258Dubai, United Arab Emirates (3rd May 2012) Atlantis, The Palm welcomes special guest, shark expert and conservationist Michael Rutzen to the next Lost Chambers ‘Family Fun Day’ on Friday, 4th May and for an exciting shark talk on Saturday, 5th May 2012.    Michael Rutzen, who is known as one of the few people in the world who free-dives with Great White Sharks and campaigns for their preservation around the world, will be on hand with the Atlantis Marine Team to describe his unique adventures and continue spreading his international shark conservation message.

Michael travels extensively around the world to create an understanding and respect for this great predator, sharing his knowledge and involving as many people as possible in his conservation battle.  His travels and activities have been extensively documented on TV programmes including ‘Beyond Fear’ with National Geographic, ‘Sharkman’ and ‘Shark Night’ on Discovery Channel, ‘60 Minutes special’  with Anderson Cooper, ‘The Great White Shark’ on CNN and ‘A Living Legend’ on BBC Natural World.

“It’s a pleasure to have an active shark conservationist join the Atlantis team in spreading the shark conservation message,” says Steve Kaiser, Vice President Marine Sciences and Engineering at Atlantis, The Palm.  “At Atlantis, The Palm we are working hard to provide education about sharks through a number of activities including our thrilling Shark Dive in the Shark Lagoon. Having Mike as a special guest at The Lost Chambers ‘Family Fun Day’ will be an incredible experience for guests.”

Guests to the next Lost Chambers, ‘Family Fun Day’ will be able to meet Michael Rutzen and hear him speak about Shark Conservation. Other activities include special educational sessions with marine animal specialists, interaction with the Atlantis scuba divers, touch and feel marine exhibits, face painting, treasure hunts and discounts on dining at The Avenues. 

Schedule of appearances by Mike Rutzen at Atlantis, The Palm

Thursday, 3rd May – Media Roundtable with Mike Rutzen

Friday, 4th May –The Lost Chambers Family Fun Day
10 am – 8 pm on the below dates:
• Friday, 4th May - Shark Awareness Week with expert guest Michael Rutzen
• Friday, 8th June - World Ocean Day
• Friday, 7th September - Fish Folklore, Myths & more
• Friday, 5th October - Underwater FantaSea
• Friday, 7th December - Festive Under the Sea

Special Offers
• Children receive complimentary admission with each full paid adult admission 
• UAE residents receive a special rate upon presentation of their identity card
• Adult admission AED 100
• Valet parking is always complimentary for visitors to The Lost Chambers   

Saturday, 5th May - Meet ‘The Shark Man’ Mike Rutzen

He has been face to face with one of the greatest predators in the world, with no protection and no fear! Now meet ‘Shark Man’ Mike Rutzen face to face as he describes tales of his adventures diving and protecting sharks around the globe.

In his talk “The Great White Shark Carcharodon Carcharias – Behaviour and Conservation,” Mike will describe diving with sharks; his free-diving and behavioural observations; eco-tourism as a winning solution and his research and future projects.

Come to the Silk Ballroom on Saturday, 5th May at 7:00pm and hear Mike’s tales as he is joined by local Marine Conservationist Rima Jabado.  For more information please visit or call 04 426 0000.

Atlantis, The Palm has fast become Dubai’s strongest family destination, as both a resort and day visitor attraction, with a variety of ocean-themed experiences.   Activities at ‘Family Fun Day’ aim to be fun and encourage family togetherness and educate.

With its enviable location atop the crescent of The Palm, Atlantis is the first fully integrated entertainment destination resort in Dubai.  Families are transported into a dazzling, imaginative world, encompassing a 46 hectare site including a marine habitat of 65,000 marine animals at Lost Chambers, a Kids Club for three to 12 year olds, Club Rush for teenagers, an incredible water adventure at AQUAVENTURE, a beautiful stretch of beach, luxury boutiques, numerous dining choices including three restaurants by world renowned chefs, a nightclub, and ShuiQi Spa & Fitness. 

Further information on the water experiences

From surreal sea life to heart-pounding water slides, children of all ages will be able to explore Atlantis and its deep connection to water and the ocean. 

The Lost Chambers - bringing the myth of Atlantis to life through a maze of underground tunnels offering underwater views into the boulevards of the ruins of Atlantis;

The Ambassador Lagoon – an 11 million litre marine habitat and underwater exhibit home to several hundred species of marine life, with a viewing panel looking right into the mythical ruins of Atlantis;

Dolphin Bay – a 4.5 hectare state-of-the-art dolphin education and conservation centre allowing guests the opportunity to meet and interact with one of the world’s most charismatic animals in an unparalleled facility.

AQUAVENTURE - a water world of over 18 million litres of water, consisting of extraordinary rides
with cascades, tidal waves and rapids, and the Mesopotamian-styled Ziggurat temple reaching over
30 metres into the sky and featuring seven heart-pumping water slides – two of which catapult riders
through shark-filled lagoons.

The waterscape at Atlantis, The Palm also features two pools - the Royal Pool, a sophisticated serene experience and the Zero Entry Pool, an energetic, engaging experience, ideal for families.  There is also an inviting 1.4 kilometre white sand beach, perfect for relaxing. 

Not to forget even the youngest visitors, Atlantis offers Splashers, a water playground featuring elaborate water games, slides and structures, providing a world of thrills and lots of water spills for  children less than 1.2 metres - and their parents.  Two enormous tipping buckets spin on their axis  and release 1200 litres of water at various intervals, dousing the occupants of Splashers playing beneath these regulated waterfalls.  Children delight in the interactive climbing frames or challenge one another across one of the five rope bridges that interconnect with ten water slides, whilst comrades use water jets and cannons on family and friends.

Kids Clubs

Atlantis Kids Club (3 – 12 years) offers a daily supervised activity programme with a focus on adventure, fun and exploration through group play. Children unlock imagination’s door and discover the edutainment of AKC. Be a pirate, an animator or even a mad scientist!  Kids can experience the command centre with the latest video games, tackle the two climbing walls, watch a movie underwater or create an arts and crafts masterpiece. With morning, afternoon and evening sessions; everyday is an adventure.

For our youngest guests (children under 3), Atlantis Nanny Services offer a full range of professional nannies, equipped with endless activities to assist with in-room care.

Club Rush caters to teens by offering the ultimate hang out experience. Teens (ages 13 – 18) have an opportunity to escape to a fully supervised ‘No Kids or Adults’ environment. Atlantis recognises the importance of treating teenagers as young adults so an entire part of the resort provides a haven for them to socialise in – a first in Dubai. They can watch movies on the big screen, grab a snack or smoothie from the bar, make use of the latest games and consoles, stay connected in the internet lounge, or listen to the latest tunes while dancing the night away. With an international crew of counsellors to keep teens busy throughout the day; it’s the perfect place to chill out, recharge and make new friends. Club Rush. It’s a Teen Thing.

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