beautifully harmonious, with its subtly assorted dials.

A strong contrast is to be found in the two-tone version with a black DLC steel middle case, combined with a bezel and shafts in 18-carat pink gold. Their dazzling impact is reaffirmed by the gilded hour-markers and hands standing out against the velvet grey matt dial.

Bold and sporty chic is the defining tone for the version with a middle case and shafts in steel, a bezel in solid pink gold and a black dial.


An ode to colour, happiness and lightness, the aluminium watch with its daring red middle case, blue shafts, a green bezel and a raised white dial with blue hour-markers and a luminescent orange coating is the summer breeze with character in JEANRICHARD’s extended Terrascope collection.

With their interplay of reflected light, the refined contrast between “vertical satin” finishes (on the flat parts of the middle case and the shafts) and polished finishes (on the bezels) underlines this model’s distinctive and sophisticated look.

With the new combinations of materials and in this case especially colors one can literally feel the adventure, sun and “Italianità”. With a new ease of independence and liberty, this JEANRICHARD timepiece is more than ever the perfect companion for bold adventurers of everyday existence on all the roads and highways of our planet.


A ladies’ ideal companion for exploring new horizons in style is the new Terrascope with a dash of bronze, which at the heart of its case retains all its qualities with just the right hint of femininity. When the light plays beautifully on the steel of the watch as well as its erratic satin finished bronze dial its feminine embodiment ads class to any female adventurer’s wrist. This elegant, modern refined design is also found in the grey dial erratic satin finished version with its black DLC steel middle case.

Both timepieces are wayfaring companions for all women who wish to live their lives to the fullest - an entire female touch on the philosophy of life of JEANRICHARD.

All new Terrascope watches are equipped with rubber straps - with thin striated bands and the signature JR logo - or can be obtained with a calfskin or an alligator-skin band. The female models are available with a strap in ostrich too. All models feature folding buckles. These Terrascope timepieces vibrate to the rhythm of a mechanical self-winding movement combining reliability and precision.


The JEANRICHARD collections are not only defined by its “philosophy of life” built around discovery and adventure but also on the constant striving to push back the limits. With this motto in mind, JEANRICHARD reaches new heights with a completely innovative line of aeronautic inspired tachometric chronograph-equipped models and the Aeroscope with three hands. The wide selection of light and sturdy titanium pieces from this collection are inspired by the freedom of flying. This popular watch in “aviation material” comes in black DLC-coated or natural titanium, adding a distinguished touch to the arms of aerial explorers. Ideal companions for conquering the heavens, these models offer unparalleled readability and comfort without compromise.


Accuracy is essential when it comes to discovering the sky. Measuring all aerial exploits with total precision is now possible with the newest tachometric chronograph-equipped models from JEANRICHARD. The mechanical self-winding movement is accompanied by a super flat chronograph module, which was manufactured to ensure highest reliability. Beyond its technical performance it is undoubtedly the distinct masculine and sporty look of this Aeroscope that appeals to all adventurers of the heights. Fly to different latitudes with a natural titanium version complete with a white or black dial or cut a bold figure with a DLC-treated black case and matching black dial.


The sky is not the limit: The Aeroscope collection of JEANRICHARD has taken of to new heights with the first aerial inspired watch with three hands – adding a revolutionary family member to the other chronograph timepieces. Climb higher in time, gain altitude by the minute, know at any moment the remaining time – these new JEANRICHARD Aeroscope models with three hands were developed in line with the Swiss watchmakers Philosophy of Life to push boundaries day in and day out. The minute timer engraved on the bezel, Arabic numerals and luminescent indexes offer unrivaled readability and allow you to take a glance in a breeze: hours, minutes and seconds are indicated without any detour by the mechanical movement with automatic winding. Classic or edgier pieces and different colored dials are available with a grey or DLC-coated black case. A natural titanium version comes with a white, grey or black dial while the titanium version covered with black DLC being just a whiff more daring by proposing dials in blue or green.

All new Aeroscope models are equipped with a vulcanised black rubber strap. Inspired from the style of cockpit instruments, they pay tribute to all conquests of the sky.

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