Building medical city with capacity of 1000 beds

56Discovery Group Chairman Al Hanouf Group Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Almuhaize ,building medical city as “Al Hanouf - Mount Sinai Medical Rehabilitation ” for people with special needs by more than 700 million Saudi riyals in two years , in addition Al Hanouf Group is the first national institution in the Kingdom has provided the service centers and care homes and social care institutions for disabled children and the role of the Centers for Social Affairs in the Kingdom and the 70 centers , including 22 in the Riyadh region alone .

The statement being said during the signing of the joint cooperation agreement between the Al Hanouf group and hospitals Mount Sinai New York to share and cooperate to the management and operation of the city Al Hanouf - Mount Sinai Medical for the rehabilitation of people with special needs in Riyadh , intended to see the light through the beginning of 2017 , on the evening ofMonday at the headquarters of the group . Dr. Almuhaize : “The necessity necessitated us as the first private sector evaluates medical city for rehabilitation of the disabled to be more comprehensive disciplines required in the city , which is made up of a center for housing and comprehensive rehabilitation for people with special needs with a number of ( 400-600 ) guest , and health care centers ( convalescent ) and treatment of diseases of aging number ( 200 ) bed , and a hospital for treatment and rehabilitation motor and sensory number ( 200-300 ) bed . this along with a training institute or academic medical concerned with the graduation of doctors , nurses and technicians who specialize in the provision of educational services and specialized training for patients with special needs.

The Dr. Almuhaize that the Kingdom suffers from scarcity in the number of hospitals and specialized centers that offer integrated services for patients with disabilities and rehabilitation , there is no hospitals in Saudi specialized in one field in medicine also , the Kingdom need to set up a large number from hospitals and rehabilitation centers to take care of more than (41) and the hindering of different private disability caused by car accidents in the Kingdom.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors during the press conference : “The traffic accidents in the Kingdom is one of the highest in the world, and the resulting fractures and bruises and the like , require often to physical therapy , that is an important stage in the completion of treatment, as these centers are not available or are too narrowly , not accommodate the numbers of patients , and at great expense , if sent by the State for medical treatment abroad at the expense of , or have the patient or his family to complete treatment abroad at their own expense for anyone who is one who is able , or remain the case for the worsening of the financial inability ” .

Dr. Almuhaize says “the idea of creating a specialized hospital for rehabilitation of the disabled is not born of the moment , but he had 15 years thinking about it and thank God made this day , especially the disabled needs care and great attention to the rehabilitation and the urgent need to provide medical service to those who have sustained which require rehabilitation , in order to return and integrate into society and to exercise their normal lives with their families and themselves and with others , and to do their part in the desired paper of this country , and so that become a burden on society.

Dr. Almuhaize commented that Saudi Arabia government support and encourage investors or businessmen to invest and participate in the services that related to people with special needs. In fact, what is happening today from accomplishments in the privet investor indicate that the private sector is able to contribute whenever is the possibility and encouragement has shown investors and stretched out their hands generously to their citizens and strengthened by issuing commands precious property of the Ministry of Finance to grant financial facilities and soft loans to them.

Deputy Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of hospitals (Mount Sinai) in the United States Dr. Arthur Klein “this is the first of Cooperation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to open first group of hospitals Hospital Mount Sinai American in Riyadh, and we will create an joined medical city compound that specialize in people with special needs in Riyadh”

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