Revolutionary Infrared Digital Thermometers Heat Up Arab Health

421Market-leader in non-touch infrared digital thermometry, ARC Devices is making its Middle Eastern debut at the 2014 Arab Health exhibition. The UK company has achieved significant sales of its innovative products in its home market, and the United States and is showcasing its revolutionary non-touch infrared digital thermometer products for the first time to health care businesses and professionals in the region.

ARC Devices’ products for clinicians are widely-used in 22 National Health Service (NHS) hospitals in the UK and in American hospitals. Its consumer products retail in leading outlets and pharmacies in the UK and the US, including Walmart, Walgreen and Boots. In the US, ARC has captured 80 per cent of the non-touch thermometer market.

Based on the demand to date from clinical and consumer customers, ARC intends to capture the potential of the market for non-touch infrared digital thermometry in the Middle East with the introduction of its products, based on their safety, convenience and cost benefits over conventional thermometers currently in the market. The non-touch infrared digital thermometers for clinical use are estimated to be five to 10 times more cost-effective over 12,000 readings than devices requiring consumables.

Maria Archer, ARC’s Chief Operating Officer said; “There is a huge potential for the use of non-touch infrared digital thermometers in the region – both as a clinical device and for personal use. It is simply the way forward. ARC devices are convenient, easy to use, accurate, cost-effective and even help in controlling the spread of infection. At Arab Health, we will also focus on connected medical devices to pave the way for our future introduction of Bluetooth and WiFi enabled medical devices to the region. With our participation here in the Middle East’s largest specialist health exhibition we are looking forward to welcoming medical professionals to our stand to demonstrate the innovative use and benefits of our non-touch infrared digital thermometers, and how they can help to support providers’ aims to enhance patient care here in the region.”

Non-touch infrared digital thermometers prove to be an ideal choice for gauging temperatures of patients, especially for paediatric care, due to their ease of use, accuracy and whole-of-life cost effectiveness as there are no replaceable parts. It also helps control cross-contamination in the hospital setting unlike commonly used contact-based thermometers. The innovative ARC thermometers’ infrared sensors are pointed to the patient’s forehead at a distance of two to three inches and accurate temperature reading is ready with one click.

Exclusively showcasing in the Middle East for the first time during Arab Health at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center’s Zabeel Hall 1, Stand C30, ARC Devices introduces its current and new ranges of non-touch infrared digital thermometers for hospital use and consumers.

For medical professionals, the Veratemp+TM is especially helpful for nurses assigned in busy wards and reduces the time to measure temperature, thus eliminating disturbing resting or sleeping patients. With a simple point and click, patients’ temperatures are instantly displayed on the screen. Veratemp+TM is currently being used by 22 NHS hospitals in the UK and in the United States.

PROTEMP is the first of the new clinical range for 2014. It has additional functionality and features including the ability to select patient’s profile at the time of measurement. It is designed to measure readings from the forehead and the back of throat with its long sensor allowing the clinician to take readings from two sites. PROTEMP’s backlit screen also now features extended latency, providing user the extra time to record readings.

Another option for medical professionals is the PROTEMP 2, the ultimate tool for the clinician, as it includes a torch for throat examination on top of the improved accuracy of the advanced sensor technology for reading body temperatures either from the forehead or throat. The device also has an anti-microbial finish, further reducing the occurrence of cross contamination between patients. Induction charging is also an added feature that lessens the need for energy consumables.

For consumers, ARC Devices offers the VeraTempTM, proven helpful to mothers or carers of a sick child. With its infrared sensor, the child’s temperature is easily taken providing peace of mind for both the patient and the carer. Patient exposure to bacteria or virus is also lessened as the thermometer need not touch any body parts. The VeraTempTM consumer device has seen immense success in the United Kingdom and accounts for 80 per cent of sales for non-touch thermometers in the United States.

TEMP 1 is the new consumer device for 2014 and combines ARC accuracy with a brand new look, style and feel over a range of beautiful colours.

ARC Devices is exhibiting at Arab Health from January 27-30, 2014 at Zabeel Hall 1, Stand C30, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

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