Fourth Rawabi Talent Exhibit Concludes its Activities With Visit of Minister of Education, HRH Prince Khaled AlFaisal

4108Rawabi Holding Group sealed its annual Talent Exhibit with the visit of Prince Khaled AlFaisal, Minister of Education accompanied by Dr. AbdulRahman AlMudaires, the Director-General of Education in the Eastern Province. HRH praised the Rawabi Talent Exhibit’s (RTE) outstanding efforts in mobilizing volunteers to educate youth about the importance of career planning. The Exhibit which was launched on April 20th by his Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz AlSaud, Governor of the Eastern Province at the Prince Sultan Center for Science and Technology in AlKhobar, works to enlighten youth about the world careers through several digital and face to face activities.

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz AlTurki, Chairman of Rawabi Holding Group, congratulated the organizers emphasizing that “Concluding the exhibit in its fourth year in a row ascertains the success behind the idea of offering practical and scientific guidance to our youth”. And as part of Rawabi Holding’s long-term strategic vision, our exhibit aims to expand to other areas in the Kingdom with the support of the Ministry of Education, Human Resources Development Fund and Eastern Province based companies to pave the way for long-term CSR partnerships”.

This year’s activities took the exhibit on a remarkable digital curve as it was also capable of developing career guidance digital tools such as the series of short interview videos highlighting local success stories titled, “Akoon” distributed by Seen TV and the “Career Compass”; a free mobile application (available in both Arabic and English) which provides a career tendencies test “ColorQ” and a comprehensive database of universities with career oriented and job related information.

On its part, the Directorate of Education in the Eastern Province, an active partner of the exhibit, facilitated the coordination of the school visits to the Exhibit.

In total the Fourth Annual Rawabi Talent Exhibit registered 10,500 visitors on the ground and over 25000 career tendencies tests were taken via mobile phones. In parallel, the Akoon series featuring Saudi success stories, produced by Nasser Abduljalil and broadcasted on Seen TV, saw the first episode featuring Naif AlQahtani’s story - CEO of Logistics Solution Services

(LSS) and businessman, member of Asharqia Chamber of Commerce - reach 100,000 views.

The Exhibit’s highlights included a series of lectures reviewing success stories by famous speakers with the participation of Sheikh Abdul Rezak AlTurki, explaining his “Secret to Success”, that as well as of Engineer Amr Al Madani, discussing the “World of robotics” while “Telfaz11” bridged “Culture and creativity” and an independently organized TEDx event also took place highlighting the career stories of nine outstanding role models.

The young experts and volunteers and students were very content with the Exhibit, one of them Haseeb Mohammed, one of the exhibit’s volunteer supervisors said: “I am currently an accounting student and this was my second year as a volunteer. RTE is a great way for students to find out about the different existing majors before even choosing a career and then they can identify their best suited career by talking to people who do these things for a living every day. They can then match their interests with their tendencies by taking the test, especially if they don’t know what to pursue. Orientation and planning are key and this is what the Rawabi Talent Exhibit offers, something I didn’t get when I graduated from high school. The environment at the exhibit was very positive and interactive and it will continue to bring me back every year.”

Fatima AlThuwaigeb, an HR Coordinator for Finance Support Systems was also volunteering at the business management booth. She said on her part: “I’m an MIS graduate. Women pay more attention to details in general and my job requires that. As a Saudi, coming back here, I was very glad to make more young women discover the potential of this field. This is my first time at the Exhibit and I wish I had this opportunity when I was younger. Rawabi Talent Exhibit answers the questions youth have and it really inspires them and I enjoy being part of that.”

With over 100 jobs showcased through 20 career tracks, the exhibit involved more than 200 volunteers from the local community that shared their career experience, many coming back day after day to answer visitors’ questions.

Rawabi Talent Exhibit comes under the CSR commitment of the Rawabi Holding Group which purely aims at empowering youth by providing them with knowledge and tools to self-discovery and career fulfillment. This has brought the Exhibit from one success to another starting in 2011 and reaching out to over 40000 visitors over the last four years.

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