The huge uproar against the Halal industry and what it means for its prospects

4105There is an increasingly loud chatter brewing about halal food in non-Muslim countries and amongst a segment of Muslims, and, it seems, it’s not all positive.

In one case, it’s a perception of promoting one religion over another by purchasing and/or consumption, like a similar challenge for Islamic finance. In the other case, it’s about the product not being permissible enough (does it mean that its non-permissible?) according to their interpretation, the same situation in Islamic finance (those wanting Shariah-based).

In non-Muslim countries, there is much debate, rising to ministerial levels, about religious slaughter (Poland and Denmark), too much accommodation to the (Muslim) minority segment (UK, Australia), home country (food) culture dilution (US) and so on. Although kosher faces similar challenges, especially on religious slaughter, it does not have the same “emotionally-charged” push-back that halal has had to and is presently enduring.

The differing reactions should be a basis for a multi-jurisdiction primary-based research on the rational for halal and kosher in non-Muslim countries, as this may provide a blueprint for positioning, placing and promoting, especially benefitting suppliers.

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