SEHA and Zakat Fund ink MoU

Agreement aims to help the poor and needy registered in the Fund obtain treatment

291Abu Dhabi; 6th Aug. 2012 : HE Abdullah bin Aqeeda Al Muhairi, Secretary-General of the Zakat Fund and HE Saif Bader Al Qubaisi, Chairman and Managing Director of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding between the Fund and SEHA at the SEHA headquarters. The MoU envisions a strategic partnership between the two parties that will evolve a provision of treatment and medicines for the Zakat registrants, who are in need for help to pay for healthcare. It also reflects the principles of the federal government in strengthening the cooperation and coordination between agencies and local institutions to create a community of mutual compassion and interdependence.

“We seek through this community partnership to open new ways to deliver our multiple services in the area of charity and social work provided by the Zakat Fund to all incapable segments of the community. Via our collaboration with SEHA, we endeavor to create a new ray of hope for a segment of our community burdened between the millstones of poverty and disease. We also aim through this memorandum of understanding to provide not only diagnostic and therapeutic services, but to take advantage of SEHA’s buying power and cooperate in the purchase of medicines and medical equipment for the people belonging to the Zakat Fund. SEHA good prices and discounts, because of its size and we will have access to these via their periodically updated pricing lists”, Abdullah Al Muhairi said.

He pointed out that the cooperation between the two parties is a forward step to improve communications with the other health entities, such as Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HA-AD) and the National Company for Health Insurance (Daman) to provide health insurance benefits for some groups under the banner of the Zakat Fund. This benefit is in particular keeping with the Zakat Fund’s goal to participate in service projects that benefit the Emirati community and conform with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. He added that further to this pursuit, the MoU is a translation of the principles of the federal government in enhancing the cooperation and coordination between the federal and local agencies and institutions.

Al Muhairi noted that SEHA and the health facilities under the umbrella of the SEHA Health System are leading institutions in the UAE that provide high quality health care for the residents of Abu Dhabi. “This is what encouraged the Zakat Fund to deal with SEHA in order to provide the required health care to the needy patients of low income”, he added.

He assured that the patients referred by the Zakat Fund to SEHA’s health facilities, would receive every attention and care from the efficient and experienced medical teams of SEHA. He expressed his thanks for the support and assistance that would be provided by SEHA to these patients as memorialized in the agreement.

For his part, HE Saif Bader Al Qubaisi, Chairman and Managing Director of SEHA, he stressed the importance of the role of the Zakat Fund in serving the community in the UAE. “The Zakat Fund helps to alleviate some of the concerns and burdens of those who are in need, especially the poor and needy patients with low income who are in desperate need of help and aid” he said. He added that helping the needy and ensuring rapid help and support to them is one of the principles upon which our beloved country was established.

As per the memorandum of understanding, the Zakat Fund will be responsible for referring the patients to the concerned sections at the facilities of SEHA. The Fund shall bear the costs of treatment provided to the referred patients according to the list of prices and discounts agreed upon between the two sides and according to the adopted policy of the Fund regarding the value and amount of assistance for each class, Saif Al Qubaisi said.

Meanwhile, the SEHA’s responsibilities under the MoU are to provide the Zakat Fund with a list of the patients affairs at each location and the methods communication with them. SEHA will provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to the patients referred by the Fund, prepare and send invoices of the patients to the Fund, as well providing free services such as equipment, medicines, medical disposables, according to internal regulations for SEHA.

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