“Let language not be a barrier, see the story unfold as the unique jewel narrates its own when worn.” Ezio Patrizi

469Italy has given birth to a number of famous painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, and architects, all of whom have created a niche of their own in history. Ezio and Cinzia Patrizi are no exception, and their story as life partners is an incredible example of the oft-admired Italian artistry and taste.

Literally translated as ‘Footprints’, Ormé is a family owned, family run, small Italian company, famous for having built a legacy around handmade, personalized pieces inspired by the sea, sand and nature’s bountiful reserves. The Ormé story began with the marriage of Ezio and Cinzia, individually representing business acumen and creative flair, and together forming an unbeatable team. What the couple lacked in commercial backing, they made up for in richness of ideas, illustrated when they spotted a gap in the marketplace for bespoke, beautiful hand crafted jewels in an upper middle class area of Rome. And thus Ormé was born.

However, the real story began back in Ezio’s childhood, with his early experiences in the jewellery world and memories of accompanying his jeweller uncle for business trips throughout Southern Italy. On these travels he gently absorbed first hand the painstaking art of creating a fine piece, from manufacture to distribution. This experience stayed within his blood, where it slowly took root, to bloom years later as the love of his life.

The couple opened their first shop in 1988, which allowed Cinzia the creative security to widen her ambitions and find, select and market previously invisible artisans yet to find a commercial channel. This fertile source of inspiration meant that it was only a matter of time before Ormé came to be widely regarded as the jeweller of choice for exceptional, bespoke pieces amongst Italy’s upper class community. In essence, the Ormé secret lies in its ability to communicate a sense of Italian heritage blended with unique and unusual design.

A commitment to this vision led to the company attracting a legion of celebrity and high profile clients and in time, the opening of their second Italian store in 2004. This space was less intimate, but remained faithful to the three pillars of the Patrizi philosophy; uniqueness, exclusivity and creativity.

2013 was another definitive year for the couple, marked by a decision to throw open horizons in search of a New World in which to immerse themselves and re-tell the Italian story. This led to the birth of Ormé in Dubai, where every piece is imagined and designed to cater to the local culture and tradition, whilst remaining rooted firmly within the idea of a true Italian heritage.

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