Large percentage of Middle East firms adopts cloud computing, says Raqmiyat

Leading systems integrator offers regional companies unique business solutions based on ‘Software-as-a-Service’ model

Navneet Tandon, Vice President - ERP & Services, Raqmiyat

Navneet Tandon, Vice President - ERP & Services, Raqmiyat

A large percentage of companies in the Middle East are increasingly adopting cloud computing - a model where dynamically scalable and often virtualised resources can be accessed through connected devices as a service over the Internet - according to Raqmiyat. With aims to address the expected increase in demand among regional companies, Raqmiyat, a leading UAE-based systems integrator, is offering a range of business solutions, including infrastructure, platform, and software provided as services over the worldwide web. In addition, the company also provides IT outsourcing services in response to the growing need for local companies to outsource most of their processes to save on operational costs.

Having fully embraced the potential of all types of cloud-based solutions rooted in industry-based standards, Raqmiyat is gearing up to address the demand as cloud computing concept becomes a more common model with the regional IT sector. The company is currently offering business solutions on segments such as supply chain management (SCM), human resource (HR) applications, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) through its latest solution ‘GEMS’ ERP solution, which appear poised for strong cloud computing advances over the next several years. In addition, the company also offers accounting and payroll applications through the cloud computing model.

“With the advent of advanced technologies and innovative distribution models, we are witnessing an increasing dependence of businesses in the region towards IT outsourcing services, as means to remain competitive,” said Navneet Tandon, Vice President - ERP & Services, Raqmiyat. “Offering these services using cloud computing makes implementation easier and processes more effective and efficient. Success is highly reliant on the extent of the solution provider’s knowledge and proficiency at mastering the business processes and culture within the Middle East market. As one of the leading systems integrator in the region, we are committed towards helping organisations ease into these advanced systems efficiently and with guaranteed results.”

While international companies with limited experience in the regional market are yet to prove their effectiveness in providing specifically tailored solutions to companies seeking to succeed in the Middle East market, Raqmiyat is continuously investing in enhancing its outsourcing solutions to give excellent results. Leveraging its extensive knowledge of the regional market, the company offers key outsourcing services, such as managed services, hosting and infrastructure services, network and desktop management services, information systems, and software applications.

“Outsourced IT services in the UAE continues to offer strong growth potential, as demonstrated by IDC forecasts of the market hitting USD 170.5 million by 2010. Similarly, cloud computing holds much potential in terms of increasing operational efficiency and its aggressive development as an emerging technology is being closely followed by many organisations in the Middle East. With this in mind, our vision is to help create dynamic IT infrastructures through virtualisation and new cloud management techniques, and thereby enabling a simplified ‘anywhere, anytime’ self-service approach for the delivery of IT services,” concluded Tandon.

In line with plans to strengthen its outsourcing resources and services, Raqmiyat has recently opened a new development centre in India, which will focus on enhancing its capabilities in the critical fields of managed services, hosting and infrastructure services, information systems, software applications, networking, enterprise service management and help desk services. A total of 100 IT personnel have been trained and deployed in the new development centre, which serves as a major software and technological development and outsourcing centre for its customers in the Middle East.

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About Raqmiyat

Raqmiyat is a Dubai-based company and the primary IT division of the Al Ghurair business group. The company offers world-class business and technology solutions through partnerships with international firms. Boasting several technical certifications from different international regulatory authorities, Raqmiyat’s team of experienced professionals provides excellent ongoing services and support to clients, helping guarantee business continuity on a 24/7 basis. Having established a strong local presence in the UAE through its strategically located offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Raqmiyat is now looking into opportunities in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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