The Italian company Tonino Lamborghini Group launch new premium quality in-ear headphones

4154Building on the new line of smartphones called ANTARES, the Italian luxury lifestyle and accessories Group Tonino Lamborghini will unveil its high quality in-ear headphones line, QUANTUM. The new series will be available in the markets of Italy, UK, USA, China, Russia, UAE, South Korea and Japan starting from June 1, 2014.

As a stylish accessory in modern life, the Quantum earphones provide a great opportunity to join the community of the legendary Italian company Tonino Lamborghini and share its values and identity. Quantum earphones are premium quality products, which can become an accessory for everybody.

The earphones are decorated on both sides with the classic metal logo of the “Raging Bull”, which underlines the daring spirit of the brand and its uniqueness and relentless desire for perfection. During the manufacturing process the logo is coated with two layers of paint, and then polished by hand.

Quantum series is for people who appreciate both quality and design. The series includes three models that were created in order that everyone could find its favorite one.

Quantum EL-01 – RRP £58.00

The model is equipped with 10-mm driver tuned to enhanced bass response. Thanks to the patented technology TFAT*, it provides powerful sound comparable with full-size headphones. The model is equipped with one-touch remote control with microphone, compatible with Android-devices, and also with the majority of smartphones and tablets. Superior voice quality and versatility of the model make the Quantum EL-01 an ideal accessory for business people.

Quantum ML-01 – RRP: £82.00

This combines the exclusive design and high quality of sound, which are produced by TFAT* patented technology. This model is characterised by clean and detailed sound, tight bass and particularly expressive vocal transmission. The sound quality will be at an excellent level, regardless of what the user listens to pop, rock or classical music.

*TFAT (Thin Film Acoustic Technology), a state of the art proprietary technology developed by TFAT Audio, allows for high-resolution sound tuning. With the TFAT technology the relatively small driver produces the same powerful sound as large overhead headphones, whilst the Thin-film dampening materials with special acoustic properties provide the desired tonal quality.

Quantum HL-01 - RRP: £124.00

The most powerful model of the series, belongs to the Hi-End category. It provides unsurpassed audio quality using the original technology of Double Driver. The luxurious and modern design of the headphones will attract the attention of fashion trend lovers. Quantum HL-01 is perfect for those who love listening to music during sport due to the very comfortable and secure fit in ear and the presence on the cable of special damping elements. The Models Quantum ML- 01 and Quantum HL- 01 are equipped with a three-button remote control headset, which is designed specifically for Apple devices.

All Quantum headphones are equipped with an elegant metal clip designed to attach the cable to your clothing, as an additional element of your daily style. The kit also comes with a handy hard-shell carrying case that protects your headphones. A rich set of customization comes with the in-ear headphones, there are plenty of silicone and foam eartips of various types and forms to choose from to perfectly isolate your ears from external noise.

Gianluca Filippi (Gianluca Filippi), CEO Tonino Lamborghini Group, says: “We are launching a series of Quantum headphones, which will be a great addition to Antares smartphone and other gadgets based on Android and iOS. Excellent sound quality and premium design are the main characteristics for the whole Quantum line. Together these qualities speak to our exclusive design heritage, one that communicates the spirit of the ‘Raging Bull’ that adorns our crest”.

Following the release of Quantum headphones high-quality line, the company plans to expand the Tonino Lamborghini series with overhead models. Each model will have its own individual character, elegant design and premium quality.

The Quantum headphones represent an essential music listening companion and a great way to add more fun, style and quality to the integral part of your existence. Give yourself a quantum of style and luxury with the earphones from Tonino Lamborghini.

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