60 percent of SGI Dubai 2015 show already sold out

497International Expo Consults (IEC) part of Falak Holding, stated that Sign and Graphic Imaging - SGI Dubai 2015 show is 60 percent sold out due to sheer volumes of high exhibitor interest in the show. Exhibitors at SGI Dubai 2014 had witnessed the rapid growth surge in ‘Sign and Graphic’ industry sector in the region. SGI Dubai has been an official Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) event for three consecutive years. Over 400 exhibitors from across 30 countries were present at this official DSF 2014 event. The ‘SGI Dubai 2015’ show will be held from January 11th to 13th at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

“We are delighted to state that SGI Dubai 2015 show has been sold out by 60 percent already this year. The industry in the Middle East is growing at a rapid pace and we have seen a lot of interest from the exhibitors from across these regions. Especially UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have created a huge demand within the Sign & Graphic Imaging industry with several high-end malls, new airports, industry exhibitions around the clock and launch of many other upscale clusters,” said Mr. Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairman of IEC.

“We strongly believe that our exhibitors at the show have had a very good response from the trade visitors and have decided to come in large numbers for our show next year. We will support their demand with an even larger floor space at the show. This indicates that there is a huge demand within the Middle East and African markets and especially after Dubai’s Expo 2020 win - the markets have become more positive. This is a great indicator of the sign of good times and also shows that the industry is growing at a faster pace as compared to previous years,” added Mr.Falaknaz.

“Our exhibitors have pledged to be part of next year’s show which will be a much larger event than this year. We are proud to say that we are the largest and longest running show in this category across the MEASA Region. Positive vibes and feedback from our exhibitors also gives a lot of confidence to create another successful show for them in 2015 at an even larger scale,” added Mr.Falaknaz.

AGFA, Durst (Giffin Graphics), Fujifilm, Seiko, Mutoh, Mimaki, Signtrade, CMYK, Copatra Graphics, MACtac, Avery Dennison, Blue Rhine, Flex-Europa Middle East and several other global and regional brands have confirmed their presence at SGI Dubai 2015.

“The SGI Dubai 2014 show surpassed last year’s trade visitor numbers in the first two days of the show. The trade visitors were serious customers and had attended the show with the intention of placing large orders for the innovative products on display. The quality of visitors who were present at this edition of SGI Dubai was amongst the best we have ever seen and we expect the trend to continue in 2015 and years to come. We had a strong turnout from across the GCC as well as East Africa, the Sub Continent, US, Europe, Asia among other demographics,” said Mr.Sharif Rahman, CEO, IEC.

Mr. Sharif also mentioned that “In addition to the printing and digital signage sector, car enthusiasts/ Vinyl dealers and applicators in the UAE witnessed live car wrapping demonstrations at SGI Wrap-a-Ride vehicle wrapping display. Car wrapping was originally designed as a medium of creating mobile advertising. The car wrapping industry has witnessed rapid growth in the UAE in recent years and this market is very much in the growth phase and has a tremendous potential. This medium definitely enables wide marketing outreach, and the effectiveness of the advertising as well as its aesthetic appeal has been the reason behind the recent surge in demand for car wraps. SGI Dubai 2015 will once again witness one of the most creative and live displays of cars being wrapped by International and local car wrappers”.

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